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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6 / International All Stars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Aside from Eureka, I'm lowkey excited about this cast. They have the potential to deliver an entertaining season. I just hope the challenges, the twists and the judging don't fuck it up this time.
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  2. Finally! Dare I say everyone looked amazing in that trailer!

    “Are you ready to feel the Jantasy again?”

    “The world needs a little more cha cha.”



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  3. She was a vacuous presence on Season 11 but I will say the nerve of Silky to watch her season back and then say 'I loved everything about myself' in her confessional is the sort of villain behavior All Stars desperately needs to leverage any sense of stakes these days. Her and Eureka being cast on the same season is literal nightmare fuel but I'm willing to eat my words if the former delivers. We already know the latter won't.
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  4. Ru really said take all the big girls and trans girls and put them on Paramount+.
  5. Silky and Eureka is exhausting already but I was very excited to see Trinity again (and Jiggly)

    Kylie Sonique though. I’m ready to stan
  6. Do we know if Amazon/iTunes will have season passes?
  7. Bebe Zahara Benet would like to have a word.

    Also I think most of them are happy with being winners, why would they want to come back and potentially be a loser. I think Bebe did it just because her season was so long ago. She had to remind the girls who the RAKAKATITITATA Jungle Kitty queen from Camaroooon is.
    I can't think of any of them who have fallen into irrelevancy enough to feel the need to go back. Unless it was a Winners Season, someday.

    Great. More music videos. Exactly what we wanted from her. How'd she know...
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  8. The way my wig flew while making this gif.

  9. I had a few moments of almost stanning Silky during S11. Just because her unshakable self-confidence (in the face of copious evidence to the contrary) was genuinely kind of inspiring.
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  10. This is a very lovely video from both of them.
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  11. Trinity’s MTQ interview was such a pleasure to watch. She is radiating class and maturity - proper All Star material.

    And Ra’Jah? What a joy. It’s so great to see her in what seems to be a much better place, despite pretty hellish treatment from the fanbase for years. I can’t wait to see her enjoy herself this time around, and have fun with it.
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  12. If Pandora performs Oops I Think I Pooped...
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  13. I think I'm ironically stanning Eureka.
  14. Kylie Sonique Love and Jiggly's interviews had me welling up. They've both come such a long way and are absolutely radiant.
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  15. I... don’t know if I can handle another season of Eureka.
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  16. Also, is it me or is the lighting in confessionals since at least All-Stars 4 kinda strange and semi-unflattering? I'm no lighting expert but something about it looks more...gray and muted compared to the earlier seasons. Drag Race Australia seems to be lit that way for everything, too. It just feels off
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  17. What if she gets dragged and collected by the other girls on the regular?
    I feel like this cast won't give her an inch nn
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  18. Oh my god

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  19. You really have had some takes this year huh?
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