ROSALÍA: el RATE de la discografía

An oneiric short-film exploration on the parasocial and hyperbolic nature of modern homosexuality


[Somewhere in Southern Spain, early 2020's. Outside. Night. Camera zooms in through the window of a building block on @Applause's bedroom, where he can be seen sleeping and snoring like an Iberian stallion bull.]

@Applause: *wakes up after an off-camera thud accompanied by a flash of light and the distant echo of flamenco handclaps* Uh... Did my snoring wake me up again... I really need to get that apnea machine, damn... Wait, what's that?!

ROSALÍA: *her silhouette is coming out of an opened drawer directly facing @Applause. She's a heavenly vision in pure white, surrounded by celestial lights and doves (not dissimilar to the cover of El Mal Querer) and looking out into the horizon* Eye wont tu thenk weemen in myushic, joonoü? Peepol like BjöRRRk, Kate Boos... Eye cohm fRRRom BaRRthelona, deesh ish creishi, oh mai...

A: *visibly shaken* ROSALÍA?! What the coño is going on, am I still dreaming? I really shouldn't have had those frozen croquetas for dinner right before bed-

R: *snaps out of her previous state and into a red-eyed, coal-skinned succubus* C̵͎͊Á̶̻̔Ḽ̷̌L̶͚̀A̷̬͂T̴̖̽Ĕ̴̞ ̷̢͋M̴̛͙A̶̘͂R̶̛̭Ȋ̶͙C̴̟͑Ó̴̘̂N̵̰̅. I have been summoned by those tireless, endless paragraphs which you like to compose in order to smother my name on some message board that is really popular in the demonic realms, and it is now time for you to face the consequences.

A: W- Wait, I... Look at your feet! You are literally springing out of my physical deluxe edition of El Mal Querer, I love you! Please remove that black Spanish fan from the proximity of my throat!

R: I don't believe you! *looks down* But... you are right! *snaps back to her celestial self, with a particularly motherly disposition this time* Cariññño, what happened? The vitriolic energy on those paragraphs you wrote was strong enough to reach me in the Land of Those Who Ascended, also known as the Realm of the Post-Good. And we are rarely bothered there! Why are you even hiding my album in a drawer when you're displaying copies of CD's by cantopop divas who retired decades ago and you almost died from a heatstroke just to see me live last year? Help me understand you, child of mine.

A: *his head is now resting on Rosalía's plump bosom in a manner reminiscent of Catholic depictions of the Piety, and is ugly crying* Mother, that message board you mentioned is full of people who think they know what they're talking about when it comes to you! Some of them worship you, others would crucify you, however none of them would ever be able to tell the difference between La Paquera de Jerez and Rocío Jurado! And yet... that place also has me by its claws, I can't leave, and this Dantesque experience is clouding my experience of you, Mother.

R: Mu mal, mu mal, mu mal... I have the solution for your diatribe *looks up at the sky in virginal ecstasy while the big-headed Mariah Carey toy on a shelf looks over in curiosity, Madonna stops sucking on Tony Ward's toe from the Erotica-era poster on the wall to pay closer attention, and the swan from the Vespertine album cover unties itself from Björk's neck, pulls its head out of the vinyl on @Applause's desk and sings "Ohh I'm sœwee, sœwee thæ choo wœv mi, changed muh mindœ lækee tsœweegami" from vocally-challenged superstar Tate McRae's smash hit "exes"*

Do you really want to let these bitches have it the house down boots?

Do you really want to reconcile with what I, LA ROSALÍA, mean for you, the homosexual race, and the world, once and for all?

Then I think you should be the host of...


And there you have it, ladies! Welcome to the Rosalía discography rate.

