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Rosalía - Motomami

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BrokenHearts, Nov 2, 2021.

  1. We can disagree on this one but it's how I see it. She wouldn't be the same artist without it. She thinks every word and how she says it, I don't see it as a problem.
  2. Grotesque beat. It's crazy that a popstar this big is releasing music that would easily fit in the most experimental labels in the world. The post-punk bass, the little jazz interlude. Jesus.
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  3. The way this could be a read or praise dd.
  4. aux


    The way I'm adoring the song but I'm still liking all the posts rightfully dragging her.

  5. Guess Frank Ocean is the one mentioned in the lyrics ("Frank me dice que abra el mundo como una nuez"). Cannot see any difference with her pronunciation/enunciation, has always been the same and it' s no problem, thats how half of the people in Spain speak. That's why Genius lyrics exists, otherwise don't think non-Spanish people could understand a thing she's saying.
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  6. I'm from the non-Spanish speaking part of Latin America so I could be talking sh*t! But to me she sounds simultaneously Venezuelan and Chilean in the new song. I must say, as much as I think she is super talented and won't ever not bop to her reguetóns, her output is giving less Almodóvar and more El Chavo Del Ocho with each release. The jazzy flourishes are cute but the song is nothing special. Where are the hooks, enana? Where is the memorability?
    It looks as if they had filmed for a week, she didn't want to waste any footage and just edited everything into those 2:20 minutes. It looks like an anxiety attack.
  7. This is simply a lie dd.
  8. Not El Chavo del Ocho, I-


    I'm enjoying Saoko for the instrumental, basically. I honestly thought she was saying Meca de drag queens at some point, so I'm not even gonna go into the lyrics and her deliverance of them.

    The tracklist being her own XCX expedition with those track lengths... en fin.
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  9. Track 2 is gonna have to be wild to bridge the gap between this and LA FAMA.
  10. The video is stunning and the track is cool, but how is this a single leading up to an album? Unless there's a part 2 ready to go next week this is just so under baked.
  11. It's so great to see a free artist who doesn't care about opinions. She is doing whatever she wants, the song talks about that, the lyrics are easy to understand.

    Saying this is not memorable is simply not true. This is more of a fact that she doesn't care about the charts, the little interlude is a proof the album will have more sense as a body of work.
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  12. El chavo del...get out of here.
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  13. And both release albums on the same date.

    Collab queens.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Seriously, your blind stanning have me thinking that you're either a troll or someone from her team.
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  15. I love the production but couldn’t hum the vocal melody if I wanted to. She remains disappointing
  16. You think Leyenda Equis predicted the historical significance of this gif when she filmed this scene? An actual Latin American queen.
  17. The production reminds me a bit of Yeezus so I love it. I just wish it was longer (which by the looks of things will be a recurring theme on this album nn).
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  18. hard disagree
  19. *presses Google translate*
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  20. Once you read them, the message is easy to understand. Let me be a fan if I want.
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