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Rosalía - Motomami

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BrokenHearts, Nov 2, 2021.

  1. Up to #34 on US Spotify too. She's high on TTH sure that helps.
  2. She debuts top 40 on Spotify France. She is coming.
  3. Mami deserves it. I’m so bummed i won’t be able to see her live for this tour.
  4. I can't stop playing this, i'm obsessed!
  5. Surprised at how big she's in France, usually they're not very receptive to non-French music.
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  6. I immediately checked the likes on this after reading the Monica Naranjo invocation. Lo and behold... She's got your tea @Monkey Meat
  7. Lest we forget Mónica’s weird promo tour around her Minage era (her best!) where she would speak with a Mexican [citation needed] accent on talk show interviews for some reason ddddd. The patterns!

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  8. I need Rosalia's own Minage era. It makes too much sense.
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  9. It's so bizarre when you see interviews cos her speaking accent is so different, you can really hear the Catalan accent in the back, and then she sings and she's like from Cordoba!
  10. Yeah ddd. I've given up on that battle. It used to annoy me to no end, but I've just reconciled with the fact that she is truly so influenced by flamenco (and it is such an all-encompassing genre when you work within its frames) that she... legit can't help it. Or I guess she could if she wanted to, and pull from a different set of influences where her natural accent could fit, but she's too far down flamenco discipline. And there's really no way to do flamenco justice vocally without using a Southern accent, because it would literally mess up the metric and rhyming schemes.

    She's been so ubiquitous this campaign that this stuff doesn't affect me nearly as much anymore ddd.
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  11. Is this her first solo entry?
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  12. It is!

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  13. It seems LA KILIE is coming.
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  14. Two days ago at the beach I told a guy we just met we’re seeing her live soon and he shrieked I love her and then the couple next to us said the same - their 3 year old daughter was called Rosa dd

    The impact!!
  15. ^Was that in Spain or somewhere international?
  16. Greece! The man of the couple said “I love her slower tracks but not the trap (?) ones” and the wife said “I love both”. They’re thinking of seeing her live in Milan too.
  17. this is her US discography so far:
    Relacion Remix/64 (Sech, Daddy Yankee & J Balvin ft Rosalia & Farruko)
    TKN/66 (Rosalia & Travis Scott)
    Lo vas a Olvidar/62 (Billie Eilish & Rosalia)
    La Noche de Anoche/53 (Bad Bunny & Rosalia)
    La Fama/94 (Rosalia ft The Weeknd)

    She's also had a couple songs bubbling under:
    #18 Con Altura (Rosalia & J Balvin)
    #17 Tu x Mi, Yo x Ti (Rosalia & Ozuma)

    EDIT: and this is her UK dicography:
    TKN/41 (Rosalia & Travis Scott)
    Lo vas a Olvidar/35 (Billie Eilish & Rosalia)
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