As some of you already know, I have a complicated relationship with Rosalía, and I have dedicated a good portion of my existence on this forum to unraveling the reasons behind that, as well as trying my best to educate people on and analyze her work. What I tried to explain through the nightmarish sequence above is the fact that... Rosalía is important to me. Her work has forced me to look inward, moved me, excited me in a way few artists can manage, and just... become a vital part of my intellectual and artistic life. A couple of months ago, I suggested the idea of having me host this rate, which I would treat like a passion project, and a handful of people seemed excited about it. So! My intention with this rate is to take a deeper look at Rosalía's discography and use it as an educational tool, an experience that hopefully piques people's interest in the cultures that it takes inspiration from, and helps everybody understand what Rosalía does. And that goes for you and me!

I will be sprinkling the thread with trivia about the world of flamenco until eliminations go live, and you can also find 3 spoiler sections at the end of this post with personally-curated translations of all the lyrics from her studio albums (I left her stand-alone singles etc. out of this, but please, feel free to ask questions anytime), because I thought it was kind of vital.

We will be rating: her 3 studio albums, her EP with Rauw Alejandro, as well as her in-between-eras singles and collaborations where she is credited as a main artist.


1. You may rate each song 0-10, and only one (1) song gets your 11. Half points are allowed, but that's it because I'm a gay who can't do math and it will be a miracle if I manage to not fuck up calculations on my first try at hosting a rate, so let's keep things simple. It's not like we have that many songs to rate here anyway.

2. Commentary is only permitted for your 11. We want to have this rate be as interactive as possible.

3. The deadline we're starting with is March 1st. This date is of course subject to change as we go.


Si tú supieras compañero
De plata
Nos quedamos solitos
Día 14 de abril
Que se muere, que se muere
Por mi puerta no lo pasen
Te venero
Por castigarme tan fuerte
La hija de Juan Simón
El redentor
I See A Darkness

Que no salga la luna
Pienso en tu mirá
De aquí no sales
Di mi nombre
A ningún hombre

La Fama
Chicken Teriyaki
G3 N15
Delirio de Grandeza
Como un G
La Combi Versace
La Kilié


Aunque es de noche
Con Altura
Aute Cuture
Dios nos libre del dinero
Yo x ti, tu x mi
A Palé
Juro que
Lo vas a olvidar
La noche de anoche
El Pañuelo
Besos Moja2

Antes de morirme
Barefoot in the Park
Highest in the Room (Remix)
Relación (Remix)
Blinding Lights (Remix)
Me traicionaste
Un millón de veces
Con la peña
Un largo viaje
Nothing's Special
Seguiriya Madre


Los Ángeles

Si tú supieras compañero

Take this golden dagger
And place yourself at the four corners
And stab me with that dagger
And don't say you will forget me
For with that air that you carry
When you walk around
You'll even put out the street lamp

Though my body has been through
Leagues and leagues of this world
Since I left my soul here
I came here for it

If I knew, partner
That the sun offends you
I would fight the sun
Even if it killed me
Mother, the queen in my insides
Has two black fans for eyelashes
No other girl has it in Spain

I'm painting you
Next to the stove
While I burn myself
With how much I love you
Woe me, Saint Rafael
To have water so close
And not be able to drink it

De plata

When I die
I ask you a favor
With your braids
From your black hair
Tie my hands up

If the love I have for you
Was made of silver
There would be no one
Richer than me in Spain

Nos quedamos solitos

It was 2 in the morning
My brother came calling me, "wake up"
Why won't you wake up, little brother?
For our mother has died
And we are left alone


Remove yourself from my presence
For you are martyring me
And you bring to my memory
Things that I was forgetting

Put your hand here, Catalina
Put your hand here, for it is cold
Careful, I'm going to die

The Chinese girl he had went to Germany
And she still isn't back
I'm going to Germany, not to have fun
But to drink some poison; I want to die

Little brother of my heart
You know well that I am dying
And I ask that you call up a scribe
And my first cousin too
I would like to write my will
Like those well-off payos
Write this down, mister scribe

Write down one curtain
Through whose holes the neighbors would fit
Write down one broken picture
Not even God knows which saint was on it anymore
Write down one olive grove
Which never sowed and never will
Write down one shotgun
Which has no barrel or ramrod anymore

