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Roseanne/The Conners

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. She still takes time out of her tweeting and Trumping to do stand-up shows.

    Please don't insinuate that I am GOP-affiliated, even if it's a joke.
  2. I can't imagine what her stand-up would consist of. Good lord. Pizzagate jokes?
  3. I don't know either. She must address Trump in some form, otherwise it will be the elephant in the room.

    It's going to be a mess.
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  4. I haven't watched the show since it first aired here in Belgium, but it was something my family religiously watched. I'm just not ready to have one of the last good memories of my family together crushed because of a woman, who... you know... is not quite there.
  5. I feel super conflicted too - this show meant so much to me as a kid. At this point I wish we could just get it without Roseanne herself. I'm mostly here for Jackie and Darlene anyway.

    But to me this all feels similar (obviously on a much, much smaller scale) to when the Bill Cosby news came out. It's a real struggle when you're trying not to support someone problematic but something they did in the past meant a great deal to you. The worst side effect is that you can never watch that thing with that same level of enjoyment again.

    There is so much good material in both those shows, and so many wonderfully acted scenes by other actors as well. All of them feel somewhat tarnished now, unfortunately. I'll watch the revival just to see how it turned out, but Roseanne's recent behaviour is seriously disgusting.
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  6. So...

    I just got the first 2 episodes. Not supposed to discuss that I even have them, but I'll be watching later today after I watch the Grey's spin-off because I have goddamn priorities.
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  7. You guys the first 2 episodes are fucking fantastic.
  8. Thanks for this juice sis. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  9. How was the Grey’s spinoff?
  10. I turned it off 10 minutes in and am going to try again later. It's... uh...

    I'll save my comments until I can talk freely about it.
  11. New promo. (not sure why the embed isn’t working)

    God, Laurie Metcalf is an absolute treasure.
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  12. Everyone there, especially Laurie and John, make me want to watch the revival except Roseanne herself. I was told I wasn't being mature by not being able to separate the character from her real life political beliefs and my response was ummmm Roseanne never seperated her personal beliefs from what was happening on the show before so why would I start believing differently now unless they have stepped in and shut her crap down from affecting it overall?

    I wish it could be discussed but I know it can't right now but I'd love some tea from the first two episodes mentioned above.
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  13. Sorry y'all. Too late.

    I'm probably gonna delete this soon...
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  14. I'm definitely still on the fence about it all.
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  15. Well, this tea was too hot. I had to take it off the table. @inevitable, you're welcome sis.

    The rest of y'all,
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  16. So Roseanne just confirmed that her character will be a Trump supporter and at the press conference for the show started spouting a whole bunch of debunked conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton and how much better black people are doing under Donald Trump, oh, and he's not a racist:
  17. Her appearance on the Golden Globes was so... awkward. It's like the cameras didn't even want to focus on the audience, and yet you could feel how uncomfortable everyone was - without actually seeing them. It also seemed rush. It seemed like they had more jokes but probably realized the audience just wasn't there for them (her).

    The only good thing I can say about her appearance is that she and John Goodman still have great chemistry.
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  18. And here we go.
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  19. So I guess it's out there now; Rosanne is indeed a Trump supporter on the show. Jackie is a "Nasty Woman". I'll say this, though: Rosanne is pro-Trump, but the show isn't. I think through Roseanne's character they try to give voice to some of the poor Trump voters (opposed to Roseanne Barr being an insane rich Trump voter). And there are actually lines where Jackie directly says something like, "You were always pro-choice...", etc. I think reactions to the episodes will be very split, regardless.
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