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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. That straight guy Beatles stanning thing I fail to understand.
  2. Update from Official Roxette:

    "Let Your Heart Dance With Me” is one of the very last songs recorded by Marie and myself, made during the Good Karma-sessions in 2016.
    We never finished it at the time since we felt we didn’t need it on the album. This summer, however, it was finally mixed and it sounds great.
    Now the time has come for it to rise and shine!
    Release Friday October 2nd.

    “To celebrate this I will do an exclusive interview + answer your questions LIVE on the ROXETTE YOUTUBE CHANNEL at 16.30 CEST this Friday October 2nd:
    We’ve also put together a beautiful music video for the song including private footage from the glorious past.
    Can’t wait to watch it together with you – our fans - who made it all possible. /P.”

    You can hear a 30 second clip of the song online as well on Warner Music Sweden’s Facebook. Sounds better than a few of the Good Karma songs.

    Also looks like the first Volume of “Bag of Trix” will be released on the 30th October.
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  3. The drum production in particular sounds clunky, and I don't like that Marie's parts are so low in the mix, but that melody is classic Roxette. The whistle part could have come straight out of one of their early 90s hits.
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  4. I really like the song, but I agree about Marie's parts. They're too low and sounds mixed together with Helena's voice.
  5. Bag of Trix track list is finally out. It’s a 4lp or 3cd set with lots of unreleased demos:

    Bag of Trix – Music From The Roxette Vaults LP Box

    Volume 1
    1 Help! (Abbey Road Sessions – Nov 15, 1995)
    2 Listen To Your Heart (Abbey Road Sessions – Nov 15, 1995)
    3 Let Your Heart Dance With Me GOOD KARMA
    4 Waiting For The Rain (Studio Vinden Demo 1997)
    5 Joyride (Brian Malouf US Single Mix 1991)
    6 Like Lovers Do (Montezuma Demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
    7 Pocketful Of Rain (Skinnarviksringen Demo – Feb 1993) ***
    8 Wish I Could Fly (Live EMP Sky Church, Seattle Oct 7, 2000) ***
    9 Happy Together (T&A Demo – Jul 1-2, 1998)
    10 Beautiful Boy (Studio Vinden Demo – Mar 2000) ***
    11 You Don’t Understand Me (T&A Demo – Jul 30, 1995) ***
    12 Hotblooded (T&A Demo – Dec 13, 1990) ***

    Volume 2
    1 The Look (Abbey Road Sessions – Nov 15, 1995)
    2 Tu no me comprendes (You Don’t Understand Me) ***
    3 Soul Deep (Tom Lord-Alge Mix)
    4 Always The Last To Know (Studio Vinden Demo 1998) ***
    5 Sleeping In My Car (The Stockholm Demo Version 1993)
    6 Watercolours In The Rain (T&A Demo – Jan 24, 1990) ***
    7 From One Heart To Another (Montezuma Demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
    8 I Remember You (T&A Demo – Mar 15, 1990) ***
    9 It Hurts (T&A Demo – Aug 3, 1995) ***
    10 Perfect Day (T&A Demo – Aug 23, 1990) ***
    11 New World (Studio Vinden Demo 1996)
    12 Lo Siento (Salvation)

    Volume 3
    1 Piece Of Cake GOOD KARMA OUTTAKE ***
    2 You Don’t Understand Me (Abbey Road Sessions – Nov 15, 1995)
    3 Dangerous (Swedish Single Version)
    4 Every Day (Studio Vinden Demo – Mar 2000) ***
    5 The Big L (T&A Demo – Mar 29, 1990) ***
    6 It Will Take A Long Long Time (Modern Rock Version)
    7 Little Girl (Studio Vinden Demo – March 2000) ***
    8 Cry (Live Norrköping Dec 16, 1988)
    9 Goodbye To You (Montezuma demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
    10 Go To Sleep (Skinnarviksringen demo – Feb 1993) ***
    11 Quisiera Volar (Wish I Could Fly)

    Volume 4
    1 The Centre Of The Heart (Is A Suburb To The Brain) (Have A Nice Day Version) ***
    2 Pearls And Passion (Montezuma Demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
    3 Things Will Never Be The Same (T&A Demo – Dec 13, 1990) ***
    4 Entering Your Heart (Long Version)
    5 Joy Of A Toy (Montezuma Demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
    6 Cooper (Closer To God)
    7 It Takes You No Time To Get Here (Long Version) ***
    8 Before You Go To Sleep (T&A demo – Oct 23, 1992) ***
    9 I Was So Lucky (The Golden Blow) ***
    10 Jag älskar (Surrender) (Montezuma Demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
    11 Som i en dröm (So Far Away) (Montezuma Demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
    12 Alguien (Anyone)
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  6. Glad to see that there will be physical releases of this and a 7" of the single.
    Hopefully working pre-order links will be up soon. Was there a release date given?
  7. I want to like this new single so badly but it's not doing much for me.
  8. It could use more Marie vocals but it's a nice tune, I like the Joyride era whistling. It does sound very early 90s classic Roxette.
  9. It's lacklustre sadly - but then that's the reason it wasn't released before I guess. It's also really distracting to my ears that the word 'heart' barely exists in the chorus leaving it sounding like she's singing 'let your dance with me.' That said, Marie's stunning voice will always be welcome and it's a nudge to revisit Roxette at their best.
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  10. I’ve seen two dates so not sure which one is official: October 30th or December 11th.

    The track list looks really good but I would of changed a few things.

    5 Joyride (Brian Malouf US Single Mix 1991)
    9 Happy Together (T&A Demo – Jul 1-2, 1998)
    3 Soul Deep (Tom Lord-Alge Mix)
    12 Lo Siento (Salvation)
    3 Dangerous (Swedish Single Version)
    6 It Will Take A Long Long Time (Modern Rock Version)
    8 Cry (Live Norrköping Dec 16, 1988)
    11 Quisiera Volar (Wish I Could Fly)
    12 Alguien (Anyone)

    Replaced with demos with Marie’s vocals from the 30th anniversary Look sharp album as they aren’t available on streaming:

    1 Dressed For Success (EMI Demo – May 26-30, 1987)
    2 Sleeping Single (EMI Demo – May 26-30, 1987)
    3 Dance Away (T&A Demo - Feb 9, 1988)
    4 Dangerous (EMI Demo - Sep 26+30, 1987)
    5 From Head To Toe (EMI Demo – May 26-30, 1987)
    6 Never Is A Long Time (EMI Demo – May 26-30, 1987)
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  11. Nice to hear Marie but it isn’t a great song.
  12. Is it Marie on the backing vocals in the verse? Because otherwise, she's just singing the lines of the chorus that don't even make up the full title, and I can't help but wonder if that's literally all she recorded and Per has built a song around it - maybe "let your" and "dance with me" come from 2 different places, as it's a bit weird that the word heart is missing (or sounds as if it is).

    He strikes me as someone who would always be upfront about how a song has come together, but you can't blame him for wanting one last new song with Marie on it, even if it's literally a couple of lines on a loop. But maybe I'm wrong and it was a completed demo.
  13. She sings “let your-heart“ very quickly but it’s there.
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  15. Im still hoping for some Joyride reissues next year for the 30th Anniversary!
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  16. Is this due to get a UK release. I have had a look but can't see anything.
  17. Per was asked on YouTube if there would be an anniversary edition of Joyride next year and he said something along the lines of that they would need to to something.

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