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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by dekivu, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. I lost interest when Tess arrived. I hated her so much.
  2. After a rewatch a couple years ago I began to feel like she was misunderstood. Yes she was conniving and she came between the epic love of Max and Liz but Tess just wanted to belong. But the stunt she pulled was not cool.

    I also thought Emilie de Ravin's acting was awful on the show mostly due to her accent. But she surprised me years later with Remember Me.
  3. I liked Tess for her villain arc and when she came back in Season 3 then got thrown about by Liz ("Get up, bitch") then sacrificed herself.

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  4. That was such a great scene. Season three was very hit and miss but I liked the twist of Liz turning alien.

    I started a rewatch of the show a few years ago and never got to start season 2, but I must go back and revisit it again. It had some wonderful moments.
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  5. Season two was my favourite despite being incredibly messy. That time travel story line that split up Max and Liz (yay!) was so melodramatic and then, from what I remember, wasn't even mentioned again. The skins arc was a lot of fun but the show still couldn't quite deliver what it promised in the season one finale. The bad doppelganger accents and whatever was going on with Laurie Dupree* didn't help.

    Although, I actually did really love the skins arc and the idea that anyone around them could be an evil alien. The angst for the episodes following Alex's death was really well done, with Appleby, Heigl and Delfino all doing really nice jobs. The trip to Vegas was a blast, too.

    *How do I remember this name a good decade later?
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  6. I stopped watching when the hot guy let his hair grow.

    I‘m a bit surprised they are rebooting this as it was never really that successful.
  7. The premise of the reboot sounds awful though. Typical CW standards. What else is new.
  8. I rewatched the show a couple of years back and became obsessed. Like others I had issues with season 3, but overall I think it's one of the most underrated shows.
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  9. I re-watched Roswell last summer. It's more or less Dawson's Creek with aliens (Liz looks like Joey Potter's doppelganger), but it's an underrated show that has aged surprisingly well. I had a big crush on Brendan Fehr back in the day. You can't beat a tall Canuck with a luscious head of hair. Max and his giraffe neck didn't do a lot for me.

    Fuck the reboot and the bland cast that the network will inevitably cast.
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  10. Oh my god, this has just described my childhood. I was obsessed with all these shows (well Alias to a lesser extent)

    I remember I used to record all the episodes as they aired (on VHS) and because I was obsessed with the theme songs and there was no way to listen to them online or buy them back in those days I would put on one of my recorded tapes and rewind and watch the opening credits to Buffy, Angel and Roswell for a good 30 mins!

    And then No Angel was finally released in the UK (I think it may have been released before the Here With Me single?) and went out to MVC only to find they didn't have it in - gutted!

    I was obsessed with this too! Rewinding this scene and re-watching it. I didn't realise it was a cover originally.

    Oh my god, yes! So fucking hot. I don't want to judge the new actor playing Max but he has some shoes to fill!

    I am actually far more interested in these reboot compared to the Charmed one even if, like Charmed, it's not really a reboot. I wish producers would realise that slapping a name on a show and using the same character names doesn't mean it's a reboot. It needs to be the same characters although in a different situation.

    I may be going off on a tangent here but I always think of it in videogames terms e.g. the Tomb Raider games. To me Angel of Darkness is more a reboot than the 2013 game. You've still got Lara Croft (class Lara, unchanged!) but in a scenario with less tombs and different gameplay styles. The "core" of Lara remains the same - there's now just a story you wouldn't seen in the earlier games taking her to new places.

    Anyway, back to Roswell, I loved seasons 1 and 2 although I did lose track with season 3.

    I remember back when I was watching it, it would take a while for it to come to the UK when the episodes would air in the US I would go online to Crashdown Café and read the transcriptions!!

    More importantly - are we going to get some amazing theme songs for the Roswell and Charmed reboots (they should just use the originals to be honest, that would be amazing!) or are we going to get a boring title card? I think I know the answer...
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  11. I fucking hate title cards. I used to watch TV shows just for the opening credits.
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  12. I was so obsessed with the show that i even got the pendant and wore it throughout high school.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  13. So the reboot got picked up!
    Now called "Roswell, New Mexico".

    I hope they release a trailer soon.
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  14. Ok, beware of spoilers ahead for the pilot episode of the reboot if you click on this link, but according to this it has the potential to be really good. Apparently the script was *great*. Of course, it's not a guarantee of a quality finished product at all, but they seemed to get a pretty good cast together- most of them have been pretty good on their individual shows they've appeared on before- so it bodes pretty well so far.
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  15. ^Thanks, definitely going to give it a read! I am looking forward to Roswell most of the "reboots".

    4Music have started showing Roswell although at like 4pm on weekdays so I don't catch all the episodes but they repeat some on a Sunday which I watched this week. Oh my god the nostalgia! The theme song and the opening credits are so amazing! Please do a "proper" opening credits using Here With Me CW.

    EDIT: Wow some surprises in there but it is sounding good so far!
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  16. It sounds good so I’ll probably check it out. I don’t really remember the original because I was quite young when it started and not really into sci-fi.
  17. It sounds...intriguing.
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  18. So Michael is...

    A gaylien?
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  19. It’s been confirmed that it will air midseason.
  20. Is that good or a bad sign? I know sometimes they send shows to midseason to die... but sometimes they don't? And apparently everyone at the CW was really hot for this pilot all the way through the process- it was one of the favourites all along. So... I'm confused.
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