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Rosalía - "LLYLM" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BrokenHearts, Nov 2, 2021.

  1. Queen of latinas!

  2. Why hasn’t she added Di mi nombre to her setlist yet? It’s one of her best songs! I love this performance of it. What is the song played at the end? It needs to be released.

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  3. what's your name B.O.B. so they're calling you BOB?
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  4. She’s featured on this track:

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  5. Parrita remix, I don't think it will be released but it's fire.
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  6. She was phenomenal tonight. What a performer. What a show!
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  7. Also the way the show is filmed for the screens… the choreography, the little details. Impressed! I’d say the show is up there with classic first few eras big pop girl tours.
  8. Only saw videos but that's what I thought immediately, how good the camera work is.
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  9. Yeah it’s like watching an amazing DVD but live. There’s a man with a poly camera filming her in front of her for some songs, then there’s a static camera in the middle of the front of the stage, then a grainy camera, a gopro one, a selfie camera all feeding content as it happened … it’s amazingly directed.
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  10. I can't wait to see her again in March. The show is really amazing.
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  11. She was absolutely spectacular last night. The camerawork is so simple yet so intricate, it makes it seem like you're watching a live concert and a tour documentary at the same time. Her energy is unmatched: she is so captivating and at the same time gives off the vibe of a friend who just loves what they're doing and is here for a good time. She showcases her influences with such pride and adoration, but seems so humble at the same time. I've rarely seen an artist who is so incredibly charismatic, but genuinely seems like a human being at the same time. Her setlist was incredible, I cried during G3N1S and there were a couple of moments when she cried too. I am still processing all of it, but god was she fantastic.
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  12. Also. Goofy queen.
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  13. Can’t wait for my date next week. My most anticipated concert this year.
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  14. Saoko is Pitchfork's 7th Best Song of the Year.
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  15. Just found out there are quite a few tix left for London next week. Should I pay 75pounds + taxes to see the catalan Latina? The reviews in this thread seem very positive and the album took over me in the past two weeks.
  16. You won't regret any cent. Being a fan aside, the show is out of this world, it's like nothing you have seen.
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  17. YES. I saw a lot of shows this year and it ranks up there with the best.
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  18. Get it and enjoy yourself. My show of the year, so far.
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