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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Another triumphant Swedish band, few can deny how good they were between about 1988 and 1994. Managing to score 4 #1's in the US merely cements their reputation at the time.

    I think rock ballads were their strongest point, look no further than The Ballad Hits album for great songwriting; Fading Like A Flower, It Must Have Been Love, Spending My Time, Almost Unreal, Crash Boom Bang - all excellent songs!

    Their power pop was pretty good too though, Sleeping In My Car is still great and I like Dangerous and Joyride a lot. The videos were always so funny for the uptempo tracks too - Marie and her leotard in Joyride being the most unforgettable!

    These days they're not so hot, everything they put out after the Greatest Hits in '95 is about 50% great but their albums are always peppered with weak tracks. In fact, since Room Service in 2001 have they released any studio albums?
  2. I remember that Marie had a brian tumour (and her Wikipedia article claims that she's lost the ability to read and count as a result) but she has doen a couple fo solo things since, I believe, and there's supposed to be a Roxette album forthcoming (again, according to Wikipedia).

    I've always loved loved loved How Do You Do! but I don't think it's very popular. Even their liner notes for 'Don't Bore Us: Get To The Chorus!' (greatest GH title ever? I think so!) are dismissive of it. I remember their more recent stuff not being too great - 'Milk and Toast and Honey' was a bit rubbish.

    It Must Have Been Love is still brilliant after all these years though. For a band who had four US #1s they're scandalously overlooked. Their DVD video compilation has the original performance of this as a song called 'Christmas for the Broken Hearted', which is a very sweet title. Weirdly 'Centre of the Heart' sounds (in part) like a knock off of Savage Garden's 'I Want You', which is an odd reverse-compliment to pay.
  3. I disagree - I think the last two albums were damn near perfect. I remember Q commenting that every track on "Have A Nice Day" sounded like a single, and they were right. In particular "A Thing About You", "Milk and Toast and Honey", "Anyone" and "Stars" are superb. They could easily fill up another Greatest Hits volume.

    And, as you say, they haven't released an album since 2001 due to Marie's tumour, so it's not really fair to say the "recent" stuff hasn't been any good.

  4. I absolutely love it, too! I must have listened to it a million times. Roxette used to be my absolutely favourite band when growing up. I still know every song from "Look Sharp!", "Joyride" and "Tourism" by heart. Sadly, I never managed to see them live.

    I also own Per Gessle solo album "The World According To Per Gessle" from 1997 that can only be described as super-power pop. Rockier than the usual Roxette stuff but full of gorgeous melodies.

    Didn't Marie release a album with Swedish folk songs or am I confusing something here?
  5. Crash, Boom, Bang was one of (and still is) one of my favourite ever all time albums. The title song is absolutely magnificent and songs like fireworks and harleys and indians frame my adolescant years in my head. Run to you is fantastic as well, and I love the haunting love is all.

    Their earlier stuff I used to love as well, joyride, the look, It must have been love. Oh and how can i forget June afternoon from the greatest hits. One of the best summer songs of all time. Happy Days and memories!!
  6. Have A Nice Day *did* have some great songs as you listed, but filler like I Was So Lucky, Beautiful Things and Waiting for the Rain substantiate what I said. Even the good songs on that album had odd lyrics. Room Service was largely the same but with even less of the memorable tunes.

    And post-Marie's tumor, they've evidently recorded the new material for The Ballad & Pop Hits CDs, plus the extra tracks that made up the "bonus" CD for Europe releases of the latter, enough for an album, but sadly just not strong enough to warrant a whole studio project. THAT was what I meant.
  7. I bought the 'Son Of A Plumber' (Per Gessle project) CD when I was in Stockholm the other week, haven't lsitened to it yet but remembered I liked a couple of tracks on it. Marie also had a new solo album out.

    They'll be back one day.

    'Make My Head Go Pop' from Room Service is pretty ace.
  8. They're Scanian actually. A region brutally conquered by the Swedes a few centuries ago. (Which I probably care more about than they do, because there was more resistance where my some of my ancestors lived than in Per's and Marie's towns.) So maybe they're closer in mentality to something like Aqua, rather than Abba?

    I've feared that they feel too aggressive somehow. Like a half-English classmate of mine said in 1981 of "Gyllene Tider", their precursors - "they bring shame on Sweden". He could feel their international ambitions already then, I guess. Gessle has resurrected that group at times, and last year they even managed to sell out the stadium that was on UK TV recently for the European Athletics games. So maybe he prefers that kind of focus at the moment.

