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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by dekivu, Mar 8, 2018.

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    Searched for it but couldn't find a thread.
    How do we feel about the Roswell reboot?

    Personally it's my favorite show of all time! Next to Buffy, Dark Angel, Charmed, Angel, Alias, Smallville etc etc.

    Just like Charmed, i am not happy that they are rebooting the show this early and not even taking in consideration the old version.

    I was in high school when it first came out, and i remember we didn't get the full seasons on TV here in Norway so i had to get bootleg DVDs from a guy in US. And when they arrived i rewatched them like 3-4 times. It was sooooo good! And my god Max was hot!

    Any other Roswell fans?

    News about the reboot
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  2. FUCK. I had no idea this was coming/even a thing.

    I loved the original so much! Season two is TV gold.

    Though I'm not super excited as I find these reboots to be rather tragic and uninspired, tbh.
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  3. Max and Michael were so fucking hot.

    So. Fucking. Hot.
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  4. I was really into this for a while as a teenager so I'm due for a rewatch. I wish I had been able to see it with the original music intact, but I only got around to watching it on DVD. I lived for Isobel's icy confidence and always enjoyed the show more when she got a bit of a spotlight on her. Season two's Surprise being the show's highlight for me because it featured; weird alien shenanigans, Izzy in distress, and Katherine Heigl being iconic in a big pink dress before Grey's Anatomy.

    Also loved Tess and Emilie de Ravin's Australian accent slipping through all the time, but queen caused drama and kept Max and Liz separated for a while so I loved her.
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  5. Jason Behr was fffffff hot man, wow yum.
    Reboots: enough with them! Get some new ideas!
  6. I adored Roswell when it was on the air. I have a lot of reservations about the remake, but I'll give it a shot.
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  7. I forgot to mention the music used in the show. They had the greatest soundtrack of that time, and Dido's Here With Me was the perfect theme song for the show. Brings back memories.


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  8. Remember Maria leaving Michael to pursue a music career? Mess.
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  9. The finale was so bittersweet, too. Can't believe it's been 16 years.
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  10. I still have these Roswell magnets from Hot Topic circa 2000 stuck to my fridge.
    And meeting Max, Michael, and Maria remains a life highlight.
  11. I never did finish this show! Would probably feel strange watching it now, 20 years down the road.
  12. I actually liked her version of In the Air.

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  13. WOW! You are so lucky to have met them! Would have made my dreams come true back then.
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  15. I also loved "Roswell". That is, season 1 and season 2. Lost interest in season 3, mainly because Isabel suddenly had short brown hair and she was my favourite character and I hated that look on her. Yes, I was that shallow. Then again, speaking of the good looking cast, it brought Adam Rodriguez to my attention, so it wasn't all lost, I guess.
    All in all, it felt like the perfect mix between Buffy with the super natural elements and Dawson's Creek with the teenage drama.
    My least favourite character was definitely Tess.
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  16. Especially since she didn’t even really do much towards it after.
  17. The first two seasons were really good. The Alex’s shock death storyline especially was brilliant.
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  18. Majandra's voice is lovely. Shame her solo music was nothing like what she performed on the show. I always hoped her cover of In The Air Tonight would leak but nope.
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  19. Jason Behr was one of the first guys I saw when I realized I was attracted to guys. When he did upper body lifts. My god. My hormones went into overload and I was only 11 or 12 years old. His body was like a greek god.

    I don't know how I feel about a reboot. I hope the original cast members make appearances. Not including Katherine Heigl of course.
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  20. Loved Roswell, especially those first two seasons. Classic WB. I actually just started a rewatch and was three episodes in when Netflix unexpectedly removed it, ugh.

    The revival could actually be good if they don't make it too dark. I liked that the original show had the ability to be a bit goofy at times - Maria was a hoot.
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