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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. I don't wanna see or hear 'T&A' ever again, please Per it's 2021.
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  2. Amazon hardly ever show tracklists or actual release dates. Pretty much every item I come across is shown as temporarily out of stock (so you can´t pre-order), the search has been a mess for months and they keep linking old reviews to new products. They have really been going downhill lately.
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  3. That cd1 tracklist makes more sense now in terms of making the most of the space, but I've already got the four additional mixes, none of which are that spectacular, and I'm not wanting two discs of T&A demo's, so its not for me, but is no doubt an absolute gift for anyone who does like T&A demo's.
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  4. I always wonder did Marie ever record demos of all the songs she sang? I’d prefer to hear those demos than Per’s singing demos.
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  5. What a missed opportunity this is, I have zero interest in two discs of "T&A" demos and would, like most of us, have far preferred every 7" and 12" mix. I hate when artists don't understand (or care) what their fans actually want.

    I don't have this album on CD so will be getting it and just listening to disc 1. It is a brilliant album but this anniversary reissue could have been so much more.
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  6. 2 demos will be released at midnight. Small Talk which is most likely sung by Per, and a second demo of hotblooded.
  7. My eyes truly reject "T&A Demo" at this point. I'm good with the (ugly) card-sleeve deluxe editions from years ago, even if the digital bonus tracks were annoying.
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  8. I have all the CD singles from the Joyride album so I guess I have most of what was released back in the day. Still I always like anniversary editions to compile all the main mixes and edits in one definitive place. In that regard this edition is a big disappointment.
  9. I enjoyed this demo, we need more of these where Marie is singing:
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  10. Hotblooded is a bulletproof song. To have all the killer singles (and The Big L.) and yet have this kind of quality in the album, iconic really.
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  11. The Big L is like Madonna releasing Love Makes The World Go Round for True Blue single number three. She'd be touring with Cyndi Lauper now.
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  12. It snaps but I cannot imagine choosing it over Hotblooded, Things Will Never Be the Same, Excited or even a cute girl like Small Talk.
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  13. Howling.
  14. I mean Things Will Never fucking Be the Same! It was right there. I'm guessing idiotic radio probably told them 'no we don't want another anthem' or something. Luckily greek radio rinsed the song once the Joyride album came out. If you ask any greek 90s teens they'll tell you it was a single dd.
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  15. Well I loved it.

    I’m gonna post the video to spite you all!

  16. It's not as bad as everyone makes out, the "hey now, touch the sky" Marie parts are great.
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  17. Nobody hates it though, we're just saying it had no right to be a single / that early in the campaign.
  18. Isn't it weird how 'Church Of Your Heart', a single, was never part of any LP pressing? They could have done a new 2xLP package to accommodate all 15 songs from the CD.
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  19. It was not unusual at the time, probably to entice people to buy the single and/or get people to shift to buying CDs rather than LPs. Michael Jackson did that with "Leave Me Alone" back in 1989, and I'm sure there are other examples where this happened but I can't think of them at the moment.
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  20. I think (though could be wrong!) that Leave Me Alone was the first CD/cassette-only bonus track to be a hit single.
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