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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6 / International All Stars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. I mean some people, such as SP from Season 12 deserve it.
  2. Ah but this RuPaul's Redemption Race, full of queens with reputations to rescue. Dida's wigs have a worse reputation than she does, because she did well on Season 4. But I agree, she should be on All Stars. Her public upset might count against her with WoW though.
  3. Nn Pandora is corny or whatever but she’s harmless. And I find Eureka grating as hell but I’m interested to see what happens when she’s in a season with Silky (and Ra’Jah, I’m expecting some iconic reads)

    More than anything I have a mighty desire to see who Kylie Sonique Love is doing for Snatch Game this time. Will we get our first Madonna? Will she try to right the Gaga ship? Will she go completely left field with it? I’m perched
  4. I'll definitely be watching but agree that I'm just not so excited by it anymore. Drag Race is now a huge tv show and I miss the amateur, budget nature of the previous seasons that saw surprises come through.
  5. This might be fair if her three attempts were all years apart (even then, personally I wouldn’t be mad) but the fact she had literal months between her appearances before, it’s not really enough to see any kind of growth - mentally, financially, etc. We know she felt pressured to do it. I do think something different can click this time potentially now she has a fire to be back.
  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    my heart yo.
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  7. On the RuDemption point - I think most of them fit the bill.

    You’ve got Scarlett, Sonique, Jan, Jiggly who just flat out didn’t perform too well/as well as expected (in terms of their finishing positions, at least)

    Then you’ve got Trinity, Silky and Eureka who got far/ really far but need some kind of redemption in terms of how the audience view them

    Then Ginger, Pandora, Serena, Ra’Jah all have both to contend with - not doing well (on their last appearance) and being accused of having problems with their attitude.

    what I’m struggling with is how Yara and Akeria fit the bill here.
  8. With Yara I'd say it's the racism towards contestants who identify as Latinx. Previous comments about Latinx contestants not speaking English well, even though they are fluent but have an accent.
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  9. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Go on.
  10. Nina Flowers and the judges talking about her ability to speak English. She is a fluent speaker but it seems that if you have a Spanish influence to your English then that is not valid.

    And then there was another high-profile queen who said on the main stage that a Latinx queen should be eliminated because they "could not understand" them.

  11. It's funny how quickly we forget the times you have to look beneath the superficial exterior of a frog to find the true soul that resides within. Almost as funny as those quotation marks around the word ugly

  12. That was Latrice indeed.

  13. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I mean, that stuff is in the past? I feel especially with the expansion toward re-casting trans contestants that a lot of the show's previous outdated social politics are not at bay. I don't think that user's comments were framed that way.
  14. Will Ginger's new found sense of "fashion" mean an explanation like this everytime?...if so, keep it. She's reaching your honour.
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  15. Possibly because A'Keria was the secret antagonist behind every attack on Plastique during their season? She blatantly gaslit Ra'Jah into going off at Plastique during Untucked. It all came out during The Reunion. Maybe? I don't recall the reaction from fans at the time.

    Yara, I have no idea. She's top tier for me.
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  16. Pretty much the entire cast this year is made up of "Fine/Good on their normal season but not winner material" and they're all promising that they are ready. And they LOOK so evolved from who they were on their season... So i'm really looking forward to it. I think many of them are about to surprise us for the better, and that's what makes All Stars fun. No one is really the clear casted winner like in some past seasons where the winner is kind of obvious. And that makes it fun, and it's a nice change from this most recent season where Symone was the clear winner pretty much from the first couple weeks.

    I feel like MOST All Stars seasons exist to give a robbed queen their win, or to crown one of Ru's favorites that wasn't the winner in the original season. Chad, to make up for not being to crown her over Sharon. Alska for not being able to crown her over Jinkx but also being one of Ru's (and WoW's) favorites. Trixie, who lowkey isn't great at Drag Race but has such a big fanbase and is also someone RuPaul seems to like,
    Trinity and Monet are a bit of a blip in that honestly. And then there's Shea who was another one that deserved it but lost at the finish line.

    SO ALL of that being said, I feel like Ginger has the best shot. World of Wonder really likes her and she's pretty good at Drag Race. And she's not totally despised by all the fans, or messy in a bunch of drama. There's just something about her that feels like winner quality.
    But I think MULTIPLE queens are going to come out of this season looking really good.
    Unless WoW decides to Latrice some of them into being hated.
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  17. Jiggly looks so bloody good.
    After the promo I'm very excited about whatever mess all these queens will bring to my tv
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  18. Ginger has made me cry from her performing live before so I will always be a fan but she could have not been here. Otherwise I am happy to see her again.

    I am tentative about this because I am somewhat fatigued but I have had a turn around of Ra'Jah and I'm very excited for Sonique so, lets get this roast a-cookin'.
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  19. Sam


    These 2 can really do no wrong for me atm
  20. BTG


    The way “Ooh girl. You’ve got female” hasn’t left my mind since she uttered it. Kylie Iconique Love.

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