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Roseanne/"The Conners" Spin-Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. What the actual fuck did I just watch?
  2. Wait...that's on her official channel? Who the heck is in charge of her PR?
  3. Okay, I just watched that video. What the hell was that? She was high but that's only a part of the problem because she seems absolutely insane.
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  4. Does she even have one anymore? If there actually is someone in that job, they do not deserve a merit raise this year, that's for sure.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. I heard on the news yesterday that Roseanne's brother put it on her youtube channel so it's not filtered and censored.

    I haven't and won't click it though, no views from me.
  7. The Conners is set to premiere on October 16. They did a fast job on that one. Less than six months since Roseanne S10... I'm getting the feeling that the scripts from Roseanne S11 were altered for this, because this is really quick.
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  8. Good lord
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  9. Fox News? Consider me shocked!
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  10. I’d rather click play on an openload STRAIGHT porn video on MyVidster and face the 7million pop ups full of spyware than THAT.
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  11. To be fair, she started off well and then about half way through it sort of turned into this odd discussion about her having mental health issues and the reporter talking about her being raped and her saying she doesn't think she was raped anymore... She's clearly not right in the head.
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  12. Yeah it was a bit weird in the second half, but I give most people the benefit of the doubt.
    Anyway, she did say that they took messages out of context, which was clear from the start, and it's what people just love to do when they want to stir up things, or can't wait for someone they hate to give them a reason to hang them for it.
  13. You mean like running a pizza shop that holds drag shows for LGBT youth and a reactionary nazi like Roseanne using Christian moral panic to clam Hillary Clinton abused hundreds of children for an Illuminati Communist god in your basement that doesn't exist?
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  14. I'm sorry, while I don't condone what she said one bit and all the stunts she's pulled over the years, killing off a classic character like Roseanne Conner is just a huge slap in the face to not just Roseanne, but the legacy of the original show and to all the fans who grew up with the show and that beloved character.

    I just wish we could go back into a time machine and prevent Season 10 from ever happening and preserve the show for what it was.
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  15. I actually found the new season very enjoyable (same as Will & Grace). It worked very well. Maybe not perfect but almost.

    It is a massive shame that things have taken this downturn and I'm not sure the show will last long in this new format but let's just see what the writers come up with.
  16. I was fine with the spin-off if they didn't kill off the Roseanne character. There's other creative things they could have done instead. It is a massive shame how this all ended. Nobody wins in this situation. Even if The Conners is a huge hit and ends up having many years on Television, it will always be tainted because of what lead to it.
  17. What else could they have possibly done to continue the series if Roseanne wasn't killed off? It's the only way to keep the family together minus that character.

    The original seasons are all still there to enjoy, no one has to watch The Conners if they feel attached Roseanne specifically.
  18. Me not caring about Roseanne the character anymore considering the real life Roseanne ruined it with her own insane horseshit. Sad but true.

    I'll give the new series a watch when it premieres to see if it's okay but hey at least it'll be an official stream this go around unlike pirating all of season 10.
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