    I've probably said it here before, but there was a period between 1983 and 1986 when I was irritated that Per and Marie didn't get together again. Now I've found on YouTube one of the TV perfomances that made me feel that way. It's in Swedish and it's live, so maybe not even Roxette fans here will like it. But I still do: Per Gessle feat. Marie - Om du har lust

    That's such a funny song. It's so wrong in may respects - dodgy lyrics, hooks, structure, video - but it still feels compelling. I heard it blaring out of a bus full of reveling students in Stockholm a few weeks ago, and I thought to myself - "This isn't the worst place in the universe!". It felt so very right in that environment, maybe because you can actually glimpse that particular spot in the video.
  9. Oh Beautiful Things is 1 of my very favourites.  It has helped me prevail in many self-created moments of hysterical, overwhelming mirror-gazing drama.  To me, their last 2 studio albums are amongst their most impressive, and definately varied (in terms of style).  Having said that, the only album I think is sort of weak is Crash! Boom! Bang!.  It did, however, herald 2 great singles: Sleeping In My Car and the haunting and almost spooky title track.  I also love the - shock horror! - melodramatic I'm Sorry and 'sha la la' Love Is All (Shine Your Light On Me).  The hooks were there in every track, yet it seemed a bit tired in places. 

    I'm in the belief that Have A Nice Day is sugar-coated, enamored pop at its very best.  It wasn't merely a 'return to form' but a significant addition to their catalogue.  Crush breaks out in blisterring form, and is a rattling, anthemic juggernaught, with a slicing vocal from Marie - who has lost absolutely none of the strength and vigour that is so distinctive to her.  Salvation especially, and Anyone showed just how expert they are at crafting a ballad - it's not all down to Per's songwriting, but Fredrikssons' earnest, un-maudlin sympathetic delivery.  The lush strings of Wish I Could Fly still fold over you so luxuriously - such a shame they never released another single in the UK.

    Little Girl was uncharacteristically restraint for them, and is another "meaningful" favourite of mines.  Marie always adds an elegant touch, but this ballad was possibly all the more tender since she wrote it herself - her lyrics never sounding quite so eloquent.  It was an interesting alternative to the more soaring, world-conquering offerings that is their trademark.
  10. I agree with all the above. The only recent song of theirs I didn't really get on with was "Opportunity Nox" from the Pop Hits. No matter how many times I hear it, I can never remember it.

  11. They will release a new greatest hits to celebrate their 20 years this fall with a new song "One Wish" to be released in September.
  12. While browsing Aussie iTunes the other month, came across something called "The Rox Medley", released this year presumably to promote (another) greatest hits. Obviously, it's all the bigger hits, sped up, danced up and crammed into 4 and a half minutes of fun.

    "The Look" opens and closes the megamix, and features "Joyride", "It Must Have Been Love", "Fading Like A Flower" and "Listen To Your Heart".

    I played the medley to several friends, who to their shock and amazement, remembered all the words to every song.

    This needs a proper release NOW
  13. Has anybody ventured into either Charm School or Travelling? I'm always tempted by the concept of a new Roxette album but know they're largely past their prime.
  14. I have both Charm School and Travelling but never really got into them. People can be forgiven for thinking they hadn't released anything since 2001.

    Speak To Me is a stonking song.
  15. invertedbutterfly

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    Charm School's alright, but Travelling is pretty rubbish. Not enough Marie frankly (on either). Marie's bits are the best bits (as always, but even more so now).
  16. It was always about Do you get excited? and Things will never be the same for me.

    2 beautiful haunting songs.
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  17. ^ yes, the 2 singles-that-could-have-been from Joyride. At least we got a dreamy video for the former. Was it actually released as a single anywhere?

    They really did have great album tracks on Look Sharp and Joyride.
  18. Those albums were their career peak, for sure.
  19. I kind of stop thinking Roxette existed after 1996. The first Greatest Hits was nigh on flawless. Everything I've heard since has been underwhelming or just a rehash of earlier magic.
  20. I think some of Roxette's very best material has been since '98. Crush On You, Opportunity Nox, Real Sugar, and Centre Of The Heart are poptastic, and some of their more recent ballads; Waiting For The Rain, Beautiful Things, Milk & Toast & Honey, Salvation, Speak To Me and the epically brilliant Anyone are all amongst the best Roxette have ever done. The last few albums haven't lived up to expectation sadly, but they still are capable of pulling out the bag an amazing album.
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