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Rosalía - Motomami

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BrokenHearts, Nov 2, 2021.

  1. Also, bear with me because this is a half formed idea, but it's fascinating to watch her introduce/integrate such f*ggy dancers/aesthetics into reggaeton, etc. given how male-dominated and masculine the genres are. But then the levels to her introducing the aesthetics as a complete outsider to the culture nn. The colonialism of it all.

    I remember when Beyoncé was getting a lot of shit in like 2011 for not outwardly supporting LGBTQ rights (in contrast to the Born This Way era, Firework, We R Who We R, etc., etc.), and someone on Tumblr made a great point that Beyoncé always integrated visibly queer people in her work (performances, videos, etc.) despite the risks, particularly in response from the larger Black community. My point is Beyoncé did it already, and she did it as an insider. So props to her mama.
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  2. You acting like you know her and judging how she acts confirms every point Rosalia is portraying with this album.
  3. She tore both of those. The La Fama vocals were everything, and I agree that a solo studio version would be so welcome! And I thought Chicken Teriyaki was super cute - simple and flaw free execution, and the styling, attitude, dancers and vocal performance were all spot on.
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  4. HMD


    I’m not acting like I know her. Obviously I don’t know her at all.
    I’m just not seeing the same artist I saw and followed the last few years. For me she’s pandering too hard to a certain demographic and it comes off a little forced.
    I also think there’s an enormous quality drop between El Mal Querer and her last 2 singles (Chicken and Hentai). I enjoy La Fama and I think Saoko is very good.

    Then again, everything is just my personal opinion.
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  5. The word silly doesn't come the right way. Everything else is your opinion.
  6. Curious to know if half of one person's posts being in a single thread counts as a violation of this forum's rules, and consequently, if they deserve a ban. Just putting that out in the Universe!
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  7. It's not my case though, I even posts on next big thing section. Try again.

    Very funny you changed the 90% to half. Next might be 1/4.
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  8. HMD


    I didn’t mean it in an offensive way. Hence the quotation marks.
    My apologies.
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  9. La Fama sounds much better in the key she's singing it solo, guess she had to change key in order to accomodate The Weeknd's voice... I got the same issue with Save Your Tears and Ariana singing in a very bizarre key. I really liked La Fama on SNL except for the duvet. Chicken Terikayi has grown on me a bit but to me none of the singles are more than a 7/8... while most of those lost singles between albums were a 10 (TKN, Lo vas a Olvidar, Con Altura, Milionaria etc).
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  10. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    People are allowed to be critical of acts you may love within reason! Let's work on this weird energy in here!
  11. I've been fair and actually counted. There won't be further reduction though, it's accurate this time! You seem like a fun individual. You've also hogged over a fifth of this thread as well, safe to say you need to touch some grass.
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  12. I better take a chill pill for release day.
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  13. La Fama was so good. I love a big parka moment.

    Chicken Teriyaki remains awful.
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  14. Because she's gone full Gaga in her approach to this cycle trying to show "a different side" of hers. But it's all coming across as... this and it's low-key embarrassing.
  15. I'm invested to listen the whole project and I'm sure I will like more the "mami" side than "moto" but I can't wait to see the whole meltdown with this song.

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  16. Well, this new snippet... does sound much better than the other one that unleashed her pseudo-feminist take, so... I'm cautiously optimistic at the prospect of one (1) more song that's going to apparently be salvageable from this project. At least partly, because there's no human way to keep from cringing in pain at the "yo la batí" section.
  17. Is that a nod to Destiny's Child's 'So Good' I'm hearing?
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  18. It could be, it wouldn't be her first time. She paid tribute to them with Di Mi Nombre.
  19. Come on. “So good”, plus the gloves? It’s clearly an homage to a PJ favorite…
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