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RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars 4 // Season 11

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Raven is sorely missed on Photo Ruview. I feel like Raja's well and truly stopped giving a fuck and lost the plot without Raven to rein her in.

    This is still iconic ffff

  2. The winner of the 2nd Drag Race Rate has been revealed.
  3. I can't believe no one mentioned Monique saying "the choppery" in her first confessionals during the episode. I LOVE A WORD-CREATING QUEEN.
  4. So I get that we already knew these queens from their own seasons-
    But unlike the main seasons, All Stars glazes over giving any sob stories, background stories or anything for any of these queens and so that's why I feel like I don't really care who wins.
    I think people wanted Manila to win so bad because she has this storyline of being a fan favorite and wanting it for so long but never making it there. Same as Shangela.

    What storyline do these top 4 queens have?
    The show got so caught up in the drama and who would send who home, they forgot to make me care about any of them as people or artists. For me at least, I want a winner who makes me feel good. They're all good at drag but I think the winner should represent something and they haven't talked about what any of these queens represent, What drag means to them, Why they want the title, etc.
    They're probably going to talk about it all real condensed in the Ru Michelle podcast interview portion of the finale but, This is something that should've been ongoing. (Plus maybe it would've got the queens a little less hate because they would've actually shown the queens being likeable instead of just ruthless $100,000 greedy gals). Like they should've laid in a little bit more on Monique's "On my season I barely had the money to get my outfits together and now Drag Race has given me oppertunity to finally do the drag I want to do" storyline or something. And i'm sure Naomi, Trinity, Monet all have strong feelings like this but they haven't really taken any time to talk about any of them and I think that's weird...
  5. I haven’t stopped saying goop, the goopery, gooped, all weekend.
  6. I have to admit I have said gooped a couple of times in conversation...
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  7. Remember when Michelle decided to follow up bringing back Carmen in Season 3 with bringing back Kenya in Season 4.

    I am glad they stopped that, although she still has far to much of a say.
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  8. For those who didn’t take part in the rate, go and check out Queen @HollyDunnSomething ’s Drag Race winner reveal. It’s...a gag.
  9. I love your home country of Goop.
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  10. This is too true! Maybe they just watched the E! censored versions of the show.

    I hate scripted challenges but I'm at least glad they had something the audience would like compared to Westworld? Although the Desperate Housewives one would've been nice. I think this could've been a sewing episode though.
    This season was better than AS3 generally but I'm just going to be thinking of people being paranoid about eliminations rather than their actual skill.
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  11. Someone on my facebook shared some weird tweet implying that Monet and Monique should share a joint win.
    I feel like they have really become some sort of All Stars 1 style team in this season just because they're from the same season and it was both so recent that they're both sort of together dealing with the same places of growth. Would be interesting if they both won. But i'm still feeling like Trinity has the best shot based on her performance unless she bombs this last episode or they do some lame twists and turns.
  12. Finale twist - they bring back Valentina and crown her.
  13. Val already won.
  14. I really need a gif of Gia Gunn rubbing Trinity's chin and saying PRICKLLLLE. She is so iconic.
  15. I’m so tempted to look at spoilers for next week nn hell

    Edit: I meant help but hell works

  16. Hnsbiwlwnejeiwmbwywjdb


    I honestly think Monique’s Puss in Boots is one of my favourite looks EVER and suddenly she’s who I’m kind of rooting for to win?
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  17. I...

    How hard is it to go in front of a real blackboard? To wrap some real books with fake covers? To stab a real knife in a real apple?
  18. Seriously though, the actual Goop™ of them tooting everyone except Monique, when Monique's was the only real toot there (Naomi's was cute but also quite meh).
  19. "I call shade" is not a big moment worth writing a song about.

    Rugirls stop making one thing you said one time that wasn't even iconic into a catchphrase challenge, do that challenge
  20. Graphic design is not her passion.
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