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Roxette - Good Karma (Album) + Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by maneater83, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Roxette have been working on this album for almost two years. Per has mentioned ' We’re producing ourselves, but Addeboy vs Cliff are involved on a few songs, as well as other producers. I’m extremely happy with it so far, and I guess it will surprise a few people.” The first single "It just happens" video is been filmed today which is a ballad sung by Marie. They have also advised it is a very uptempo album and all songs Marie will sing on and no solo per songs! Expected release for album is in June. Anyone else excited?
  2. Ray



    Interesting though: "ballad sung by Marie. They have also advised it is a very uptempo album"
  3. Addeboy vs Cliff produced the music for Say Lou Lou's excellent album, so I expect this to sound like sultry, grand, elegant James Bond type theme music.
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  4. I wouldn't call myself a fan but I will definitely check this out as it drops. I did like Speak To Me from their last studio album, which had a very nostalgic feel to it, pulled me straight back to 1991.
  5. Ray


    This inspired me to re-make my Roxette playlist in Spotify. My favourite song they have recorded is "Centre Of The Heart", I'd love something like that on the new album.

    Do you have any clue when to expect "It Just Happens"?
  6. "It Just Happens" is released in April so we should hear it within a week or two. Per was also in the studio with David Guetta the past year but it's not known yet if this was for the Roxette album. Really glad they have gone for a more modern sound as the last two albums sounded a bit outdated.
  7. Very definitely looking forward to new Roxette. When these two put the effort in, the results are top notch pop perfection.
  8. Ray


  9. I love a bit of Roxette.

    Joyride, The Look and the Big L are timeless pop.
  10. I think this album is going to be special. They have worked so hard on it and sound very excited about the new material.
  11. jtm


    Charm School was a very good album but Travelling was a rushed job with subpar songs. So I'm glad they seem to have taken their time. And yay for a ballad as lead single. This is the first time in forever they don't lead with a copy of The Look.
  12. Ray


    I felt Charm School was a bit... subdued. Like they were afraid of making a comeback.
  13. A&E


    Ballad lead single reminds me of Wish I Could Fly which happens to be my joint favourite Roxette song (along with Queen of Rain). Also all songs with Marie? Sounds amazing but I'm trying not to get up my hopes too high!
  14. Ray


    Give me a new "Watercolours In The Rain".
  15. Have you all watched the new documentary they have just released "Roxette Diaries"? It's home videos from the 80s to 1995. Marie was so awesome when I watched it!
  16. I got a feeling that this will be my favorite Roxette album. I really liked Charm School and some songs from Travelling. But it was not that magical, like the older songs.

    I couldn't be more excited having a ballad as a lead single. It will be very strong, I think... I just cannot wait anymore!
  17. Ray


    Wooow, that's a week away! April is shaping up to be a great month.
  18. I still go back to the live orchestral Proms recording of 'It must have been love' from Travelling. Still gives me chills when played top volume. The strings! An updated classic.
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