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Roseanne/The Conners

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. This doesn't bode well. I had no idea she was a Trump fan. Gross.
  2. She's destroying the love I've had for her since 2003, when I started watching Roseanne reruns the summer after I graduated high school and was stuck home in bed with mano.

    I won't be watching anything she does if she doesn't change her tune. Ill be surprised if she can get anything on air though when Hollywood hasn't exactly sided with Trump.
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  3. She's already working heavily. She's a judge on Last Comic Standing. That's a primetime gig. Her tweets are atrocious.
  4. I gave up on Roseanne years ago, probably after her 2011 comeback, after her book and after her second reality show. Her book was actually good. However, around the time she ran for president, she blocked me on Twitter after I asked her simply if she agreed with any of Obama's polices. I wasn't snarky, I just asked her that question in one sentence. Instant block. Again - we're on the same page. (laughing)

    I will take a look at this revival if it happens, and I actually believe that it will because they're are way more people involved in bringing it back, it's not just Roseanne, which is the way it was with a few of her other failed projects. However, she's turned into a retched human being. I do know that she is severely mentally ill, and doesn't take medication. I was shocked when John Goodman agreed to work with her again a few years ago right after she said that he was a cokehead who was drunk all through filming of the original series. Perhaps the cast knows she's unwell and to just overlook what comes out of her mouth.

    Because so many of these revivals now are "limited", people are more willing to do them. They're not locked in. It's no longer a 22 episode gig. They can do other projects. The cast of Roseanne has been reunited on talk shows now repeatedly for the past couple of years with Roseanne and are getting along, so this won't be a big shock for them. Michael Fishman ("DJ") is still employed by Roseanne.
  5. Hush. Married... with Children changed the face of television. Al and Peg are iconic.

  6. Barr, Tom Werner, Bruce Helford will produce the series, alongside Gilbert who will serve as an executive producer while Helford and Whitney Cummings will be handling day-to-day oversight of the show.

    Barr, Tom Werner (former exec prod of Roseanne), and Bruce Helford (former exec prod and writer for Roseanne during season five of the series (1992–1993) are all from the original show... then there's Sara Gilbert. Whitney Cummings:
  7. Oh.
  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Keep Whitney Cummings.

    She's lucky she's still getting coin off of 2 Broke Girls.
  9. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Just watch, there'll be some sort of firey boss type character who shouts a lot, only for Roseanne to turn around and say "well, he gets the job done".
  10. Roseanne Barr being so massively Pro-Trump is perhaps one of the most disappointing realizations of my adult life. Roseanne (the show) was quite progressive for its time. I'm no fan of 2 Broke Girls, but Whitney Cummings and Gilbert being involved might actually be the things that stops this from being a total shit show.
  11. This doesn't make sense to me (the reunion did, what I'm reading above doesn't as I'd assumed that a female stand-up comedian would be, you know, LIBERAL?)

    I now don't understand why John Goodman and Sara Gilbert are taking part and am low-key hoping that Laurie Metcalf doesn't participate (who'd have thought that the star of Roseanne and Scream 2 would now be one of the most respected stage actresses on Broadway? Go Jackie!)
  12. ABC confirms Roseanne will air mid-season, so between January and March of 2018.
    Per the official release, the revival finds the Conner family dealing “with the economic challenges of living pay check to pay check in 2018.”

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  13. The moment she blames Obama for the family's economic challenges I am OUT
  14. Why is part of me scared that the "jokes" won't stop there?

    John, Laurie, Sara? They're all decent, good people without flop opinions? Aren't they?
  15. I mean....maybe they'll have Roseanne be pro-Trump and Dan (how do I even remember the character name, Lord't) be pro-Obama, or vice versa, so both sides are shown and all the characters are happy? Probably the best and easiest way to show it.
  16. This could actually be the case, and it might actually work.
  17. I'd rather lock Roseanne on her farm in Hawaii and forget about this ever happening.
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  18. I'm glad it's only 8 episodes and not 20. I'm sure Sara Gilbert wouldn't be participating if Roseanne was going to push a pro-Trump narrative. It's not like she needs the money.
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  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Laurie Metcalf isn't returning as Jackie. She's reprising her Desperate Housewives character who miraculously resurrects from the dead.
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  20. Yeah, honestly I don't totally expect there to be much pro-Trump stuff given that the other cast members are involved.
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