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Rosalía - "LLYLM" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BrokenHearts, Nov 2, 2021.

  1. I just wonder what binomials are, since I don't think she's a mathematician?!
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  2. In the context of the album, they are pairs of two songs that can't be separated and they are opposites/contrasts at the same time. According to Rosalia, she talked about death and celebration being different energies but the same thing.

    This post encapsulate the concept of the album.
  3. Wait, the vinyl is not out until July! :/

  4. It's a binomial release xx
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  5. “Dos caras de la moneda”/“lo cotidiano”/“la ambigüedad” like a university student struggling through a poetry class.
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  6. Ready for her explanations of the Banach-Tarski paradox and Fermat's theorem through the medium of song.
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  7. So this is her LOVE + FEAR, huh
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  8. The way she left the show was so funny.
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  9. All these US bookings that half the viewers think she's Camila and the album to enter at #185
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  10. La Fama live confirmed it should've been a solo song. Those vocals sent me to heaven.
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  11. Chicken Teriyaki was a mess and I can’t see it winning her many new fans. La Fama was great though, much better without The Weeknd on it.
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  12. I really enjoyed "La Fama" even when I didn't hear it since the release day.
  13. It sounds like the transposed the song down for The Weeknd. This version was nice. She sounded great.
  14. Chicken Teriyucky is stuck in my head and i only heard it once! HELP.
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  15. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    La Fama was good, Chicken Teriyaki was embarrassing. I miss AuteCuturelia.
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  17. HMD


    Cringy. Not only the lyrics, but also how ‘silly she acts. I don’t recognise her lately.
  18. Enamorá de tu pistola roja amapola… mama, that’s gonorrhoea.

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  19. Last night I went to a gay bar and the playlist was mostly reggaeton classics plus the odd Shakira spanish single and the gays were singing every word of every song but at some point they played Chicken Teriyaki and a palpable confusion permeated the room ffff.

    On another note, the Barcelona metro stations now are filled with those white posters. I guess they're better than the previous posters which were for *d Sh**r*n.
  20. That Chicken Teriyaki performance made me want to die. She sounded great on La Fama but could have ditched the duvet.
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