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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by enricll, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. Can't believe she doesn't have a thread already because she's been getting so much buzz in the UK the last few months. Anyway, Rose Gray is a singer-songwriter from East London. Her first EP/minialbum is out now, titled Dancing, Drinking, Talking, Thinking

    Every single song she's put out so far has been impeccable, but my favorites are 'Save Your Tears', 'High Again' (not on the EP), 'Same Cloud'

    For fans of Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, Jorja Smith, Arlo Parks, etc

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  2. Absolutely loving this! Loving the shades of Amy in her voice
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  3. Well, I just listened to Save Your Tears

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  4. Just finished listening to the EP, and it's so good. It really feels somewhat like a mix between Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse, but make it 2021. It's amazing how she manages to pull off huge bops (the house elements in some songs definitely caught me surprise, in a good way) and also much more soft and introspective songs, and still make it all feel consistent. And the Saint Etienne cover is the cherry on top of the cake. In summary, stanning is what I'm doing. Thanks so much for the rec @enricll and @Trouble in Paradise!
  5. Ooh "Save Your Tears" is very nice. Thanks for the tag!
  6. pdf


    I could do without the St Etienne cover, but everything else is very good
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  8. Not me seeing you listen on my Spotify friends and feeling that rush of joy!! Glad you liked it!
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  9. Yeah, I'm working on my monthly Chart Ballot right now & it's probably getting points, so it reminded me I forgot to post here.

    The Lily & Amy comparisons are good. I'm getting some other good artist vibes I haven't quite dialed in yet. Ultimately though, I feel like she might be planting her own little thing.
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  10. Yes! The EP definitely feels a bit like a pastiche of great references with her finding her voice within all that. I have faith that if she is given the chance to make an album it’ll be amazing!
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  11. Really impressed with Save Your Tears, the EP feels a bit flat though.
  12. I was actually wondering just the other day what was up with Rose Gray. I'm glad she's back to releasing music, Last Song is really good.
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  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    These last few singles have been great. Hopefully there’s at least an EP in the pipeline.
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  14. Her Spotify bio says her EP is out June 10!!
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