Día 14 de abril

Take me, cart driver
For the love of God
To the Rosemary Mine
For they just killed
My most beloved little brother

It can't be erased from my mind
The fourteenth of April
Because that day I saw myself
At the gates of death
Just because I loved you

When you look at me, you kill me
And if you stop looking at me
It's like you're stabbing me with daggers
And pulling them out again

Que se muere, que se muere

It's dying
My heart is dying
And they say
It's dying
And I tell it
To wait
For I want to die
With you

Por mi puerta no lo pasen

Singing on the green olive

Which bird might that have been?
Singing on the green olive
Run and tell it to shut up
For its song is hurting me

You will be my beloved cloth
You will be my worshiped cloth
You will be the cuckoo bird
Happily singing late at night

I love you so much
Without you, what do I want my soul for?

Don't parade it across my door

I already said it, for your burial
Don't parade it across my door
Because I don't want to look at you
Your little face, dead or alive

I will give my insides for you
For I consider myself paid
As long as you love me right

Te venero

The flower that I cut
They call it pansy
Reminded me of the torment
That a woman caused me

But I left for Cuba
To try my luck
With no hope at all
And I found one in Cuba
And upon giving her my love
She loved me like no other

Beautiful Cuba, I venerate you
Because of your peerless beauty
I found you to be so beautiful
When I talked to you at the dance
That you looked different to me
More beautiful and more precious
Than the coffee plant

Man is born, and upon it
Falling is his fate
For he only comes
To a continuous suffering

One night where the moon
Didn't cast such a beautiful light
Only but one star
Casting a light upon my luck
With no hope at all
I made my way up to the sepulcher
And I placed one dahlia
As proof of my love
Where the cold remains
Of the woman I adored rest

Por castigarme tan fuerte

Tell me what you gain
From punishing me so harshly
You are taking my life
And instead of abhorring you
I love you even more

I stabbed her with a knife
Because she cheated on me
When she was dead
I suddenly remember
That I was also cheating on her

La hija de Juan Simón

When I finished my sentence
I found myself so alone and lost

She died of sorrow
And I, the guilty one
Know she died being good

They buried her in the afternoon
The daughter of Juan Simón
And Simón was the only
Gravedigger in town

Because he had his shovel in one hand
And his mattock on his shoulder
Everybody asked him
Where have you been, Juan Simón?

I am a gravedigger, and I'm back
From burying my heart

El Redentor

Nothing else could be done
And they spit on him, slap him
And crown him with thorns
Pure blood drips down his divine little face

Guess, it was a Holy Thursday
Sun and moon eclipsing
They trembled with the elements
When the Redeemer made his petition

El Mal Querer

Malamente (Augurio)

That little broken glass, I felt it crunch
I knew it would break before it fell to the ground
The light on the landing is flickering
A voice on the stairs, someone crossing the hall

Very bad, it's on the mind

The night's gone weird, moon and stars are out
That gitana told me, better not go out to watch it
I dream that I'm crossing a bridge, and the sidewalk
The more I want to cross, the more it moves and shakes

Even if the night is not pretty, Undivé
I'm going out on the street, hand jewelry
Hoops gleaming against my skin
May my corals protect and save me
Shine upon me and keep me, and for the record
I'm not losing one minute thinking of you again

Que no salga la luna (Boda)

I was so lucky
The day that I found her
I engraved it with a dagger
Cousin, up on the wall

Like the blades on a knife
Her eyes were shining
When I gave her the ring

If someone here is against this
May they not raise their voice
May the bride not hear it
There's no reason for that
Cousin, I will light my way
With the light from your eyes

My bride looks so beautiful
She deserves a throne
Crowned with diamonds, pearls, and gold
Whether she wants to or not
She'll be with me until she dies

Pierced by silver
Without saying a thing
She swore to me that
She'd kill herself for me

One prayer for the Virgin of Mercy
I pay penitence for her kisses

Pienso en tu mirá (Celos)

