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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6 / International All Stars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. I thought the same of AS3, which I just rewatched for the first time. It is near impeccable and then falls off a cliff (and hits many objects on the way through) like no other season has before or since.
  2. Imagine living in a world where Monique and Naomi were joint-AS4 winners. What could have been.
  3. Why are we talking about these when All Stars 2 is right there.
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  4. The fact we haven't had an All Stars Reunion since 2
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  5. I rewatched AS5 recently and it’s actually really good when you can binge it. Jujubee is such a star.
  6. Nah. All Stars 3 and 4 were very fun to watch (minus some questionable choices and winners) but All Stars 5 was easily on par with Season 13 as unwatchable. I hated it.
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  7. The Lip Sync Assassin twist was abhorrent
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  8. The Lip-Sync Assassin twist would've worked if all of them actually tried. It was clear Yvie, Monét and Morgan were the only ones to put any semblance of effort in. Plus they gave Kennedy a Reba McEntire song.

  9. [​IMG]

    Goddamn, OK.
  10. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    @johnny_tsunami The Big Girl is back with another iconiqué moment!

    She’s Bus Zero Baby!
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  11. Bo Rai Cho No.

    *That's one for the Mortal Kombat stans*
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  12. I say this, fully aware that Bo' Rai is one of the least popular characters; poor Bo' Rai Cho.
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  13. But wasn't he great in Mortal Kombat X? Reading Liu and Kung Lao for filth in the opening dialogue!

  14. She is, and will forever be, the moment.
  15. Wait at this thread making me visit RuPauls older albums. The boppery! Bring back the trance version of Little Bit of Love!

  16. Trinity winning the talent show with that incomprehensible and not funny act made zero sense. Not when Gia shat on everyone that week.
  17. The way Gia and Mariah served talentry, concept and cultural significance above everybody else on stage and were paid complete dust back to back.

    Burn the talent show to the ground, at this stage.
  18. The Trinity favouritism on All Stars 4 was infuriating. I remember during critiques on the Queen of Clubs episode, they kept cutting to Trinity laughing for no apparent reason. And keeping her from being bottom 2 on Jersey Justice. Why?
  19. The girlies were giving art but Tr*nity simply tucking and being rewarded for it still leaves such a bad taste in my mouth to this day.
  20. Yes if there is one instance of blatant Trinity favoritism it’s the talent show. What the fuck was that?
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