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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6 / International All Stars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. I know she's a divisive queen, but Thorgy is really funny on Purse First Impressions this season; the bloody mary story had me rolling.
  2. ...okay? All I was saying was that, during the competition, she barely put a foot wrong. That has no relation to how I feel about her generally as a Drag Queen/person/her post-show endeavours.
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  3. I can't believe all Pandora could muster up is that if she could do it over again, she would *GASP* talk more about LOVING HERSELF. This is a novel concept.
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  4. "The world wants to see more of me."


    "I want to see more of me."


    Honestly, bye Jan.
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  5. Despite not competiting this season, Alexis would have been ecstatic if her lip sync win had resulted in two queens being sent home.
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  6. My sleep paralysis demon:

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  7. I've never been on the Jan hate train but her final confessional made me really uncomfortable and pissed away any good will I had for her. Felt deliberately engineered to encourage her rabid delusional stans.
  8. Some thoughts.

    I actually liked Ginger's verse the best, since it sounded the most unique out of the bunch, but I'm definitely not against the TKB win. Ra'jah was shining as well and it could've been easily her win if her look was a little more exciting compared to TKB's. I also love her redemption ark so much, because I was left with a bitter taste after her season, but she showed so much growth, it's freaking inspiring! Makes me want to be a better person myself.

    Am I the only one who was a bit irritated by half of Untucked being used to brown nose Ru? I understand that she means a lot to these queens, still I was left feeling iffy, especially when Kylie dotes so much on her when we know how Ru felt about trans women not so long ago.

    As much as I adored Pandora in S2 and find her outing serviceable this time, it's her time to go next episode.

    Also, why not have Charli XCX as a judge for a songwriting challenge? Guess the scheduling was in the way once again.

    TKB, Ra'jah and Kylie for Top3.
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  9. It's cruel to keep Pandora in this competition. Put her out of her misery!
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  10. They couldn’t have chosen a better queen than Alexis Mateo to pull that lipstick stunt reveal:


    You can see how much she LOVED being part of the drama - she milked every second.
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  11. What is Jan wins the game within a game?

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  12. Jan's laugh at the end was pure nightmare fuel.
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  13. TKBs humble expression followed by silence followed by “I can go buy me a used car” in THAT voice after she was declared winner. I screamed, what a gag worthy elimination.

    Nothing but the BEST used cars for MY winner!
  14. Jan stood on the runway waiting for her critique having chosen to sort of stay in character, clearly thinking she killed the challenge, only for the character to crack and peel away, piece by piece as each judge took their turn chiselling away at her. I choked when Ru told Jan she had no soul. Fatality!

    I honestly found Jan harmless. Neither here nor there and my choice to go but really harmless. Ru hates her, doesn’t she?
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  15. Imagining Mariah reacting to "Do you wanna play?"
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  16. Actual footage of Mariah Successful's reaction:

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  17. Jan really was oblivious to the weeks of critiques on her being genuine. I bet she is going to release "bring the funk" merchandise soon.
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  18. I'm not a huge Manila fan but I still love her vamping up absolutely every single millisecond of camera time that she could last week.
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  19. Kylie was feeling herself this episode, what a treat!
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  20. They really need to get Mariah Carey to be a future season opening guest judge. It's the only way they can course correct after that appalling S11 challenge and constantly referencing her music. Start the season with a performance challenge and have her be the supervisor of the vocal session.
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