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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6 / International All Stars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. A Björk guest judging could absolutely happen, given she's a massive fan of the show, and I'd love to see it.
    I'd love something a bit more challenging from her discography, but the song would most likely be one of her more mainstream numbers like 'Violently Happy' or 'Big Time Sensuality'; Which wouldn't be a bad thing at all, but I don't think the show would make the most out of her presence.
    The chaos that a 'Mutual Core' lip-synch would bring though ddd
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  2. From the trailer, some people are speculating it might be a re-do of her entrance look, which feels a bit arbitrary, but hey. When they did it on AS3, for the queens with stronger looks, I believe it they just paired it with ‘the look they were eliminated in’, which for TKB’s case (off the top of my head, I could be wrong) was her amazing Animal Kingdom look - a ‘glow up’ on that would be astonishing.

    They could consider doing it for looks on challenges where they performed poorly in? It’s a tricky one.
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  3. It was, and I legitimately don't know that a glow up of that look is even possible.
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  4. What I imagine we're getting/what we've seen from the trailer for the rudemption looks

    A'Keria: Caftan Realness
    Eureka: Faux Fur
    Ginger: I'm guessing we'll get her Future of Drag look from AS2
    Jan: Entrance look
    Jiggly: Baked potato apocalypse look
    Kylie: Country Realness, maybe?
    Pandora: Opposites Attract
    Scarlet: Entrance look
    Serena: Trash Couture
    Silky: Monster I'd Like to Freak
    Trinity: Black & White (?)
    Yara: Favourite Body Part (?)
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  5. RJF


    "The Beginning" is maybe RuPaul's best song. And honestly, the trailer for All Stars 6 being the instrumental with drag queens prancing and saying fierce things over it is 10/10 television.
  6. Really a shame about Lucian Piane's mental health issues, because I feel like he and Ru were really working well together. Her music has been even more hit or miss since then.
  7. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    'Sissy That Walk' for some reason gets the attention that 'The Beginning' has always deserved.
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  8. I do think A Little Bit of Love is a great song for the runway though.
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  9. But...

    The Realness is RuPaul's best album.
  10. Snap! shot!

    That's the post.
  11. Yes! I was so pleased when UK2 started and this was still the runway song
  12. It's so great, but nothing will ever compare to that remix of Sexy Drag Queen

    Getting rid of it for SUPER QUEEN of all songs...a choice.

  13. Scream is Jan on here


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  14. Preach, Miss Ra’Jah!

    and looool at them all just talking generically but Jan is listening her specific critiques and punching back, no baby no
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  15. Jan coming for the haters by being really openly pressed about the criticism

  16. Holy shit, I felt like Jan was quote replying to my posts. Now that I know she's well aware that everyone thinks she's screaming, she's either trolling us all with those music videos (I doubt it) or she's completely fucking delusional (yes mama).
  17. RJF


    I realise this was weeks ago but if it's any consolation, it's not a case of me thinking the queens that are coming on the show these days are worse and only the early girls are worth a damn. In fact, my beef with the show these days has almost nothing to do with its casting, rather its shambolic story producing where they can no longer produce satisfying arcs that make sense. They don't want to go all in with anybody in case they gauge the fanbase wrong... but they also want to pick favourites from the start of the season regardless of how anyone performs. It's a deadly combination that results in eliminations being frustrating, challenges being butchered in the editing room or just plain bad, and nonsensical judging.

    You also have the additional element of everyone being so self-aware these days too, with unguarded moments being really rare or behaviour that isn't entirely perfect being punished by the stupidly precious fanbase. And I get it; the whole point of going on Drag Race these days is to endear yourself to its audience and make bank, with queens who do the opposite risking their passion and livelihood in the process. So I get why the dolls play it safe.

    You combine all the above and... it just doesn't really make satisfying television anymore. Season 9, All Stars 3 and Season 10 all had promising starts before going so weirdly fucking wonky and draining that it ultimately wasn't fun to watch anymore. And I genuinely don't really miss it. I'm sure I'm missing out on talented and amazing queens, but I'm tired of the machine they get put through. I do love what I've seen of Bimini/Lawrence/Tayce/Jaida/Crystal/Symone/Gottmik, but even in the depths of lockdown, I wasn't tempted to watch. I tried jumping back in with All Stars 5 and lost interest halfway through, so. I think my time is done.
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  18. Just to be clear, I don't disagree with any of this nn I just though it's funny how you pop up for the content related to the queens you already know. But yeah you hit the nail on the head on why it's not satisfying anymore even though the characters are there.
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  19. Just to say, UK Season 2 (as I'm reading this as you haven't watched it) is an absolute joy and one of the shows best. Sizing cast, great chemistry, doesn't feel as scripted as more recent seasons and all felt very fresh.
  20. I’m currently rewatching S5 and (other than needing someone to go home first) it’s so bizarre to me that Serena ChaCha somehow cemented a spot on an AllStars series. The plethora of queens that deserve a rudemption on the show is so long and we get...that.
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