I'm scared when you walk out smiling on the street
Because everyone can see the dimples that you get

Of the air when it blows, because it lifts your hair
And of the gold you wear, because it wraps on your neck
And of the sky and the moon, because you want to look at them
Even of the water you drink when it wets your lips

I think about you stare
Your fixed stare is a bullet on the chest

So pretty she's a threat, I'm scared when you go silent
As cold as the snow when it falls down from the sky
When you walk out the door, I think you're never coming back
And if I don't hold you tight, I think it will be my fault

De aquí no sales (Disputa)

I, who love you so
And you've been playing me
You're not walking out of here

It hurts me way more
Than it is hurting you
Don't get it twisted with me
With the back of my hand
I make it very clear for you

I sell you bitter sorrows
I've got candy too

Reniego (Lamento)

I laugh on the outside
And cry on the inside

No paining is enough
From this sorrow of mine
I can find no remedy

Like him, I reject
I reject my fate
Like him, I reject
The day I met you

Bagdad (Liturgia)

She will get burned if she stays there
Flames go up to the sky in order to die
There's no one else around anymore
There's no one else, sitting, clapping her hands

At night, she gets off the Bagdad
Black hair, dark eyes, pretty but sorrowful
Sitting, head down, clapping her hands
While all around her they walked by, looked
They looked at her not seeing a thing
She's trapped all alone in hell
Sitting, she would put her hands together
She seemed to pray to the bulería rhythm

She puts her palms together, she pulls them away

A fallen angel comes out of the light
He's got a mark on his soul, but she didn't see it
Sitting, she wants to pray to heaven
Caught up on his evils that God will have to charge him for

Di mi nombre (Éxtasis)

Say my name when there's no one around
May the things you say to me
Never make it out that door

And tie me with your hair
Down to the corner of your bed
For even if the hair breaks loose
I will make it seem as if I'm tied

Say my name, put your body against mine
And make the bad be good
The blessed be impure

And make me pray over your body
At the corner of your bed
And in the last moment
Say my name to my face

Nana (Concepción)

Lullaby, lullaby, lullaby

At the gates of heaven
They sell shoes
For the little angels
Who are barefoot

No one ever told you
That no dream
Knows of hours or times
Or has an owner

And the rain falls sad
To look at you
Behind every drop
An angel looks at you

Maldición (Cordura)

They told me there's no way out
Down this street that I'm walking
I have to find it even if I die trying
Even if I have to kill

Oh, love
Sometimes I wish
I was mad and didn't love
Because love causes sorrow
Sorrow that has no end
And mad people live without it

Don't fear the road
It's like a curse
If I name it, I confirm it
We both know what's going on
And none of us wants to say it

I've left a trail
Of blood along the ground
Which leads me back to the first day
That I told you that I love you
Just to know what you would say

A ningún hombre (Poder)

I allow no man
To pass my sentence
Only God can judge me
I only owe obedience to him

Until you became a warden
I was yours, partner

I'm going to tattoo my skin
With your initial, because it is mine
In order to always remember
What you did to me one day
And remember it all my life



Girl, what are you saying?

When you put pearls on a Vivienne necklace
It's different, they're not pearls anymore
When ice cubes are not water
They're ice, they freeze up
When it's nighttime in the sky
And the sun comes out, all of it changed
When the horse gets into Troy
You get overconfident, it already burned

I'm very peculiar, I transform
A butterfly, I transform
Drag queen makeup, I transform
Meteor shower, I transform
Gone way too far, I transform
Like a sex siren, I transform
I contradict myself, I transform
I am all things, I transform

Frank tells me to open the world up like walnut
If I die, let it be because of my mouth, like the fish
I know who I am wherever I go, I never forget
I am driving, but God is my guide

LEGO's logo, baby
Kim K when she's blonde, baby
A white tie-dyed tee, baby
The streets during Christmas, baby
Like a peacock, baby
The match when it burns, baby
Your face, your stare, baby
If I kiss you again, baby

