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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. “In these days of seclusion and confusion this digitally unreleased pearl is very much needed.
    Roxette paid homage to The Beatles on a sunny day in November 1995 at the Abbey Road studio in London.
    “Help!” is the first taste of the “BAG OF TRIX – Music from the Roxette Vaults” album series that will pop up when you least expect it. Enjoy!

    Help! (Abbey Road Session November 1995) will be released on May 8th.“

    From the Roxette Facebook page, seems there is a album coming with unreleased stuff?
  2. One could say that Per's entire career has been paying homage to The Beatles!
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  3. That's lovely. Always nice to hear her voice.
  4. I hope there will be some sort of a rarities collection coming in the future.
    It would also be great if the deluxe issues continue in a similar manner to the previous Look Sharp release.
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  5. Is this version of Help! identical to the one in The Rox Box, or is it a different one?
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  6. Just read on a reliable Roxette Facebook fan page of a rumour:
    “Bag of Trix” album series may have four parts:
    Unreleased demos with a focus on Marie’s voice
    Alternative versions
    Hard to find remixes and covers by Roxette

    No official announcement yet on what’s going to be included on “Bag of Trix” but I would be happy with hearing unreleased demos sung by Marie.
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  7. This sounds good, hope something like this will indeed be released.

  8. Per has released a new single with Mono Mind. This time he is using his normal voice and the robot effects are gone.
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  9. I decided to dig into their discography as I only really know 'that' song.

    I've started at the beginning with Pearls of Passion. Is it just me or does the opener 'Soul Deep' have an almost identical melody to Kylie's 'Giving You Up'? Was Kylie's track an intentional interpolation of that song? That aside, it's a fun start to the album and incredibly catchy.

    'Secrets That She Keeps' feels like it should be embedded into a cheesy RomCom movie. It's enjoyable enough but forgettable. On the flip side, 'Goodbye to You' grabs your attention immediately, with a brilliant hook and melody. Some great backing vocals on this one and my favourite of the tracks up to this point - I'm bopping!

    'I Call Your Name' gives me Belinda Carlisle vibes (which is good). Marie sounds amazing on this - her vocals are just superb throughout. The "IIIIIIIIIIIII calllllll your name" part is just such an earworm. I also love the electric guitar solo halfway through. Another favourite!

    When 'Surrender' starts, with Per's vocals, I really wasn't feeling it. Then Marie's voice comes in and the drums amp up and suddenly there's this wonderful drama. The track builds nicely by the end, though I feel it takes a little too long to get there. I can see this one being a grower. Again, with the drama on 'Voices'. There's something a bit "big ballad moment at Eurovision" about this one, ha! It's captivating and I like it.

    The lead single, 'Neverending Love' - Marie is certainly hitting those high notes! I'd have probably gone with 'Goodbye to You' or 'I Call Your Name' as a lead single over this as I think they are both stronger tracks. This does have a catchy chorus though and Marie sounds fabulous.

    Not sure if I enjoy Per's voice or not. On 'Call of the Wild' he sounds very gruff. Unfortunately, this is probably my least favourite on the album. The song itself could be a grower but it's less instant for me than anything else here and could be trimmed down from being four and a half minutes.

    'Joy of a Toy' is pure fun. From that opening few notes you know it's going to be a fun ride (why can I hear Girls Aloud covering this?! Sarah Harding would sound amazing on this, ha!) This is basic but it's a basic bop. Very enjoyable. This could even have been a good lead single. Just fun and danceable and euphoric.

    In 'From One Heart to Another' I definitely enjoy the verses more than the chorus... I wish that chorus was stronger to really elevate the track. Whether it's the production or just lacking in melody I'm not sure. I wanted to like this one more than I do. The complete opposite can be said for 'Like Lovers Do' - a catchy hook, great vocals and solid production. It's another fine, short and sweet track and another favourite for me.

    We end then on 'So Far Away', which is a superb closer. Throughout I've been nothing but impressed with Marie's vocal ability. I never really understood what an amazing singer she was (RIP). I do love a big dramatic finish and this give us just that! I wonder how amazing this track would have sounded live, if they ever performed it?

    Overall, I'm really impressed with their debut. It's far from perfect and a few songs didn't really work for me but more than half the album really shone and I enjoyed my first listen immensely. I'm excited to explore future albums from them.

