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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by elektroxx, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. Okay male pop star, come through! His vocals give me major Shawn Mendes vibes (I'm not complaining) and the songs got solid hooks. "As Long as You Care" is great! Lemme throw it on a few playlists
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  3. Not this Shawn Mendes soundalike returning the same week as Shawn ddd. I’ll make sure to give this a spin later today. Thanks, @elektroxx!
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  4. He's also this week's cover photo for Spotify Australia's Pop n' Fresh playlist.

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  6. He's also featured on Omar Apollo's latest single, "Want U Around."

  7. I'm really into the RuelVision marketing campaign that he's doing for Bright Lights, Red Eyes. It's just a shame that all of this promo is going to an EP instead of a full-length album.

  8. Ruel will be performing a livestream concert on November 27. He also filmed a three song set for Vogue Korea, performing "as long as you care," "courage" and "say it over."

  9. Any Australians in here? Ruel is performing on The Sound on ABC tonight at 6:00pm, alongside Kylie Minogue and Vera Blue.

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  10. Here's Ruel's performance of "as long as you care" from The Sound:

    And a live performance that he did on TikTok:

    He also debuted a yet-to-be-released song, "Articulate," at EarFest 2020 back in September.

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  11. Ruel was recently on the cover of NME Australia and here's the interview.

  12. Ruel did Song Association for Elle.

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