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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. I think there were doubts that Trinity was serious about saying it was her since she was in her trollish block everyone phase at the time but yeah it's not definitive either way.
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  2. I was worried they would do willow wrong like they have so many times with absurdist queen's, but I'm here for Ru stanning her.
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  3. It was doing my head in what beat Kornbread used for her track and then I remembered it's the same as Tyra Sanchez's Vogue track.
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  4. I've watched Kornbread's and Willow's talent shows again (twice) this morning. They're two of my favourite moments on Drag Race in years. Kornbread can perform.

    Her and Symone both made me scream with the face acting. But Kornbread is more expressive. So fucking talented.
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  5. I’m intrigued how much of a hit the viewership will have taken in the UK now it’s exclusive to WOW Presents. Will it be down by a third? 50%? even more?
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  6. Easily more than 50% I'd say. I subscribed, because I appear to have a new addiction to streaming services, but I can see the vast majority of people not bothering, and just going to something unofficial. And it was out there within hours, so it's not difficult to find for people that are that way inclined anyway.
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  7. I think Willow is just an absolute genius. Her arc from opening look, to performance, runway look. Wow.
  8. I have not stopped thinking about Willow’s entrance look and talent show performance. Such a breath of fresh air. Kornbread was amazing too and my highlight of the episode was Lizzo and Ru immediately shutting down Michelle’s weird critique (microaggression?).
  9. More like 90%+. I'm seeing zero word of mouth for the new season, even compared to Canada S2 (which went on iPlayer).
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  10. Which is a real shame as there's some amazing queens on it already. After the absolute hell hole that was season 13, it'd be a pity if this crop didn't get the attention it deserved.
  11. RJF


    I normally see Drag Race blow up on my social media the moment it airs and I've seen nothing about the new season. I'm not really sure why they continuously move the show around. How many homes has All Stars had in recent years?
  12. Netflix was responsible for the show's global blow up so naturally they'd throw it all away
  13. Honestly even in the US I feel like I barely saw anyone talking about the new episode. I didn't even realize it was happening until I saw 1 person on Twitter live tweeting it. I wonder if the last season being a 45 episode nightmare was the breaking point.
  14. Yep, it's total insanity to move it. Why would anyone move away from Netflix nowadays? Unless it was the opposite and Netflix didn't want to buy it anymore. But neither makes much sense to me. When it's on, the main seasons are social media dynamite. The promo opportunities are endless.
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  15. If anything, Willow's talent show performance blew up on Twitter, as i t should.
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  16. Is it just the UK that is WOW+ exclusive or is every country outside of the USA the same?

    I think its an silly move, just to make a bit of extra coin via subscription, which wont be worth it. I don’t know how much Netflix pay for the rights but I have a feeling the increase in WOW+ subscription wont meet it because a lot of viewers will go back to illegally watching it rather than paying.

    The amount of people who will just drop the show all together because they can’t casually access it or are told they have to pay more to view it. As Rupaul seems intent on creating a ton of variations of the show, you’d think he’d want a solid and loyal viewership to maintain them all.
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  17. Paramount+ is launching in European countries soon I think? I'm certain them dropping Drag Race from Netflix for this season was just in preparation of it going to Paramount+ next season.
    They did the same thing with Star Trek Discovery. Like two weeks before the season started, they announced it would not be on Netflix as it has been, and would instead be... no where, until Paramount+ launches sometime early 2022. Everyone got mad. They put it up on PlutoTV and some other things until Paramount+ launches.

    So, I think the WoW+ is just a temporary home until Paramount+ and that it was either that or nothing.
  18. Paramount+? I wish them... an ounce of luck.
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  19. I was like "Oh damn we're talking about trauma already and it's only episode 1? RuPaul is going to be eating this up"
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