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Rosalía - Motomami

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BrokenHearts, Nov 2, 2021.

  1. She is receiving a lot of hate, even dead threats. I hope she is ok and doesn't read twitter.
  2. “La gente no está acostumbrada a celebrar mujeres que hablan directo y crudo”

    What exactly is crudo in her new songs? Not the chicken, hopefully.
  3. She was talking more about Hentai, which caused controversy.
  4. How can people be pressed at the crudeness and realness of a woman if they can't understand a single word that comes out of her Tower of Babel mouth? Makes you think.


    All joking aside, she still doesn't seem to get that people weren't "upset" at her nonsensical mumbling in hentai or whatever sexist reasoning she tried to give it. People were... cringing. What people are not used to is things such as you sticking out your tongue to pronounce the [t] sound for some reason while the quality of your output freefalls. Like... I am truly screaming at her full on adopting the demented stan narrative that the criticism she is receiving is solely due to the fact that she is... a woman? dddddddd.
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  5. I imagined, which only makes me more mad. What are you talking about, Rosi? The fact is those lyrics are pure unadulterated shit, not precisely a Generación del 27 reminiscence, and talking about ejaculation is hardly a new topic. So many women are actually exploring sexuality in their art freer than ever these days (while still receiving shit from certain sections of society, obviously). She needs to get off her high horse, stat.
  6. It was about the lyrics and almost every critizicism she is receiving is in fact because she is a woman. The narrative she didn't do El Mal Querer and it was C. Tangana because she wrote Chicken Teriyaki is absurd. She is still in charge of everything.

    Also they cringed at the lyrics because they are reggaeton lyrics on a ballad and because in fact she is a woman, no one will cringe at Ozuna or Anuel doing the same. She is being critiziced because she is being fun, free and doing whatever she wants. You can critizice her all you want but trying to deny the machismo towards her? Hmmmm very weird.
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  7. I certainly cringe at any lyric that is as stupid as that regardless of gender (and I actually don't listen to or support any male artists bar the Pet Shop Boys, so... I wouldn't know, but I know La Zowi, I know Cardi, Paloma Mami and Lil Kim, and I certainly know Janet's dirty moments).

    Precisely because we know she can write (the only thing she apparently got from Tangana is the appropriation bug, but I actually think they must have bonded over that) this is astounding. Stop trying to label us as some sort of male chauvinist when we're the first to champion every woman (pun intended) and their artistic expression.
  8. It's not the case here. Sorry. That is not what's happening outside of this forum and you are denying it.
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  9. This is wild. I imagine most people are disappointed with the new music they've heard because it's so much weaker than her previous material. It's pretty hard to argue otherwise.
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  10. For the... hundredth time: please learn to read beyond sounding the words in your head and actually pay attention to what is being said. I said that the criticism she is receiving is definitely not solely because of sexism.

    You know what's really weird? The fact that you are deliberately ignoring the several instances in which I have pointed out in this very thread that sexism does in fact play a part in the criticism that she receives. The fact that you are trying to explain to me and a lot of other people the reasons why we are cringing at her output, as if we are not capable of discerning it ourselves. The fact that you are desperately grabbing on to this supposed narrative of Rosalía being the Agustina de Aragón of sexism firing cannons at the patriarchy with her groundbreaking "yo la batí hasta que se montó" genius to shield her from the valid concerns that are repeatedly being brought up. This "Hmmmm very weird!!1!" gotcha moment is not the woke serve you think it is, and it is actually patronizing and condescending towards Rosalía and the level of art we know she is able to achieve.
  11. I'm talking of people outside of this forum. You are twisting things because the chat was not about the quality of the music this time. And I didn't said Rosalia was groundbreaking either.
  12. I certainly can't speak for Argentina, but that's not the case in Spain. I'd argue the music is being well received and only Hentai received any real negative commentary (from which she benefitted because it's a meme, of course). Does she get the 'oh, she's changed a lot' comments? Well... because she has, for better or for worse.

    Also, no one is implying she doesn't get criticised unfairly because she's a woman at all, but that it's hardly the main concern the criticism she receives is about. She can decide to focus on the sexist comments, of course, but that doesn't mean it's the main criticism she's facing.
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  13. But it is about the quality of the music, because she has explicitly played the sexism card in the interview when asked about people's reaction to her new music. And people outside of this forum are not some hive-mind monolith, our takes here are easily extrapolated to the outside world. You (and Rosalía herself) are the one twisting the conversation to try and make it solely about sexism.
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  14. She is not exactly talking about people not liking the music, she is talking about reggaeton and saying something that is true. You are putting Rosalia on a narrative without having the entire interview. Also it's obvious she knew the hate she would receive this era, I don't think she is that innocent, do you think she doesn't expect the reaction doing something so different than the last album? I don't think she cares about that to be honest.
  15. She is applying her observation about sexism in reguetón to herself to explain away any and all criticism, creating a false equivalency in turn. And... so are you. Again. This conversation is a never-ending Ouroboros of frustrating whataboutism and I honestly can't tell anymore whether you are doing this on purpose or you simply don't possess the vernacular.
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  16. We don't have the entire interview, I think this conversation would be different face to face. Sorry in advance.
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  17. Listen… I have told you before, I would love to interact with you in a different way that wouldn’t be me dragging you for filth at every turn. I really would! Nothing personal against you. I like to assume almost every user here is a lovely person beyond what we write in this pink website. But just please try to be more receptive and drop the default defensiveness because it is unbelievably tiring.

  18. Care for some much-needed and cleansing lighthearted comedy for a change?

  19. Wait… suddenly the motomami is me?

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