Rosalía - "TUYA" + General Discussion

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When the album comes out I’m gonna take a shot every time she changes accents in a song. Her chameleonic abilities are something to behold!

Hentai is only interesting in the last minute. The rest is trash. Plus, does she know what hentai is? I swear to god she probably saw Rauw watching Attack on Titan once and decided she wanted to be an otaku as well.
The song is more interesting that I anticipated thanks to the last minute, but it's easily her worst song lyrically, and not just the bike part, the part where she rhymes Punta/Puta is even worst.
Still hope there are better songs on the album but the rollout has been the most frustrating ever, I don't love any of the singles, and some I don't even like, s o frustrating after how amazing TKN and Lo Vas a Olvidar were, both 11/10 songs.
I feel like CANDY is definitely up the alley of all the SAOKO & Chicken Teriyaki haters. There are also a few ballads scattered throughout, so if you liked HENTAI, then definitely give them a spin.

But I love the stupid songs like Bizcochito, Motomami & CUUUUuuuuuute which are my standouts. God damn her for making them all 3 seconds long.

Me when the beat drops at 1:45 of CUUUUuuuuuute.

Not open for further replies.