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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6 / International All Stars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Wow Presents Plus it is.

    The app is a bit naff really.
  2. This is going to be The Lost Season Part 2. How do you even watch this app if you want to see Drag Race on an actual television screen?
  3. Isn't WOW+ available on smart TV and connected devices?
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  4. I Chromecast from my phone to my smart TV. But there isn't an actual TV app as far as I am aware.

    And the app is inconsistent. Some things don't show up under the right headings. And if you finish an episode. It often decides when you go to the next one on another day, you still had 20 odd minutes of the last episode.

    Or when I was rewatching Holland with my Boyfriend who hadn't seen it. It would jump to almost the end of the episode so many times.
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  5. Are those of us in the UK able to watch Allstars 1-3 on WOW Plus?
  6. I think all 5 seasons of All Stars are on there for the UK.
  7. Illegally streaming it is then.

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  8. WOWPresents+ has an app available on my Firestick so I'd imagine it's available on most devices, you'd probably just need to search for it.

    In the UK it has US 1-10 + All Stars 1-5, Untucked 2-11 + AS1 + AS5, Holland 1, Thailand 1, España. There's also a bunch of stuff they otherwise throw on YouTube (UNHhhh, Fashion Photo Review etc.)
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. I will NOT be PAYING for the privilege of watching Salty and Eurethra. I simply won't!
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  11. Back to watching a shaky live stream of some random twink's 22 inch tv screen it is

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  12. Can't wait to watch All Stars 6 in 240p on DailyMotion.
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  13. I don't know everyone, I've been using WOWPresents+ with Chromecast for more than a year now (as no RPDR has ever been available "live" in Germany) and it's been a perfectly pleasant experience.
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  14. [​IMG]
    I know she’s got me covered
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  15. Will be available doesn't mean it will be exclusive.
  16. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    I can't imagine it's going to be anywhere else, otherwise that's what the announcement would have been.
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  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Teri Hatcher <3
  18. Nn WOW Presents+ isn’t that bad. The website is a bit clunky but it works!
  19. Thinking about how I spent £12 of my hard earned money to watch Drag Race Holland

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  20. Drag Race Holland was fun. And way more enjoyable than Down Under.
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