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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6 / International All Stars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. It appears to be a Top 4, and is speculated to potentially cut down to a 3 being in contention for the crown - like what happened on AS2, and eliminating Roxxxy early.

    I feel like Courtney had a personality, no? Whilst they were definitely reaching a bit with her edit to paint her as something of a villain, she was pretty funny/witty at times, and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. She had bite.

    What they failed to provide Courtney with, however, was any sense of a typically ‘satisfying’ reality TV arc. Bianca rightfully earned the win through being essentially faultless, and also had her ‘hardened queen that softens up’ narrative. Adore was depicted as messy but endearing, who (dubiously) polished herself up a bit and really fought her way to the end.

    Courtney was given nothing - she was barely even in some of the episodes, and couldn’t even get a bit of storyline from having a bottom two -> win rebound moment. I’m still surprised to this day that they didn’t puppeteer a Courtney vs. Joslyn bottom two, and if they were feeling kind, they could’ve given them a reconciliation moment prior to the lipsync.

    Up until S13, I believe S6 was the only season to have more than one finalist never fall into the bottom 2, and I feel like that actually stung Courtney a bit (it would’ve actually happened with S12, but then S****y P*e was disqualified).
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  2. the girl group conversation alksdjf;akjfls HELP

    "Steps? Little Mix?"

    "that's the bagdelegday girl"

    "I thought that was Camila Cabello"

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  3. The way you could hear the screams emanating from Comeback Corner when Trixie had no idea who Steps are.
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  4. I believe in Trinity and Kylie supremacy, yes I do!

    I like Pandora but I feel like we should have got a double elimination this week dddd. I am not hating Eureka as much this season and once again Ginger's looks getting read, the taste level isn't there. Most of these queens get more polished as they go on and a little cash flows in after appearing on the show but yet Ginger has just gotten worse when it comes to her drag.
  5. Bianca’s drag act hasn’t aged well in my opinion. Her coming out as the joke “lip sync assassin” has to be the un-funniest comedy bit I’ve seen this year.
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  6. Courtney has one of the best podcasts and her evolution post Drag Race is something I am sure has RuPaul and Michelle gritting their teeth. Courtney played a significant role in helping to drag Ru and WOW (reluctantly) out of their transphobia.

    I can’t wait for Courtney’s biography.
  7. Having seen Courtney a few times and her stint and win on Big Brother, she could have easily won Drag Race if she’d been portrayed in that way.
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  8. Love this journey for TKB

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  9. It's still all about Rajah for me. The narrator of All Stars 6. The trousers queen.
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  10. Also, Jan's inclusion in this season made brilliant TV.

    Ru's psychopathic ass unravelling her entire psyche very slowly, like tugging a loose string on a sweater, was hilarious.

    The inconsistent critiques they gave her each episode just to watch her spiral even further rdfhfhdxh
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  11. Woke up and first thing I saw while drinking my morning coffee was Jan's elimination.
    Today is gonna be a good day.
  12. This was THEE line of the episode
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  13. The way Ru looked literally dead AND green-screened in as Kylie was gorgeously and tearfully telling her about how Ru signed her book. Might as well have been a jpeg of Ru inserted in.
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  14. The way she should've won the two other challenges she was high for as well...
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  15. Shangela’s All Stars season

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  16. As much as Eureka is leaning on the couch dishing out lines for me to feed on, her fashion this season has been so bad. Her beach ball looked like a nappy fffff
  17. To be frank I'd rather watch Jan being dog-walked than Pandora hobbling through another episode like an old dog waiting to be put down.

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  18. The bedazzled parrot crashing into her head

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  19. The pure cruely that this show puts Jan through... hilarious, of course they wanted to play the tie like that, which made great television.
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  20. Great episode. RAJAH and TKB are just GELOWING.

    Mark my words, Pandy’s verse will be stanned like Roxxy’s by the gheys.

    I can’t stop playing Show Up Queen. Freddy and Leland did that.

    The producers really trying to break Jan. They hate her more than William + Tyra combined. AKKSKFF
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