If you are the pámpara
Nothing can stop you
Fuck the style, fuck the stylist
Fabric and scissors, that's it
Take it and cut it, that's it


Wearing F for Fendi
Dancing to Plan B's "Candy"
That's how you got hooked on me
The day that I met you

I know you didn't forget me
Only you didn't forget me

I don't love you like before
You broke me, but only partially
I was wearing your bracelet to think of you
But I already made an art out of forgetting you
There's nothing left between you and me

I don't remember your face anymore
Or the shape of your body, even if I thought of it
There's too much keeping us apart
Life is beautiful but treacherous

La fama

I'm telling you what happened
Don't think it didn't hurt
Or that I'm making it up
This is how it went down
I had my baby, it was really special
But I became obsessed with something that hurt him
Thousands of songs in my mind, and he could tell
He would tell me so many times, and I didn't care

Fame is a bad lover, she won't really love you
She's too treacherous, just as she comes, she goes
You know she will be jealous, I will never trust her
Sleep with her if you want, but never marry her

What happened left me sleepless
I can't even think anymore
Her blood boils, she always wants more
Her ambition stabs, sharp on the chest, it's the worst

There's no way
For this obsession to go away, disappear
I still haven't learned the way


I didn't have to do anything I didn't want
Even if no one can see that now
I didn't have to do anything I regret or lament now
In order to stand on my own two feet
I went hard on myself 24/7, that's what I had to do

I am as much of a cantaora
With a Versace tracksuit
Or dressed like a bailaora

And even if they curse me behind my back
I pull my rage out of every little stab wound
And even if I have no money, if I have nobody
I'm going to keep on singing because I can't help it

I am the girl of fire, like Caracol sings
That thing you did to me, maybe once, never twice
I am very peculiar, God bless Pastori and Mercè
Lil' Kim, Tego, and M.I.A., my family and freedom
Get out of my way, you know I sing siete por medio!

Chicken Teriyaki

Roses with no card
I send them to your cat
I buy her Rolex watches
I didn't need to serenade her

I walk out and there's a shoot-out
I get dressed in any which way
In New York visiting my jeweler
He only wants cash, I give him my money

Naki for you, Chicken Teriyaki
Your cat wants maki, mine on a Kawasaki

I want a chain that ruins all my accounts
Like Naomi in the nineties

I want a chain that ruins all my accounts
Like Julio in the seventies

One bill, two bills, a bill store
The one who does it best
In New York skating to the Heights
All of my domis know what's up
And yeah, fame is a sentence
But tell me of another one who pays for dinner
They're throwing me shade like drag queens
Fly like Mike Dean

Sugarmami, everything no receipt
I read pentagrams but I can't write them
From Queens to Tribeca
Blue-rose bouquets never dry down


Pa', just look at you
Don't think anymore, nothing to think about
It can't possibly be so tasty
Nothing leather, but I'm naked

I want to ride you like my bike
Made me a tape Spike-style
I whisked it until it whipped up
Fucking you comes second, God comes first

In love with your gun, poppy red
That wave crashes, almost controls me

Expensive as it has a diamond on the tip
He always puts me ahead of those bitches

Baby, I want to eat you now
I want to make hentai to you


I am not and will never be your little cupcake
But I have everything that's criminal
If they put me under the sun, I will melt
The evil eye they send, I'm taking it out

Are you the pimp, or are you pimped out?
I chose my side since the day that I was born

I didn't base my career upon getting hits
I got hits because I laid the foundations
I have nothing left to say anymore
You need a lot of class to say it
My hard flow makes you dizzy
Even your mom is humming it
So what if La Mala throws me bad shade?
As long as Haraca throws me good shade
He speaks bullshit, everything he says is smoke
And my makeup is from the Korean wave

G3 N15

Will you forgive what I missed out on?
Two years now, you're already ten going on eleven
Were your eyes sky blue or navy blue?
I don't know what you like the most
Races, spaceships, or sailboats
Whether you live easy or in war
Whether you fall in love or still fight the other kids

