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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by enricll, Jan 27, 2021.

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    Cupid and Promise Me are absolutely huge.
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  2. This was recommended to me by the algorithms and they were correct. An absolute TUNE! So damn good. I read comments on the visualizer that it’s on FIFA 23? Sounds like a big deal.
  3. This is great. I’m loving this 90s alt pop vibe she’s been giving.
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  4. She has another EP coming next month!

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  5. She really deserves more attention!
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  6. This woman has been carrying my gym playlist in these last few days with her recent singles and Synchronicity EP
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  7. Maybe her sound is too niche and British, but if feels like she should be climbing her way to the top right now.
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  8. Cupid should’ve smashed.
  9. I was looking for her thread on the Pop & Justice forum.

    Just discovered her but I'm obsessed. "Synchronicity" gives me Deconstruction-era Kylie vibes. Looking forward to see what she puts out this year.
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