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Roseanne/The Conners

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. I’m so stoked for the new series, Michael Fishman said on insta it should be starting on ABC this month!
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  2. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. However, last season did feel like one or two episodes were really rushed and just didn't work. I hope this season is much stronger.
  3. Just announced that Season 3 premieres on Wednesday, October 21st! I’m really looking forward to it!

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  4. I've been rewatching the original run lately, and the first five seasons in particular are still some of my absolute favorite television ever. The Conners kinda pales in comparison for me but it's great to have so many original cast members back onscreen again. Lecy especially has been great to watch
  5. I think the initial run of Roseanne was great and especially the first five or six seasons, for sure. It started going off the rails near the end of Season 7 and then I didn’t much care for the style of the revival. It was great to see the cast all back together again, but the revival was lacking real heart like the original Roseanne series had. I feel The Conners has really tried hard to recapture that same sense of heart and integrity the original show had, making it less about political views and more about family, which I love. I also think that it’s great to see the individual characters all shine more now instead of just Roseanne getting all the screen time.
  6. During the first season of the revival I found Roseanne herself to be the worst part of it, and that's not even factoring in her heinous behavior outside the show - all of her line deliveries felt so stilted and cold, which Roseanne Conner as a character never was during the original run. Ironically, killing her off was the best thing they could have done.
  7. I agree that she was definitely the worst part of the revival, her acting was so wooden and her delivery was very dry and lacked the punch of “old Roseanne.” It was all a bit flat.

    Mark is the breakout star of The Conners. He’s such a little star and I was so impressed with him during the live show last year - he had the most dialogue out of everyone and he delivered his lines so naturally. I love Ben too, he’s been a nice addition to the cast, much more likeable than David.
  8. I would kinda disagree, because I always felt this was exactly the development her character took over the course of the original run. Roseanne in, say, season 8, was already very cold compared to early Roseanne.
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  9. You're right. And I'm not going to lie, it was hard to distinguish Roseanne Conner from the real Roseanne because, well, Roseanne Conner never seemed to return to the revival and all we got was Roseanne showing up to film scenes.

    I think the most telling scene was when she accompanies Mark to school. We're supposed to be in awe of how funny, strong and sympathetic Roseanne is but she never came across that way at all. All I could think of was, well, you know who.

    You make a good point here but I still think Roseanne could still bring some warmth to her scenes even in those later seasons.
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  10. Just reading over this thread again it's... wow. Even five pages in, we're discussing how problematic Roseanne is on social media. Then on page 19, the shit hits the fan.

    It's interesting to read how many of us were torn over watching the reboot. We loved and admired Roseanne growing up but didn't like who Roseanne (the comedian/actress) had become. I think Roseanne the show meant so much to many of us.

    I don't think I told this story before but I saw Roseanne do a stand up show a few weeks after the premiere of the reboot and a few weeks before the reboot was cancelled. As I was with watching the reboot, I was torn over going to see her. But Roseanne, the show, had meant a lot to me growing up. I related to Darlene and her "couch phase", when she was depressed, felt out of place and was trying to cope. I related to Roseanne Conner, because she was trying her best to survive, deal with the effects of abuse from her father and sustain a relationship with her sister. And the LGBTQ characters were another important factor of why the show was so important to me. Nostalgia and respect for the show prompted me to go see her on stage in Richmond Hill (north of Toronto).

    Roseanne was decent that night. Not laugh-out loud funny but lots of chuckles and laughs. She seemed in a good mood, and most of all, she seemed in control. She could read the room. When HIS name come up, we booed and she backed off. She seemed surprised (maybe because she thought she was in Canada, we didn't hate him as much??).

    One part of the show, she asked if there were any gay men in the audience. Of course, I immediately put my hand up. She asked me my name and I said, "Tom." And, in that classic Roseanne voice, she said "HI TOOOOOM." I can't explain it but there was something so emotional about hearing Roseanne say my name with that distinct voice of hers. It was a rare moment when I remembered why I liked Roseanne and what she stood for. At the end of the show she took a selfie with the audience (my friend was too ashamed and ducked so her face wouldn't be seen). We had to do a retake because there was a problem with the first shot. Roseanne's social media pages had been posting the selfies from her tour but apparently even the retake wasn't usable so we never saw it.

    Then, of course, a few weeks later, the reboot and Roseanne's career imploded.

    Reading this thread, remembering that night and thinking about Roseanne now just makes me sad. Even at the height of her success and with her antics with Tom Arnold, she still remained likable and still fought for many things. Even her flop talk show, there were still traces of the Roseanne we liked. I'll never understand how she became so vile and alienated so many of us who admired her.
  11. Episode 1 of season 3 was... serviceable I guess.
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  12. I think the main issue was the lack of a live studio audience. I think they step up their acting chops in front of a live audience, as they sorta vibe off of the reactions etc. I’m hoping the season picks up a little, but it was definitely watchable.
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  13. Ugh this is such a slog with all these Covid ‘jokes’.
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  14. This week’s episode was better than the last two, which felt a little forced. I do think the lack of a live audience has effected the quality of the actors’ performances this year but it’s still great to see them on screen every week and I’m loving the familiar settings such as the Plastic Factory being reintroduced this season, as was the Lunch Box last season.

    I’m hoping as the season progresses that the cast will settle in to their characters again and that the writing improves a little.
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  15. It's watchable but it feels like they're trying to use Covid in every single joke or set-up. I think I'd enjoy it more if they just focussed on creating funny stories rather than trying to take 'current events' and find humour in them.
  16. I’m finally getting into this season. It’s picking up
    and feeling a bit less fractured now.

    I’ve heard a lot of talk about the ratings recently and how this show is underperforming this year, but I have a feeling that’s to do with the network moving it to Wednesday nights and not to do with the show itself. Apparently, the Wednesday night lineup is falling flat in the ratings as a whole.

    Also, I’ll be interested to see if The Conners is gonna end up on Disney+‘s new Star service, which is geared more at mature audiences and with family films and sitcoms such as Modern Family.
  17. I haven't watched the last few episodes. I sort of dropped off end of last year because none of the episodes were... funny. Every other line/'joke' was Covid-related and it was just a bit boring. Even Jackie was becoming dull and boring to watch. I feel like this show is running out of steam. They did well to stretch it this far but I really don't see it continuing on further.
  18. They haven’t really been talking about the pandemic in the last few eps and Jackie had some great moments in this week’s episode.
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