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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Posted by Roxette Cafe who is very reliable with recent releases:

    The second single off "Bag of Trix" is expected to be released on 28 August 2020. The digital single will contain one track, which will be a previously unreleased song.
  2. I've moved on and begun listening to Crash! Boom! Bang!

    What are people's thoughts on this album?

    It feels like their most consistent/cohesive album up to this point in their discography. Everything works so well together. I'd say it has less high points than their earlier albums but just works incredibly well as one sound.
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  3. I would rank,
    Look Sharp
    Pearls of Passion
    Crash Boom Bang
    Of the first five. I guess I bought them all when they were released so hard to listen to them 'new', but Look Sharp for me is still young and hungry, Joyride lesser as it sounds harder work for them. I play Pearls Of Passion more these days.
  4. LOVE this album, but agree that it has less high points. "What's She Like" and "I'm Sorry" are amongst their best album tracks ever.
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  5. That sounds about fair. Both this and Joyride were peak Roxette for me. After that it got patchy.
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  6. Good to know. Yes, overall this album was pretty great but lacks any obvious big moments. I'll enter into their next few albums with caution then!
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  7. I don't disagree with Eric, but I will say that their next album, Have a Nice Day, has my favourite singles run of any of their albums (also do make sure you listen to the orphan singles and tracks for Greatest Hits between Crash Boom Bang and Nice Day if you haven't heard them already - Almost Unreal and You Don't Understand Me in particular are among their very best tracks for me).
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  8. Yeah I'd say Have a Nice Day was their Ray Of Light? Later day pop-electronic triumph with brilliant singles, an image overhaul and even more amazing slower album tracks (I Was So Lucky).
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  9. Have A Nice Day is one of my favourite Roxette albums. Crush on you would of been a huge hit if it was released as a single.
  10. My write up for Joyride in the albumjustice rate:

    #141. Roxette - Joyride
    (5 of 31)

    8 Points - @phoenix123


    Year: 1991
    Country: Sweden
    Genre: Pop-Rock
    Label: EMI
    Producer: Clarence Öfwerman
    Main Writer: Per Gessle (Roxette)


    1. Joyride
    2. Hotblooded
    3. Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)
    4. Knockin' on Every Door
    5. Spending My Time
    6. I Remember You
    7. Watercolours in the Rain
    8. The Big L.
    9. Soul Deep
    10. (Do You Get) Excited?
    11. Church of Your Heart
    12. Small Talk
    13. Physical Fascination
    14. Things Will Never Be the Same
    15. Perfect Day

    Singles Run

    1. Joyride
    2. Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)
    3. The Big L.
    4. Spending My Time
    5. Church of Your Heart



    Best Chart Position

    #1 (Austria, Finland, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland) #2 (United Kingdom) #12 (United States)



    From Our Voters


    One of the biggest selling albums ever in Germany. Who am I to argue? You'll continue to notice a theme with my favourite albums and Roxette's Joyride is no exception. Bold colourful artwork - check, consistent logos and fonts - check but most importantly it's wall to wall pop perfection again.

    My love for Roxette was already primed in mid 1990 with the release of my favourite ever single It Must Have Been Love followed by UK reissues of Listen To Your Heart and Dressed For Success which kept previous album Look Sharp bouncing around the top of the charts. It was also a very consistent album and remains in my top 20-30 of all time but it's Joyride that sealed their worldwide domination and also meant that Roxette had one of the top 5 biggest worldwide hit singles for three years in a row (The Look 1989, It Must Have Been Love 1990 and Joyride 1991)

    So we start off with that worldwide hit and the iconic "Hello you fool I love you" and it seemed Roxette were almost cool at the time. I remember them being very popular at school not least due to this sing-a-long pop rock gem - fronted by Per for a change.

    It's a confident start to an album which doesn't hit you with all the singles upfront. Next up is the rocky sexy Hotblooded "You can call me miss" Marie teases!
    Next up is second single Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave) which became their final top 2 single in the US. This is the just about my favourite single still and there is stiff competition here. I do prefer Marie taking lead vocals so this probably accounts for it edging Joyride in my affection despite both being rock pop anthems. Per opined that they were being pigeon-holed in the US with soft-rock stadium acts like Heart but when you produce gems like this the comparison makes itself clear.

    The undeniable bops continue with Knockin On Every Door and I Remember You which sounds like it could be a pop hit for a legendary rocker like Tina Turner or Rolling Stones.

    We get a change of pace only by track 5 and fourth international single Spending My Time. This screamed obvious single to me when I first got the album. It's more subtle than their previous massive ballads but no less melodic.

    The folky Watercolours In The Rain is a co-write with Marie and is a nod to her swedish language work, as she found writing in english more difficult than Per. This is a nice contrast to the rest of the album as we head back to the bops and what a bop The Big L is. A joyful video accompanied this track which was surprise single #3. Yet another sing along chorus. Probably my favourite at the time of release largely due to the video.

