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Rosalía - Motomami

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BrokenHearts, Nov 2, 2021.

  1. If I was there I would correct the shaki fan, she has 13 grammys , Rosalia has 9.
  2. When I asked this kid I was tutoring if he knew who Shakira was and he said "Piqué's wife"... I mean, he didn't lie but our brains are wired differently.

  3. Is the deluxe coming on vinyl/cd?
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  4. HENTAI having the last laugh. A visionary.

    The 2nd woman most nominated in history.
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  5. Same Zara.
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  6. Not Zara scamming her way onto two consecutive pages
  7. We've all heard this, right?

  8. I saw her last night and thought she was fantastic. Her live vocals blew me tf away. Everyone in the venue was SHOOK when she sang De Plata

  9. Yeah, I will say that my expectations were high based on all the reviews but she somehow managed to exceed them. The show had super weird pacing issues but she's incredibly talented and I was blown away several times during the show, which is hard to do considering how many concerts I attend.
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  10. I wish for every person on the planet to see this show. It's mindblowing.
  11. It's giving Camila
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