ROSALÍA: el RATE de la discografía

anyway is candy out yet

7. Aute Cuture (9.29)

11 x 2: @Vasilios @Txetxu
Highest: 10 x 13 (@Applause @Remorque @BrokenHearts @Mirwais Ahmadzaï @Trinu 3.0
@Trouble in Paradise @Robert @Verandi @Mr Blonde @bestinase @paperboyfriendd @devilpray @Remyky22)
Lowest: 6.5 x 1 (@Dangerous Maknae)

With "Dolerme" taking the silver and "A Palé" taking the bronze, "Aute Cuture" (a deliberate misspelling of "haute couture") takes the gold and becomes our favorite Rosalía droplet. It received two elevens from quirky Daddylios and @Txetxu, who had this to say respectively: What a song! and A lost modern classic. I veered towards thinking about its placement within the top 10 as a bit of a sneak, but we need to hold space for apparent mindlessness from the intellectual dolls. The song is faultless!

I think this song is as traditionally American pop as Rosalía has ever gotten, which hardly makes it... traditional. I remember getting a text from a ciggy friend of mine back when she put it out asking me "what genre is this?". I don't remember what I answered back them, but if I had to answer that question today, I would probably say that "Aute Cuture" is a blend of Y2K R&B as seen through the eyes of the most groundbreaking artists of the genre. I get the teams made up by Missy/Timbaland/Aaliyah and Darkchild/Brandy kind of teas. Sort of like... the reworking of a lost deep cut from Full Moon, Aaliyah's self-titled album, or Beyoncé's B'Day. The lyrics give us another impossible blend of references, from carefree tongue-in-cheek Catholic idioms and tropes to the Dvine nail salon in Barcelona. She boasts about having her music played at the Palace hotel and inside Chinese bazaars. It's just a fun song!

The video is really fun too. Rosalía is part of a crew of nail artists who travel from town to town to deck the local girlies up in Rococo claws. Her own nails become weapons against men, and they leave town having lit up a flame of feminist inspiration in the last girl that's shown in frame. Her white looks on it in particular have always given me a certain female entertainer that my mother Mariah Carey doesn't know.

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Aute Cuture was an 11 contender for me. I also have a lil story about it.

Basically it was the first Rosalia song+video I was really aware of, maybe because of popjustice too? I might have heard Malamente before then but didn't care for that one oop. Anyway, Aute Cuture, bop!

At the time I was briefly living in Paris and while there I... got intimate with somebody for the first time in my life. He was Colombian (ladies if you love yourself, avoid like the plague, your mental health will thank you) and one time at his place he asked me what I was listening to. This song was on heavy rotation at the time so I played it and he was like "nice, which language is this by the way?". When I tell you I thought I was being pranked but no, and this happened with other Latinos friends in Barcelona after him. I guess La Rosalia's own milkshake of accents plays some tricks on the Spanish speaking girlies but I wouldn't know, I barely understand a single word anyway.

End of story. It was funnier in my memory teebs.