    What are your thoughts on this album? Is it deemed a fan favourite?
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  10. Pearls of Passion is a strong debut but you are in for an absolute treat with Look Sharp and then an MASSIVE bopathon with Joyride.
  11. I really need to have a deep dive into their discography. I know most of the singles but never really gone into the albums properly. I have got The Rox Box but only listened to disc 1 so far.
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  12. Colour me excited then.
  13. I'm still in that phase that when her voice comes on, two seconds later I remember she's gone and a wave of sadness threatens to wash me out to sea.

    Oh my, that sounded a bit like one of their lyrics.
  14. I love Pearls Of Passion - much better than I expected when I first listened to it. It´s actually one of my favorite Roxette albums, along with Look Sharp, Joyride, Have A Nice Day and Good Karma.
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  15. I love the Pearls of Passion album. Marie sounds amazing on it. It really annoys me though that nothing from this album was ever included on the compilations. The album and Neverending love were hits in Sweden.
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  16. And so I continue my journey with the next album, Look Sharp!

    Opening with the anthemic 'She's Got the Look', which I'm pretty familiar with already. I actually enjoy Per's vocals on this (whereas I found them somewhat grating on their debut). It's no wonder this track has appeared in various TV shows/movie soundtracks. It's that perfect song for a rom-com or a 'moment' in the show when the actress is just feeling her oats, ha! 'Dressed for Success' follows the same formula as 'She's Got the Look' and is equally as ''hooky'' and danceable. I love the guitars throughout.

    'Sleeping Single' plods along nicely enough but pales in comparison to the two previous tracks. By the time it ends I've already sort of forgotten about it. 'Paint' is almost in the same league, however the middle 8 very much pulls it up a notch and those final chorus sections really shine, saving this track from just being filler.

    Once 'Dance Away' begins, with the electronic production and the "ROXETTE" backing vocal, I know this song is going to be something fun. Marie is giving these vocals everything she's got and she blows up those verses. The chorus is catchy and upbeat and it's a standout track of the record up to this point. It would have made for a great single.

    'Cry' is ''fine''. Similarly to 'Sleeping Single' it feels a bit like it's just plodding along for the most part and doesn't really do much to excite me. I kept waiting for a really big 'moment' to come but it never did. It was also very long... Goes without saying that Marie's vocals are excellent.

    Okay THAT production on 'Chances' - amazing! I'm living for the electronica, baseline, synths and that guitar solo! I wish the chorus was a *little* bit stronger but overall it's still a great track.

    I feel like 'Dangerous' is a grower. I know in my heart it's a good song but on first play I'm yet to be completely won over. But as the track was coming to an end I was started to get into it, so there's hope!

    'Half a Woman, Half a Shadow' is an intriguing title indeed! I expected a ballad I think so was happily surprised it was an uptempo affair. Some nice melodies and gorgeous backing vocals in the chorus and it's not too dissimilar to a Belinda Carlisle/Go-Go's type track. Overall it's a fun song that kept me entertained right up to that distorted ending.

    'View from a Hill' is a bit hit and miss for me - parts of the song I enjoy (the pre-chorus and the chorus itself are catchy enough) other parts I'm less fussed about.

    '(I Could Never) Give You Up' is a great success - vocally and also in terms of melody. Again, Per's vocals sound much better and Marie's compliment his very well in a backing vocal capacity. I love the Spanish guitar parts in the middle 8 and we even get a key change for the final few chorus sections - epic! This should have been a single, surely?*
    *apparently this wasn't even on the original album release?? Crazy!

    'Shadow of a Doubt' has it all - drama, great vocals, thumping drums, even some sax! Those ''ohhhhhhhhh'' vocals from Marie at the end - fabulous, darling! Another song that would have made for a great single.

    So we end this album then on 'Listen to Your Heart', another track I am familiar with and it's a great song to end things on. This definitely has the strongest choruses out of the few mid-tempo tracks featured on the album. The track builds up really nicely too and it has a brilliant middle 8!

    So this album was a really fun listen. It's very cohesive too - nothing sounds out of place. There are perhaps 2-3 songs which I found a bit less interesting than the rest but they had potential to be growers.

    As of right now, I might prefer their debut album over this... But having only heard both albums just once that is an opinion based solely on a first listen. I just felt like the first record had more 'highs'.
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  17. I'm onto Joyride. Quite excited as I see a lot of people highly praise this one.