    Soul Deep is an older track previously on their debut album and even had a video made back in 1987 but it fits in perfectly nicely here thank you very much. This is reminiscent of Eurythmics Would I Lie To You.

    Next we have the undeniable under-rated gem of the album. A video seems to have been made and I cannot understand why this wasn't a christmas/January release. It's a beautiful ebbing, electro masterpiece for the first minute and then we get stabs of guitars as the melody builds. More Heart-style harmonising leading to a long but not overly long guitar solo. The video is a perfect match of artful studio shots interspersed with tour footage and I love the projected lyrics and shimmery soft focus shots. A much more satisfying watch than Spending My Time. My favourite video from the album and it wasn't even a single!

    Church Of Your Heart is up next as final single. This had some live promo on TOTP and MTV Unplugged. It's a lovely mid tempo rock pop number with some folky twinges of harmonica. An obvious single choice. Small Talk and Physical Fascination flesh out the album with their own unique charms. Small Talk is reminiscent of Dressed For Success with Marie's swaggering delivery. The latter in particular sounds like a template for early Savage Garden.

    To round off the album, and it's worth waiting for, first we have Things Will Never Be The Same. If you had to listen to only one track this should be it. It starts off with a latin-tinged guitar evoking La Isla Bonita until 20 seconds in there's a clatter of drums and a hint of the epic pop bop to come. Again another case of a pop song building perfectly throughout. Per's bridge to Marie's chorus. It all works so well. The volume should be turned UP. Lovely harmonising in the last minute as that driving chorus is on repeat.

    Perfect Day was apparently a last minute addition in place of Queen Of Rain which was held over for the subsequent album. They clearly felt the latter was stronger and it duly became a single. I have to say I prefer this track. It's a lovely warm laid back ballad sung so sweetly by Marie. Killer chorus yet again. This is leagues ahead of Queen of Rain in my book. I love the way it meanders into a fade out.

    1) Your favorite track on the album

    Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)

    2) The track you would recommend to a new listener

    Things Will Never Be The Same

    3) What you consider the most underrated track on the album.

    (Do You Get) Excited?

  11. Don’t miss Tourism or you’ll never hear gems like Silver Blue or Rain!
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  12. This winning the entire rate is still a Pop Justice.
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  13. This got my 11 in the Roxette rate. Absolutely brilliant.
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  14. Our shared Roxette chart topper!
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  15. I think Have A Nice Day deserved to do so much better than it did. For me it holds up to if not exceeds the standard of Crash! Boom! Bang! On this album they were moving to a slightly more mature, broader sound with fantastic results. With the exception of Look Sharp! I'd say every Roxette album had a few tracks that weren't pulling their weight in amongst an embarrassment of riches.

    On Have A Nice Day, that honour would go to Staring At The Ground (a Church of your Heart Pt.2 - when, let's be honest, none of us needed Pt.1), and It Will Take A Long, Long Time - ordinarily a perfectly serviceable album cut, but in an album full of heavy-weight ballads, this perhaps would have been a better b-side. Everything else on Have A Nice Day is at least good if not some of the best stuff they ever did.

    It was blighted by bloody awful artwork of course and the sequencing needed some work, but I would encourage a repeat listen for anyone who's not revisited it for a while. Crush On You, Stars and 7Twenty7 are all top drawer Roxette 'bangers' and the delicious, heart-melting, strings-soaked balladry of Waiting For The Rain, Salvation, Wish I Could Fly, I Was So Lucky, Cooper and especially Beautiful Things and their best ever track Anyone are absolutely fantastic.

    That leaves the jangly pop of Pay The Price and You Can't Put Your Arms Around What's Already Gone as the more standard offerings to break up the slowies. Get rid of the hideous artwork, switch the order and swap out the aforementioned fillers for fab b-sides Better Off On Her Own and See Me and its a perfectly brilliant pop album made even better.
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  16. I love the artwork?
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  17. I think Wish I Could Fly raised my hopes for the album. Once I saw the album cover, and heard the 2nd single, I was less enthused.
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  18. Was the 2nd single that tacky poppers-o'clock almighty mix of Stars? I wasn't a fan of that I have to say, but when an album holds buried treasure like this Marie composition, with its nods to the Beatles, Beach Boys and Phil Spector's wall of sound...

    ... and this Marie/Per co-write with its gorgeous strings...

    and this stunningly arranged slice of wistful nostalgia...

    and cherry on the top, the best thing they ever did...'s worth another go for sure...
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  19. It has my favourite lyric of their whole career in it: “How did this old bed fit a world between me and you.”
  20. Yes, sadly. When we did the Roxette rate, I did revisit some of the other tracks and found them better than I'd remembered or given them credit for.
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