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Roseanne/The Conners

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. From Deadline:

    One of the biggest comedies of the 1990s, Roseanne, is making a comeback. I hear an eight-episode limited series revival of the hit ABC blue-collar family comedy is in the works with the key cast members reprising their roles, including Roseanne Barr, John Goodman and Sara Gilbert, with Laurie Metcalf and others in the process of joining them. The new installment, produced by the original series’ executive producers Tom Werner, Barr and Bruce Helford as well as Gilbert, is currently in the marketplace, with multiple networks bidding, including Roseanne original home ABC, and Netflix, which has been staging reboots of classic sitcoms, including Full House and One Day At a Time.


    Just like with the upcoming new season of Will & Grace, which considered a streaming play before closing a deal at NBC where the original series had aired, ABC is considered the sentimental choice to air the new Roseanne episodes.

    Roseanne remains a gold standard for its realistic portrayal of a working-class American family. It centered on the Conners who lived, barely scraping by, in the fictional town of Lanford, Illinois. The revival comes as networks, and particularly ABC, are making a concerted effort to better reflect the lives of everyday Americans.

    I hear the intent is for all principal Roseanne actors to appear in some capacity in the reboot, including The Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki.

    Like NBC’s Will & Grace‘s comeback, which was triggered by a short election-themed reunion video the stars of the series made last fall, Goodman and Gilbert too recently staged a mini Roseanne revival in a video filmed during Goodman’s visit to CBS’ The Talk, which Gilbert created, co-hosts and executive produces.

    Roseanne, produced by indie Carsey-Werner, was a big ratings hit and ran for nine seasons on ABC. Next month, May 20, 2017, marks the 20th anniversary of the Roseanne series finale, which drew 16 million viewers. The family sitcom earned Emmy nominations for Barr, Goodman, Metcalf and Gilbert, with Barr winning one and Metcalf three statuettes.

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  2. Honestly it's way overdue, so I'm here for it
  3. I'm a bit worried that we're going to get some pro-Trump drivel, though.
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  4. Isn't Sara a lezzer now? Seems unlikely.
  5. Here for this.
  6. Sara is married to Linda Perry.
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  7. Roseanne is the writer / EP and she's very pro-Trump.

    She often retweets gems like this as well:
  8. Lord, the whole lottery win storyline still gives me nightmares.
  9. I am...excited, but apprehensive. It's my favorite television show of all time and means a lot to me so the idea of a revival gives me a lot of conflicting feelings - I would love to see the cast reunite, but does it need to happen?
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  10. Speechless.

    There are so many horror stories about the way she treated everyone involved with the show. I'm frankly surprised they are willing to come back.
  11. I wonder if they're going to totally ignore the final season... seeing as Dan died and they basically insinuated that the entire series was basically a fabrication up to that point.
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  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    C'mon, Becky #1!
  13. I hate the finale. Hate. It'd be one thing if the reveal was that the entire previous season was Roseanne rewriting her past, but everything after season 2? No ma'am.

    To this day, the last season is the only one I refuse to own, and as far as I'm concerned the show ended as a cliffhanger.
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  14. I'm a bit murky as to what exactly the finale insinuated because I haven't seen it in ages. So it was basically that everyting post season 3 was made up by Roseanne the 'author'?
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  15. Yes (although I was off by a season). Basically, everything we saw after the season 2 finale was Roseanne rewriting her life because she was unhappy with how certain things turned out, i.e. switching Becky and Darlene's relationships, making her mother gay instead of Jackie, having Dan survive the heart attack, etc.

    It just felt like a cheap St. Elsewhere rug-pull. Like I said, I don't think anyone would have nearly as big of an issue had it just been contained to the last season rather than the last six years of the show.
  16. Same. And especially with all the working-class focus when it comes to Trump.....I just don't trust Roseanne to do it right.

    That said, happy to be proven wrong.
  17. Roseanne was certainly a brilliant writer at one point, but I also can't say I trust that she'd do this right. The one thing I have some faith in is that actresses like Sara Gilbert and Laurie Metcalf wouldn't move ahead with the series if they thought it was going to be awful, and since it's only 8-episodes I assume they'd be asking to be informed on the majority of the storylines before they sign anything.
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  18. It's definitely something huge to write around; casual fans - who they'll depend on to watch this, whether it's on ABC or Netflix - will remember the general dynamics of the series pre-S9. It'd be smart for them to just quickly write that season off as a bad joke. Obviously with Goodman poised to return they're going to have Dan alive (or maybe not, in which case... keep it) so it'll be interesting to see how they work it.

    Will & Grace will have a sort of similar issue to work around. I don't remember that finale at all, but I was reading recently that they essentially had ended their friendship and had them meeting up 20 years later as their kids enter college. Unless they set the show in the future, they'll have to retcon that.
  19. The fabulousness of this though, cannot be denied:
  20. Roseanne didn't write the show, she co-created it. She wrote a script or two towards the end, which is when the series went off the rails. She would throw in jokes over the course of its run and dump stuff that she didn't like or didn't feel worked. She would fire and hire people at the drop of a hat. She's mentally ill.

    She already said that of the show came back, Dan would have faked his death and Mark would have died in Iraq.

    The Married... with Children reboot is still apparently in the works. Katy Sagal and co have agreed to appear.
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