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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6 / International All Stars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. l m a o They really have talked shit about wanting a video version of the podcast multiple times and yet here they are, with other another way for ad revenue.

    I appreciate that I apparently can only stan seethingly capitalist hookers.
  2. We’re not talking far back though. Alexis Mateo is far more eloquent when talking about it.
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  3. The way I can literally taste this gif

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  4. For Yara, her redemption angle could maybe be her breaking down in the lipsync that cost her a place in the top 3 on season 3? But then she's had an All Stars season since then so I'm not sure it's a particularly compelling angle a second time around.
  5. Honestly I’m just elated to have more Yara in front of my gay eyeballs. She is drag excellence and super likeable on top of that
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  6. Is the storyline for Yara and Pandora not redemption from that botched All Stars 1 format
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  8. RJF


    Yara is one of the most interesting queens the show has ever had. The taste level, her approach to her fashion, the talent. Season 3's Top 5 really was quite earth shaking.
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  9. Fully agree with this.
  10. Ginger is firmly in my bottom 5 from that cast ffff
  11. A'keria was my Season 11 winner and I feel that despite making it to the finale she was paid the most dust of the finalists (hell, out of the top 6 even) so I'm SO happy to see her back. She has a regal energy that would sit well in the winners circle. CROWN IT!
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  12. Holy damn.
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  14. I think it's an interesting cast and I don't see an immediate winner.

    The way I always look at it is that episode of season 8 where they do the winners photoshoot and I try and imagine who I see joining that photo. Of the AS6 cast, the only one I could really see fitting is Yara currently. But then that could of course all change as the show progresses. I just wish they'd stop overly producing the show and just let the queens shine.
  15. The queen of pop music?? You mean...

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  16. Serena Cha Cha’s boy hair looks like it wants to become one of Eureka’s loafs when it grows up.
  17. The way she can't lip sync to her own song... my kind of winner!
  18. I hope Serena performs this at the talent

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  19. Dd I've provided an essay or two about Drag Race on here, but I honestly feel like this semi-redemption angle was something of a retroactive fit based on the cast they ended up piecing together (side note: I do actually now like this cast a lot), hence why it's tenuous at best.

    They put out a pretty wide set of calls every season, and you can bet that they probably pushing for high-wattage names after the lacklustre response to AS5 - most of whom reportedly declined, likely due to uncertainties around the COVID landscape, and being able to capitalise on their AS showing. I'd be shocked if next season didn't include a substantial number of 'bigger' names.

    You could fairly easily construct a redemption storyline for the majority of contestants who didn't win the first time around, bar a few of the finalists.
  20. You are potentially (probably!) right.. but if they were going to lean into it in any season then it’s wise to do it when the cast includes Serena, Ra’Jah, Sonique, than the one that included Shea, Cracker, Juju. So I hope they fully lean in even though one or two are tenuous.

    I agree that next season we will see many more hard hitters assuming the pandemic restrictions are no more / lessened.
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