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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. I haven't watched the episode, but it gives me hope that girls are getting eliminated in the first episode even with the split cast. Thank you LORD!
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  2. Honestly seems like a great (half) cast. Willow and Kornbread are a breath of fresh. June is serving FACE and I look forward to seeing more of Kerry.
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  3. The talent show now being a non-All Stars thing now is such a horrible decision.
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  4. How about neither?

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  5. I was watching Season 8 and then this. The whiplash I got at how much weight Ross lost! A transformation.

    The premiere was okay. I love Willow & Kornbread.
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  6. I’ve watched Willow’s performance three times now and…

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  7. If Rupaul says "not a big pill, a willow pill" one more time, I might just stab someone.
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  8. I’m somewhere in the middle, it didn’t gag or astound me but there are enough entertaining queens and were enough accomplished performances to get the hook in.

    Kornbread falls into both those categories. Song was a bop, flow was amazing, facial expressions on point, and her workroom/confessionals patter was top notch. A star.

    i really thought Willow screamed the easiest first out of all time, the way she turned that around!! A performance for the ages. Love her. Genuinely looks like she could be both 14 and 41, as Mama Ru says - ‘you’re fucking fascinating’

    June I think was a bit harsh to be b2 as the act and the runway were both great, just the details let her down. But great energy and good entertainment value.

    Kerry - stunning. Performance just okay but absolutely safe.

    Bosco I don’t think was as incredible as they said but does have something.

    I would have gone with Alyssa and Orion in the bottom. Alyssa definitely has more to give and is beautiful but a) agree I thought she was actually gonna okay guitar and b) I found her a bit humourless. But yeah definitely the correct first out for me.

    solid but not outstanding premiere. Lizzo was fun.
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  9. Kerri looking like she fell straight off the set of Models Inc. Dead.
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  10. Willow and Kornbread "The Snack" Jete were it.

    I really like Bosco, but I'll say this about her entrance look.
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  11. I...can't find this anywhere?
  12. Wow presents plus
  13. Really enjoyed this first episode. Willow’s performance was a top tier scream moment. What a oddball, I hope we get to see a lot from her. Kornbread is a hoot, she just has that star quality. Hopefully June redeems herself, that face of hers is gorgeous. Bosco and Kerri also seem like really strong competitors too, interested to see more from them!
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  14. What a difference it makes when Ru feels alive and... sentient. I can even forgive running the willow pill puns to the ground just for how fun she was during this episode.
  15. Ru saying Willow’s name like that is reminding me of how he pronounced Ivy Winters’ name.

    It haunted me for YEARS….
  16. Not LaToya not having the first idea what he was going about when he explained it too dd
  17. Willow...her mind.
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  18. I'm already tired of Alyssa's ego.
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  19. Alyssa coming out lipsynching to Halestorm and not even choosing one of their good songs...
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  20. Was this episode top tier? No. But it was very enjoyable and the girls themselves we’re fun and charismatic for the most part. Kornbread and Willow were giving me everything. My least favourite was Alyssa, her ego is king size yet her delivery is crumbs.

    My particular favourite part was Lizzo and Rupaul correcting Michelle when she came for Kornbread’s annunciation.
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