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Rosalía - Motomami

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BrokenHearts, Nov 2, 2021.

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    Sí, Raquel Estebanes.
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. “Many will look back on this album and reference it as a driving force behind the evolution of Latin—and perhaps global—music."
    Anyway, SAOKO is incredible and i love the production on Teriyaki…the lyrics are abysmal but i wouldn’t understand them anyway if i didn’t look them up so i’m fine.

    Also, the Hentai snippet just made my excitement go through the roof for Friday.
  4. I'm liking this song more than I thought I would so that's a win, however, 10 people credited as songwriters sends me a bit... did they each write a "so good so so good" or what?

    The video is beautiful.
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  5. Zara Larsson? Ddd
  6. Even Rosalia's sister is credited as a writter
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    She really is taking the PJ fave Xenomania model of crediting everyone in the room.

    Who will she pay homage to next?
  8. I wish the lyrics were better overall, because the final product of this song did turn out to be much more interesting than I was expecting indeed. I guess I will leave this playing when I listen to the album, if only for that second half with the distorted reguetón drums.
  9. This is the worst album roll out by any of my faves since 1986.
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  10. When the album comes out I’m gonna take a shot every time she changes accents in a song. Her chameleonic abilities are something to behold!

    Hentai is only interesting in the last minute. The rest is trash. Plus, does she know what hentai is? I swear to god she probably saw Rauw watching Attack on Titan once and decided she wanted to be an otaku as well.
  11. Hentai is so so so good.
    The production reminds me of Medúlla for some reason. Her vocals are amazing and so are the distorted gun shots coming in for the outro.
  12. The song is more interesting that I anticipated thanks to the last minute, but it's easily her worst song lyrically, and not just the bike part, the part where she rhymes Punta/Puta is even worst.
    Still hope there are better songs on the album but the rollout has been the most frustrating ever, I don't love any of the singles, and some I don't even like, s o frustrating after how amazing TKN and Lo Vas a Olvidar were, both 11/10 songs.
  13. Right, it's weird to take those 5 star reviews seriously when nothing I've heard is above 3 stars
  14. The only track I think it’s absolutely atrocious is Chicken Teriyaki. I think Hentai is low key iconic simply for the fact that it will have all the gringas thinking this is a heartfelt ballad when it’s actually filthy af.
  15. Song is actually quite pretty. Lyrics are desgustang.
  16. Besties... I really like this one. Dicks up for Hentai, I guess!
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  17. It's all about the intention, that's her biggest talent. The interpretation is a 10/10.
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