Rosalía - "TUYA" + General Discussion

DIABLO... I'll try not to listen to the other songs but...

I feel like CANDY is definitely up the alley of all the SAOKO & Chicken Teriyaki haters. There are also a few ballads scattered throughout, so if you liked HENTAI, then definitely give them a spin.

But I love the stupid songs like Bizcochito, Motomami & CUUUUuuuuuute which are my standouts. God damn her for making them all 3 seconds long.

Me when the beat drops at 1:45 of CUUUUuuuuuute.

he / him
Maybe this will grow on me, but after my initial listen, I must say that I'm disappointed. Nothing hits quite like the abandoned 2019–2021 singles. The only track that I see myself keeping is "LA COMBI VERSACE."
“I don’t care how small your contribution was to the song, I’m going to put it in the credits. That’s how confident I am as a musician,” she said. “But I know it’s detrimental to putting light on me as a producer. Because the moment people see men and a woman on a list, they assume — you know how it is.”

“I’ve seen what happens to Björk. I’ve seen other women that have been through that,” Rosalía added. “But the time I spend — 16 hours a day for months — that’s crazy.” She tutted at the audacity of doubting “feminine creative forces.”