If you feel warmth, feel it inside
It's because you have an angel burning in your chest
If there's no cold in your heart anymore
It's because you have an angel, the one I send you

You're always silent, like the grownups
I will tell you with no ornaments or flowers
And I have to be where I don't want to be
This is not El Mal Querer, this is the bad yearning
I am somewhere I would never take you
No one's at peace here among stars and needles
Marble stars, cut up on the ground
Papers along the streets that the models walk

There are points in arms, points in stars
I don't want to bring you so that you never come
Points in stars, there points in arms
They get tied up when it's cold, the way I hold you


Okay, motomami
My tatami is heavy
Hit like tsunami
Okay, motomami
Fine like origami
Raw like sashimi

Every copy you see
Just go ahead and bless it
I don't want to compete anymore
If there's no comparison
Chain down to my foot
She-devil heart
Don't think it's sweet
This liquor-filled chocolate


If what happened won't happen again
If God gives it to you, he will take it away

No one like you, you shine like the moon
You shine like my clothes, I want you to understand me
The girl on TV is not the girl I knew
Not the girl I knew, know you step into Lamborghinis
Friendship is broken by the devil

It's not that I changed overnight
My life went away from me overnight

Money on the ground
They don't care if the figure goes up
I won't lose my loyalty, even for money

God's bullet plays on the roulette
You weren't careful, your purity ran out
I don't even know who you are now, devil

Delirio de grandeza

Gold was stronger than my pain
You had no mercy on my agony
You knew my soul was dying
You'd laugh having drinks with friends
Ambition, delusions of grandeur
It made me into a tortured being
Because I was madly in love
Woman, I don't deserve that nastiness

I hope that in righteous time
You'll be back looking for an illusion of love
And you'll be back to me, I hope so
I hope so, you heartless woman


They think they're so special
Like a year with snow in Miami
Like a driveway with no signs
Like a utopia with no holes
I want to see free butterflies

Keep it cute, little brother
For God is the better artist here

Butterflies free on the street
To see them, you have to walk out
Look at them, don't miss any details
Some people might fail you
But I am always here

A for alpha, B for brave
C for Charlie, angel'd up
Crashed, Lady Di
Take me away from here

Como un G

If you can't have it, you'll have to let it go
I'm not by your side, but I wish you peace and freedom
Don't pray for me, I want you to know I am okay
I've got my faith, my weapons, my heart, don't know for whom
I can't sleep at all and I walk around as if I were ironclad
Forgive me if I just forget that it's your birthday
So many ballads that will remain with no addressee
I'm sad if I think of the good I have that can't last

Only love can be paid off with love
I owe you nothing, you owe me nothing
The loving that's not given, where does it end up?
If I find yours, I'll considered it paid-off dues

If you can't have it, better let it go
So sad when you want something but God has different plans for you
I'm not falling in love with anybody, I swear, like a G
Or writing love songs, but I'm bending for you on this one
Wherever the night caught me, I got lost
The car headlights lead me all the way there

Keep me, keep me
Again, again
Send me, send me
Angels, angels

Truly like a G, walking around with no bodyguard
I kill for you, singing ballads for you late at night, who knew
Tell me who dares to tell me
I will always love you even if I don't have you
You will always have me even if you don't love me

La Combi Versace

Together at night
Ready to squander
Your jet black hair
Versace combi

Wearing colabo
Medusa up and down
Donatella frenzy
Spending the Benjis
OG party with Fania
Hanging out with salseros
They bless all my songs
So that you fall in love

Rusi season coming
Uzi and Albinoni
FaceTime with Milano
God bless Gianni
Colder than your baby mama
We went 7:30
I pull up to the Met on a pony
So that you fall in love

Super Versace style walking out of an alley
We walk Dior Custom at the colmadón
Gucci thong on the back of a bike
I carry the entire mall on a truck
I combine red with pink, wearing white
I wear a bridal gown but I'm not your wife
Valentino tennis shoes, Moschino cake
Sapphire necklace with navy blue diamonds
And if I'm wearing fake clothes today it's because I'm the realest
Bitch, I think I'm Dapper Dan
I got a paca flow, I look original
I'm the most expensive brand you won't cop


Flowers have no smell in this city
Why is that? Why is that?
And all the girls are so pretty, so plastic
Why is that? Why is that?

