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RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars 4 // Season 11

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Wherrr orrrrr the jokes?
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  2. I'm still so fucking livid that Latrice stayed so that Manilla could have the best cat runway look on INSTAGRAM, when if she had worn it on the main-stage she would have been top two. And would have killed the challenge. Meanwhile Latrice wore the Zoo Shop tshirt dress that cost $25 and didn't fit with the theme.

    Here's to hoping Trinity takes the crown as so far, she's the only one who deserves to.
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  3. All Stars 4 has definitely cemented Naomi as one of my all time faves.
  4. I'm surprised that Monet hasn't been targeted with hate the way Naomi has. It's strange that sending a girl home is controversial but planning to send the same girl home and then being denied the opportunity is just fine. I guess people really believe that All Stars girls deliberately throw lipsyncs...

    (edited to add - I don't condone sending anyone hate, to be clear, just surprised)
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  5. Ladies, I have something to say.
    I...still think brown cow, stunning is funny.
    It surely still is the ooh ah sensation, America. Monet's sponges and Trinity's silicone can't relate.
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  6. Because the percentage of dumb fans that are very vocal are also dumb.
  7. I like Trinity but to say she's the only one who deserves to win isn't really fair on the others. Naomi and Monique would both be amazing winners, and they'd have done it without Ru riding their dick all season (this won't happen but let me live my fantasy).
  8. Bit of housekeeping:

    1. I take it nothing's happening with the TV show of RuPaul's origin story?
    2. Remember when they were making a movie about drag queens on a plane called Drag Queens on a Plane?
    3. What's this talk show I hear about? (My guess is the guests will be mostly actors Ru can grill about their method/auditions/spiritual practise and how to deal with the tragic people they left behind.)
    4. Has RuPaul acknowledged the existence of a show called Pose yet?

    April Carrión.
  9. I think just looking at performance and not ~judges critiques~ or whatnot, Naomi is the far-and-away winner here and this narrative that Trinity has trampled over every remaining queen is a little unrealistic. And I think Trinity's been very smart to amplify this misconception that Naomi's been "playing it safe" rather than basically narrowly and suspiciously missing top placement week after week.

    Naomi has the "Adrenaline" lipsync, the Judy lipsync, fucking "Pose", the Prince look, Wendy Williams, the cat lady look, the best judy makeover, the cherry pie look, the girl group look and performance... that_was_a_classic.gif.

    When I think Trinity on AS4 I think that amazing curves/swerves look, Caitlyn Jenner, a lot of talking heads, maybe the tucking tutorial and plastique look. She's obviously turned it and would be a deserving-ish winner but it's not one of the show's most legendary or memorable runs by any stretch of the imagination for me.
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  10. And where is the writing credit?

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  11. It has Michael Patrick King and Warner Bros behind it, so I think it will happen.

    I think they only signed the deal in May 2018.
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    1. No info yet, but from that link you shared, I imagine there will be a show about him on Hulu (in which he won't appear), and then another with him on Netflix (where he's part of the cast). The latter has the boyfriend of Gus in it, because NEPOTISM!
    2. It's supposed to be produced by WOW, so they'll probably film it with the next Sis-mas special and drop it the next day.
    3. I haven't heard much of the talk show since news broke, but I suppose it's coming next season?
    4. Ru doesn't even own a TV.
  14. Miley is the guest in the first episode

  15. [​IMG]
  16. kii at fake T being that it was Britney Spears... and instead we get Miley Cyrus
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