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Roxette are back

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by maneater83, May 5, 2009.

  1. LONDON - No longer just the dream of die-hard fans around the world who will surely feel their prayers for Marie's recovery were answered: Roxette are back!

    The Daily Roxette has learned that Marie Fredriksson will be joining Per Gessle on stage at the “Party Crasherâ€￾ concert in Amsterdam on Wednesday. For several days now, people affiliated with the tour have told fans to expect a “surpriseâ€￾ at that concert. Since Per has already said he expected Marie might join him on stage for one or two of his tour dates, fans who heard about this upcoming surprise immediately surmised that it meant that Marie would be making an appearance.

    And so it will be there, in front of one of the largest expected audiences on this tour… that fans in attendance will be able to witness first-hand the long awaited, highly anticipated return of Roxette.

    Tomorrow, at an official press conference in Belgium, they will announce that Marie has recovered from the illness that forced them to cancel their scheduled appearance in 2002. Seven years later, Roxette will finally make good on that previous commitment and perform at this year’s series of Night of the Proms concerts to be held in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands later this year.

    i must say im so happy, they are such a great band and im so glad marie is doin well now!

    here is probly 1 of the first performances of marie and per from 1986.... quite funny to watch as marie has red or purple hair lol
  2. They've announced tour dates. 19 dates in Germany.

    They were absolutely huge, I don't know if anyone can actually imagine how big they were during the late 80's early 90's. Even I was into the hype back then, though I was wearing pampers and sucking on a pacifier.
  3. Oooh, that's good to hear. I was playing the Roxette DVD of all their hits only last night.

  4. very very very few (like, less than five) songs can actually reduce me to tears. dangerous has on more than one occasion. to this day i'm not sure why, but they were absolutely sublime. more everything!!!!
  5. Dangerous? As in 'hold on tight, you know she's a little bit dangerous' Dangerous? Interesting choice...
  6. that's the one. i don't know why exactly....and they certainly put out more than their share of actually brilliant ballads.

    also, your sig is very. and not at all '87 x
  7. I think it was '89...if we're talking about the same thing.
  8. Bulimia's like so '87...
  9. Oh that. We weren't talking about the same thing. I'm slow.
  10. One of my fav's is the smouldery ballad Silver Blue; it's only weakness is Marie's lyric "the passion - I can't deal with her" which really ought to have been "I can deal with her".
  11. it's fine, we're all on the same page.

    "do you think it's all one big game of doubles tennis?"

    almost worthy of a whole new thread really....
  12. Wish I Could Fly is IMMENSE. Their older stuff doesn't really do it for me though.
  13. Watching the DVD collection is a strange experience...most of my favourite tracks have rubbish videos, and the songs I'd always considered weaker (personally speaking) have the best videos.

    Per Gezzle is a habitual music magpie, but a consummate one.

  14. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Fading Like A Flower is one of the best rockballads ever.
  15. Totally - possibly my favourite of theirs, love that piano opening.

    Agree about the DVD collection, Chances is great but with a naff video.
  16. They have probably just as many good album tracks as they do singles: Things WIll Never Be The Same probably could still be a hit in some form or other, Cry is almost the standout of their career, whilst the more dated I Could Never Give You Up is gorgeous.
  17. by the way marie has made a appearance at 2 of pers concerts this past week...

    her voice is sounding so amazing... i cant imagine how great she will sound in the studio again...

    have a listen as she performs it must of been love for the first time since 2001
  18. i haven't really heard anything new since crash, boom, bang! but i did really love the new track "one wish" from the greatest hits released a few years ago (2007?). she seems to be in fine voice and i have high hopes for sweden's (other) finest.
  19. The Kleerup remix of Reveal is very snug and wintry; bliss. And the Attic remix is more nervous and better stimulus for movement. I need to go listen to Paint.
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