    'Joyride' is a strong start and I wasn't familiar with the song until the chorus came in and then I recognised the hook. Really like Per's vocals on this! Marie on backing vocals and in the chorus and middle 8 just fits like a glove. This is such a fun track. That chorus stays with you long after the song has ended.

    Straight into 'Hotblooded' and the tempo is cranked up a few notches. This is a little more rocky than some of their previous stuff up to this point but it's funky and suits Marie's slightly raspy vocal. The ending of this track is superb!

    'Fading Like a Flower' starts off very ABBA-esque with familiar melodies in the verses. Then that rock chorus kicks in and it's all Roxette and Marie singing like a goddess. This track builds and builds and we even get a key change for the final few chorus sections. This track would work really well in a rom-com movie (I've said this a few times but their music just seems to suit that happy/fun/feel-good mood).

    I could easily hear a Max-Martin-produced boy band (maybe N*Sync) covering 'Knockin' on Every Door'. It has that mid-90's boy band vibe. At least to me?! The chorus is super catchy and absolutely love the part that goes:

    ''In the twinkle of an eye
    you electrify
    I got to get a-shootin' like a rocket in the sky, bye bye

    It's so 90's pop!

    I do love an acoustic guitar, so when 'Spending My Time' began I was already in my element. It's nice to hear Marie singing in a more relaxed manner (in parts) and she sounds amazing belting out those high notes in the chorus. It's a nice change of pace to the previously more upbeat/uptempo tracks and it's a strong song overall.

    I love that baseline on 'I Remember You' and the electric guitar hook. This song is like the sister track to 'Hotblooded'. Love that ''na, na-na-na" breakdown. Some great guitar solos in this too. This has a somewhat Joan Jett vibe about it. Rock on!

    Wow, how beautiful is 'Watercolours in the Rain'. Lyrically, it's stunning and Marie sings this with such passion. I didn't expect a song like this on the album based on what I've heard so far. So, so gorgeous. Could almost be a Sheryl Crow-type ballad from The Globe Sessions.

    'The Big L.' - back to uptempo. Something about this track feels a bit 'B-side' to me. There's nothing I particularly dislike about it but I don't feel it stands out in anyway compared to tracks 1-7. It was quite long too (or felt very long ha).

    'Soul Deep' again? I assume this was included as their first record wasn't officially released outside of Sweden. I enjoy this song and it actually fits pretty well onto this album. A nice inclusion.

    More synth/electronica in play on '(Do You Get) Excited?' and it creates a darker vibe, musically. Especially coming right after 'Soul Deep'. I enjoy the chorus and those harder/gritty guitars. The verses are a bit forgettable but that chorus rocks! This track isn't as instant as some of the others but definitely a grower.

    'Church of Your Heart' makes me think of Bryan Adams. That's not a bad thing but it's doesn't really sound like Roxette to me. I'm not sure what's missing but I think the song is just okay (similar to 'The Big L.') and I could take or leave it.

    Things pick up on 'Small Talk' - another fun rocky number with ''come on, come on now'' chanting and a pretty hooky chorus. The music reminds me "Baby, I Don't Care" by Transvision Vamp (or Jennifer Ellison, haha). It's cool. Not a standout but another grower for sure.

    'Physical Fascination' sounds playful from the get-go and doesn't disappoint. The lyrics are quirky, as is the track itself. It's a 'fascinating' listen just to see where it goes and to latch onto the different parts. I wish some of the other tracks mixed things up a bit like this track does. Feels more experimental for them. There's a feel of The Human League running through this also. Then the track bleeds right into 'Things Will Never Be the Same' with that gorgeous guitar intro. Powerful vocals from Marie on a very strong chorus. Love how the song builds up throughout - we get flicks of electronica now and then amongst the harder guitars and drumming. Bit more drama on this track and the fusion of acoustic/electric guitars with the synths and electronica works brilliantly. There's a lot going on, musically but it's a perfect balance.

    So we reach the final track - 'Perfect Day'. I liked this but I was listening and waiting for something to happen to blow the song up. A massive belting vocal or for the production to build dramatically... something... but it didn't happen. The track plods along somewhat. I don't dislike it but think the album should have ended on 'Things Will Never Be the Same' instead.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this album. It does feel bloated. I think 11-12 tracks would have made it perfect. There were a few songs (as I mentioned) that didn't excite me as much as others. I definitely think I preferred it to Look Sharp!
  18. Joyride really is a perfect pop album.
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