Sakura flower, sakura flower
Being a popstar never lasts
Sakura flower, sakura flower
I'm not sad about it, I'm moved

You can't be a star and shine forever
I will laugh when I'm 80 and look back
I was never scared of the laughter of the mad
I'm more scared of those who lie or hardly laugh
If you're 60 and get mad when a woman fronts
You didn't learn anything, you have a problem

If you know, you know
If I'm doing this, I'm going hard
And if this breaks me, so be it, so what?
There's risk only if there's something to lose
Flames are beautiful because there's no order to them
Fire is beautiful because it breaks everything


Baby, don't call me
I'm busy forgetting your troubles
I made my mind up, I'm going out tonight
With all my motomamis, with all my yales

And I'm spiteful, crazy
I pulled up with a new cash flow, hacked
I move it side to side, to the other side
I'm walking out the club tonight with my baby and a crown
And I'm spiteful, crazy
May God keep me from going back to you
I move it side to side, to the other side
I'm walking out the club tonight with my baby and a crown

I'm wearing a skirt, hoops and chains
Piña colada, I have no sorrows
I'm with la Fefa, she's the boss
She dances it, she teaches me
This dark-haired girl doesn't work today
Fuck fame, fuck the struggle
The night is long, the night is good
Violent mambo and that's the end of it

Look, this is very easy
A, B, C, one, two, three
This motomami is not for you

I'm going 110 because I'm a racing girl
You get distracted and I pass you by your right side


Out of the hotel with three people
Hoodie and glasses so no one can see me
I think I'm invisible, blacked-out car
Suddenly ten flashes, accelerated heart
Mercer with la Prince, we get the fuck out
TMZ behind, we leave them behind
Gucci flip-flops, I check the opps
Raining on the top, dripping like teardrops
"La Japonaise," Claude Monet
I don't know whether she's happy
Knives that cut through satin

When I pull up, cameras are shooting like pa pa pa pa
When I pull up, bitches be tripping like yeah yeah yeah yeah
That which you never see, scene is over, my hair falls down

The empire is the one that destroys
The empress who builds it
The sky seems to be breaking, but it's okay
I'm young, pretty, I'm sad and brilliant

Out of the hotel with three people
Hoodie and glasses so no one can see me
I think I'm invisible, blacked-out car
Suddenly ten flashes, accelerated heart
Alone at the Mirage, no entourage
I think the world is mine
If a tear comes out, may God forgive me
For taking so many blessings for granted

There's a wall between me and the world
I don't want you to think that I'm proud of that

La kilié

I killed that
Rumba to kill, where do I go now?
I signed the court with a glazed brooch
Jonda until the grave

They throw carnations from all the balconies
I'm burned out like Alice in Chanel Land
The clocks that give me my working hours
And pins that stick, but here's no atelier

I want my cup of tea, make it mate or matcha
I want my name engraved, I slashed my way through
The captain of the sea, breaks the waves on her boat
Last-century coplas, come and see how she does it

If Moses parted seas, she breaks hearts
Reflections are blurry on the Cartier mirrors
Cold coconut, my dinner looked like a frappé
I'm lost until I find my written signs

Look at the hookah, look at it and smoke


I trust my worst enemy more than you
Paris Match, motomami in a Louis bag
I have the yard that you will never have
But you have everything that I lost

Someone new wants something from me
Many more knives at the VIP
Nights alone and my crew out partying
That's how Ferraris crash
Someone new wants something from me
Many more knives at the VIP
Nights alone and my crew out partying
Hardly anyone can see what I lost

LAX, pretty for my flex
Never pretty for my ex
Jet lag in my Rolex
Paparazzi, rolleiflex
It's not serious, can't you see?
I am humble, O-1 visa over ESTA

