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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6 / International All Stars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. This week's episode is absolute chaos and I love it.

    Also, the first episode of the gals' Pageant Pod limited series dropped on Monday and it's great. Looking forward to the rest!
  2. Me too, Asia O'Hara mentioned a pageant performance by a queen but I could not discern what her name was? Anyone know who she mentioned?

    I am also going to finally rent the Miss Continental Documentary on Vimeo to watch it before they talk about it. Wanted to see that one for a very long time.
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  3. This video of Shea and Bambi entertains me more than it has any business doing.
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  4. Race Chaser was excellence this week. It's great every week they do Classique but this was just hilar.
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  5. Jan stealing Jimbo's denim look...
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  6. You know what I haven't missed in the slightest? Carson and Ross. One of the best things about the various international versions is their absence.
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  7. Willam ruthlessly murdering Courtney every week is my personal Race Chaser highlight.
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  8. They are no longer friends?
  9. No, they’re just being shady because they’re friends nn
  10. I feel bad for her, it’s likely that the same will happen to Ra’Jah. Ugh. I get that they had behaviours which could be seen as annoying etc but the backlash has always been completely disproportional. Ra’Jah being the least followed queen from her season (and one of the least followed of the whole franchise) is unacceptable when she’s amongst the most talented ones.

    Hoping they manage to change some people’s opinions.

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  11. I fear that AS6 just won't be shown in the UK, a la seasons before 5. Which is stupid.
  12. Apparently it's gonna be on that bloddy wow presents plus app.
  13. You'd think Netflix UK would pump up the cash with it being one of it's LGBTQ topliners.
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  14. It may be Paramount being cagey with distribution/rights/whatever given it's their new baby (for now). Or WoW maybe want more UK subscribers to WoWPresents+... but they could do with announcing where it'll be streamable regardless.
  15. Where are you guys hearing these rumors?

    "All Stars season six will be the next instalment of the RuPaul's Drag Race spin-off, and it will air on Netflix in the UK and Paramount Plus in the US. The series invites back some of the previous queens from the original series for another chance to win the crown. Fans are wondering when RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars season six is out and has everything you need to know."
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  16. RJF


    NPBFAG is an icon.
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  17. Uno


    Why do I prefer her look from 1995 over her current one.
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  18. WOWPresents+, in the UK at least, is not it. It costs less than £4 a month but aside from Drag Race Espana now and Untucked, All Stars 1-3, Holland and Thailand Season 1 from the vault you probably get less than you would with a Netflix account and iPlayer.

    None of the iPlayer seasons (UK 1 and 2, Canada, Down Under*) are there and Season 11, 12 and 13* aren't on there either. Obviously iPlayer and Netflix respectively have exclusivity rights but it's wild to me that includes WOW's own platform here.

    *Maybe they made some points.
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