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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Daya being the only one to utilise the seamstress to get a decent look... Insane. And yes, she deserved the win this week. No idea how Sir Scamden has fooled everyone into loving her, but I won't fall for it!

    Team Willow & Angeria teebs.
  2. Angie really lost that lip sync. It was not good.
  3. I love Camden and have no shame to admit it. Also her look on the runway was the best of the night and also the most beautiful she looked throughout the competition.
  4. Angie's contact lenses being psychotically all over the place... from the legendary house of Miss Kennedy Davenport!
  5. I actually thought out of recent years, this was maybe the best music video challenge. Their verses are genuinely good-- aside from (sorry) Angeria who relied on the overdone trope of "Living my dream" and "Making someone proud" which we've heard a thousand times already.
  6. Willow gently reading Bosco’s awful outfit multiple times is so funny.
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  7. This season has felt like watching Simone Biles in Rio ‘16. Every episode a perfect tumbling pass. Willow winning could be the landing that puts it among the best seasons of the whole franchise.
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  8. And she was right about it two times! That outfit was giving JUDY JETSON HOOKER MOM.
  9. I love these girls but they really need to return to episodes where people get eliminated. It’s all part of the highs and lows of the show.

    I don’t mind if half way through the season there’s a redemption episode where queens who were eliminated have to do a challenge to get back in. But that should be it.
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  10. I've always said the show flatlines when they start getting rid of the better girls near the end and honestly this is my favourite season in a loooong time because of the non elimmys.
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  11. Daya still manages to be insufferable huh.

    “It’s kind of this juggling game that I have to be really cognitive of”.

    Who speaks like that?!

    Team Willow and Angeria
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  12. Really could have done without Lady Camden in the finale.

    Love Daya being in the finale, though. Completely insufferable, but it’s been a joy to have a proper villain this season.

    I reckon Willow will give us one of the most interesting finale lip syncs in years.
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  13. Daya Betty had the best look in the challenge, the best verse, she sounded the best and she had the best runway look. Somehow Sir Camden won the challenge. Okay then.

    Bosco not being bottom 2 for the criminally bad challenge performance and overall performance across the competition is a travesty. They could've cut her off like we really didn't care that much.
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  14. Bosco designing a knock off power rangers costume for the Catwalk music video was a choice.

    I actually really liked the idea of them designing something and it being made for them. It actually said hello budget after 479 Seasons of this show.
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  15. Especially as the word she should have used is 'cognizant.'
  16. I was annoyed when Michelle told Angeria to crawl on the catwalk, and when Angeria didn't, Michelle made a stank face. That's the sort of move that a queen like Angeria would never do, so she stayed true to herself.
    That move fitted Daya so much better.
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  17. The Instagram/Twitter likes so far

    Willow - 62.0k/35.3k

    Lady Camden - 38.0k/21.6k

    Daya Betty - 16.0k/8.8k

    Bosco - 24.6k/10.3k

    Angeria - 19.6k/9.7k

  18. I am obsessed with Daya Betty. So happy for her. Also, why do I want them to crown Lady? Bosco should’ve gone.
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  19. Daya is the look queen of the season. Her final runway look was gorgeous and she packed the best wigs of any queen this season.
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