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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6 / International All Stars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. I am here for Silky. Her combination of being so earnest and delusional is what makes it so compelling.

    Eureka and Jan aside, what a cast! My Queen TKB finally getting her moment.
  2. Why does everyone hate Eureka?

    I get that she’s a bit overbearing and loud but aside from that, have I missed something she’s done to offend?
  3. I can't speak for everyone here but she rubbed me the wrong way when she admitted to antagonising The Vixen but the conversation shifted to how The Vixen reacted rather than addressing what Eureka did deliberately. It made viewing the season back very uncomfortable when you realise that Eureka is doing what she did on purpose.

    That said, i went to Werk the World tour once and she (along with Asia O'Hara and Detox) stole the show for me. She can definitely perform.
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  4. It's happening: Drag Race Italia is going to be the next international edition of the show!

    It starts filming in September but I'm already sensing the drama, chaos, confusion and madness. RuPaul is going to guest-judge the first episode, so it looks like they secured a budget. The positive/negative potential this has!

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  5. None of the queens scream All Star to me. Can you imagine any of them standing deservedly next to Shea or Alaska? I don’t see it really...
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  6. This will be a mess, but ready to stan Jiggly, Yara, A'Keria and RaJjah!!!
  7. 2014

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    Considering they've gone for someone like Serena and 3 timers like Eureka and Ginger, Dida totally deserved a spot. It would have been really cute to see her and Jiggly reunited.
  8. Tell me why Scarlet didn't open with "All Stars wants me and the feeling's mutual" instead of... whatever she said.
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  9. I’m here for Scarlet, Trinity, A’Keria and Jan.

    The whole cast has the shaping to be a good season, it just depends how production spin it. None of the queens featured SCREAM winner / show stealer. It seems like a very balanced, fair and eclectic mix which is what All Stars should be!
  10. I mean Trinity and Monet are All Star winners now, so the brand has already been diluted.
  11. I'm guessing slash hoping they're saving Dida for AS7, along with Asia, Plastique, maybe Crystal Method and Gigi and, dreadfully, Kameron Michaels.
  12. I was skeptical about the cast but now that I'm watching Meet The Queens I couldn't be more excited. It's such an ecletic bunch.

    I genuinely did scream when Eureka's talking head came up. I (somehow) forgot how loud and annoying she is.
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  13. I think that's actually the best part about this cast. There is no obvious winner that people will be distraught about losing, so it makes the playing field a lot more even. Queens won't be as scared to send each other home, and we will actually get to see how much they've grown since their seasons, rather than just celebrating someone who was already at the top just making it to the finish line.

  14. She has a point though
  15. Laganja has been invited back every season since All Stars 2, I believe. She just doesn't think it'd be good for her mentally, so she refuses.
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  16. Also watching all the Meet The Queens.... How does everyone think their season was 8 years ago? Something isn't adding up.

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  17. Take this with a big pinch of salt, but I believe I saw somewhere that she had been in substantial discussions to take part on AS6, but that it wasn't quite the right time yet.

    It is heavily rumoured though that she is an LSA this season, so potentially that's a nice way to test the waters for her before she commits to competing again. Adore very nearly made it on AS6, so I imagine they might be looking at an opportunity to bring them back on the same season together.
  18. As someone who never checks in with any spoilers this cast reveal was a gag! And shaping up to be messy as hell!

    Here for Trinity, Scarlett and Jiggly.

    Pandora, Serena and Jan though? No ma'am.
  19. Not Silky pulling a fucking
    glass of milk
    out of her bra during her entrance. No matter what you think of her that's a gag.

    Also what the hell is Ginger wearing.
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  20. Jiggly is just so radiant in every aspect, I'm so happy for her.
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