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Royal Blood - Typhoons

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Daniel!, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. It's the least essential of the three songs for me so far, but the whole campaign is giving me rock-for-gays teas and I'm kinds perched?
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  2. I’ve been loving Limbo, after the past year who couldn’t relate to those lyrics? My only wish is that the vocals were louder in the mix but other than that they’re 3/3 with this campaign.

  3. Realised that no one had posted Boilermaker released last week. It’s probably the least essential track we’ve had so far.
  4. The album is out! It's a bit samey teebs, and the first two singles remain the two most memorable tracks of the whole thing, but it's a fun listen.

    This is my pick out of the new tracks

    Here's also a track-by-track

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  5. Yeah I'm into this, which I couldn't really say for their past albums as a whole. It does have a formula and doesn't really go beyond that, but injecting dancier and poppier elements into their sound was the right move. Anyone that likes this should check out Death From Above 1979 as well.
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  6. I fucking love the new album and I love that it's more explorative in style. It's also really sexy.
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  7. This isn’t my favourite album by them, I think it’s held back a little by the fact that we heard all of the best songs before release day, however I am still really enjoying it. Nothing strays too far from the Royal Blood formula (which they do extremely well) but I do appreciate them experimenting a little more, I hope that it continues to grow on me over the coming weeks.
  8. I haven’t listened to it loads yet but it feels pretty solid so far and I’m enjoying it.

    Just in case you didn’t know too, there’s a deluge digital edition with two bonus tracks Space and King

    The album also looks set to be #1 in the UK.
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  9. 'Who Needs Friends', 'Limbo' or 'Mad Visions'. Those three are my standouts other than the singles right now.

    So tempted to get tickets to see them next year.
  10. The album reminds me of another great alt rock but make it danceable album released earlier this year, though this Citizen album is a bit 00s indie throwback too. Been bopping to both anyway.

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