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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. At a glance, sure. However, the shoulder silhouette was different from her drawing, the gloves in the drawing were meant to be structured, she was given leggings instead of a structured catsuit and the fabric picked was just really bad. Overall, it was just not what she envisioned.
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  2. 1. Willow
    2. Angeria
    3. Daya
    4. Camden
    5. Bosco
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  3. But we saw her sketch on the show and it does look like what she got.
  4. Did Bosco specify these details when she handed over the sketch? Her Tweet doesn’t give us much to go off of, especially considering that her sketch does look like her look.
  5. This would hold a lot more weight if Daya (and to a lesser extent Camden) didn't get a genuinely great outfit made for them. Based on the runways this season, I'm assuming all of the other girls had more experience with sketching outfits and sending them off for designers to make, and understood the nuances of getting a vision across on a sheet of paper.
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  6. Which is why she made that tweet cause she acknowledged how good the others look in comparison.

    Having worked in design, sometimes people just misinterpret what is put in a sketch. You can send the same sketch to 10 people and get 10 different looking outfits.
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  7. 1. Willow
    2. Daya
    3. Angeria
    4. Camden
    5. Bosco
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  8. This might be my favourite season but I am willingly forgetting Madeleine was ever here
  9. They got rid of hetty at the right time. Enough storyline out of her then dumped on the drag race funeral pyre
  10. Someone may have already posted this but as a fellow rat stan... Willow's didn't hit, especially when you've seen this:

    Though I appreciate any rodent love.
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  11. We hate Daya Betty because we are Daya Betty.
  12. After listening to Sibling Rivalry I can't not call her Daya Bolical now.
  13. If only Bosco’s look looked a bit more like Violet’s recent Insta photo.

  14. 1. Camden
    2. Willow
    3. Daya
    4. Angie
    5. Bosco
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  15. 2014

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    Imagine thinking this…….
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  16. Daya is my winner.
  17. It’s literally quite clearly the top two with the fandom? Albeit inverted. But I would very happily see either win?
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  18. 2014

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    I know it’s the favoured top 2 but Willow is on a completely different level that I don’t know how Camden can be seen being better? But each to their own.
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  20. Honestly, Camden's performed best in the challenges. She is by far the best performer and lip syncer, which I tend to weigh more heavily now.

    That said, Willow is really one-of-a-kind and is probably the right winner. There is something about her attitude--so calm and self-assured--that I both fear and admire. She's tapped into some otherworldly stuff within herself.
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