It feels heavy
Spotlights on me
I wanted it for me
I had it for me
Before they burn
Let me out


Everybody wants fortune, money and freedom
But asking for you is not too much
I found reasons, I looked up at the moon
Signs from destiny, not one too many
And you lied, what for? I took a leap of faith
You waited for my autograph outside the Mercer
If I think you're at my mercy, please forgive me
Doing it my way around the world, it's not bad faith
And I sleep in the hoodie that you had made me
It's got my name printed on the chest
I wanted to sleep and I had that stolen from me
Now tell me...

You're already hooked, I'm heroin
You're hooked, I'm cocaine
The streets are in love with me
And I am in love with the streets

I sing it for you the way Jaliyo would
Like Canelita, rumba or tanguillo
With my chains like chiqui chiri



76. Con la peña
75. Relación (Remix)
74. Un millón de veces
73. Seguiriya Madre
72. Me traicionaste
71. Un largo viaje
70. Highest in the Room (Remix)
69. I See A Darkness
68. Blinding Lights (Remix)
67. Día 14 de Abril
66. Antes de morirme
65. Besos Moja2
64. El Redentor
63. Lo vas a olvidar
62. TKN
61. Que se muere, que se muere
60. La Hija de Juan Simón
59. Nos quedamos solitos
58. LAX
57. Te venero
56. Por mi puerta no lo pasen
55. Nothing's Special
54. Por castigarme tan fuerte

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First of all, THAT INTRO POST.

I'm obviously here for this. Already being familiar with "Motomami", that EP with Rauw and half of the extras, looks like I'll have to familiarize myself with about half of the list which is very manageable. Looking forward to the discoveries!
Didn't mention it but I'm not sure how to feel about the no half points rule. Kinda seems very restrictive to me (who almost always uses the quarters of points scale), especially since it's a discography rate and it's not like the manual calculator is needed to do averages dd. Guess I'll find my way around it.

Turns out I had another ghostly visitation last night (aka my backup host @Trinu 3.0 reminded me of what we had agreed on). This time, La Niña de la Puebla came out of my nightstand sock drawer and told me I shall allow people to give half points. I repeat: HALF POINTS ARE NOW ALLOWED! I just edited the rules portion on the opening post to reflect this. My dear flamenco connoisseurs and experts, if you were already deep in your scoring process, take this chance to go over it again and wonder if you really needed to give that poppy song a higher mark over actual masterpieces!

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Anyway girls, we did it! On a serious note, thank you all for being so willing to participate in my first rate. I'm really excited about it, and hopefully it goes nice and smooth. As much as a handful of you have already expressed your taste, which might give us a hint as to where the results could go, Rosalía's discography is so all-encompassing in terms of genre that... do we really know? Unless you all pleasantly surprise me, I am fully expecting the bottom of the leader board to be completely comprised of her debut album ddd. I think the top 20 or even the top 10 could be surprisingly varied for the same reason.

I plan to write about her studio albums as I receive ballots to get us all warmed up, because I think they each stand as fully realized bodies of work with their own themes: Los Ángeles and its ruminations on death, El Mal Querer and its exploration of abusive relationships, and Motomami, where we find Rosalía coming to terms with her newfound global fame and boasting a bit. Which one is your favorite as a whole?

Also, @Andy French... maybe you would like to send in a cute ballot for this?
I became a fan of her and Latin music with El Mal Querer. I don't remember how I heard it but it was an instant love.

But I think Motomami is my favorite now, even though it took me some time to get the project as a whole. It's very poppier and more varied.

Speaking of liking music that pops, the debut is definitely my least fave from what I've heard. I once said that Rosalía is one of those artists that very rarely do wrong and I still stand by it, even if her debut is not my cup of tea.

And as we mentioned in her thread, the extra section is very strong as well compared to the other rates, where I mostly don't care about them. Like, Dolerme and LLYLM are ultimate faves for me.