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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Episode One

    Cameron Diaz's presence; Serotonin.

    YAS at Cameron’s introduction line being a Charlie’s Angels reference…

    Bringing Cameron out of retirement to make her watch Ru’s stiff performance and one of thee worst lip sync choice ever?k


    P.S When did Yvie get so hot cause whew….

    Episode Two

    Raja, Trinity and Jinx slayed the Snatch Game, when the latter went off script it was a hooT.

    Another horrific song choice….

  2. Please that was an iconic lipsync.
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  3. Double post but this killed me.
  4. I love a crafty queen. And I love budget drag that looks amazing.

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  5. It's melted crayon art that 5 year olds do and I hate it. Hideous.
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  6. [​IMG]

    The Essence
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  7. These episodes have been so fun and celebratory. The stars and plunger add just enough tension to the competition but you can tell everyone (from cast to judges) is enjoying themselves!
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  8. I know we're just a few episodes away from "Worst season ever, Where's the DRAMA? I want them FIGHTING for their win. Bring back eliminations" comments. But it's lovely to see the show finally celebrate drag in this way without the needlessly forced editing and dramatics. I want more of this. Drag should be like this all the time, i'm so tired of watching queer people fighting on TV. Everyone here is having fun as it should be.
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  9. Ditching the elimination process to keep the Queens for the season is a welcome change.
  10. If they did this type of nonelimination All Stars from now on, they could have smaller casts and keep the pool of All Stars down instead of it just being everyone.

    Also came here to post this:
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  11. Jaida, Raja, Shea & Monet are my mothers. Adore them all so much and am thoroughly enjoying seeing them on my screen again.
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  12. I feel like the level of ARTISTRY Raja brought to snatch game has gone way under appreciated. Both appearances were levels of transformation that have surpassed anything we've seen before on the snatch game.
    She was a fucking puppet. Come on now.
    Even Diana Vreeland, the make up, the poise, just impeccable.
    I cannot wait to see what she brings in the coming weeks. Sis has come PREPARED.
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  13. There's not a single person in this world cooler than Sutan Amrull. Raja just exudes it. The level of reference, artistry, knowledge, grandeur. I'm still gagged by those Snatch Game characters and that Louis XIV runway. Phenomenal.
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  14. Gosh where to start. What an absolute joy across two episodes. You can sense really good vibes, everyone is having fun, camping it up at the right moments, leaning into the right parts. It’s glorious.

    You can just tell it’s a cast of winners too, honestly most of those verses were excellent, and most of the Snatches too. It’s just hit after hit. You do get the impression some of the weaker critiques are getting cut, so it might get a bit much to have pretty much exclusive positive reviews but honestly they are earning it.

    For me, Monet & Shea deserved top two for the song, though Yvie, Jaida, Viv and Jinkx also served excellence. Trinity and Raja were the weakest verses for me, but neither were bad.

    Snatch Game they absolutely made up for that though, both were excellent at both their choices. Jinkx obviously ate it up, no doubt about her as the winner. I think I agree with Trinity too, though Raja a solid third. Monet’s Mike was absolutely superb, Jaida’s Prince was a highlight even if inaccurate, Viv’s Nan I thought was great even if there was clearly stuff missing, perhaps she did it but it got cut? And Shea’s Elsa was ace too. The only real dud here for me was Rico Nasty which just wasn’t entertaining. But across the board? Best snatch ever.

    Runways are also 90% perfection, and I’m gonna stick up for Viv here. She always looks right on the runway, and given she hadn’t had a prize package to pay for it… I think she is giving more than you are giving her credit for, though I concede she hasn’t ‘popped’ yet. But her week one runway particularly was divine. For me, Trinity’s have been only okay or actually quite ugly which is pretty wild since she absolutely stomped weekly on the runway on AS4. Loved Jinkx’s crowning, Monet & Raja’s pleather the most.

    Could have been very wise to block Shea in a ball. Got to think Raja is in with a shout of her badge (the worst part of the season is it being called a ‘legendary legends’ badge???).

    At this point I’m going to expect Jinkx, Monet, Shea and Raja as the final four. Trinity could be up there but I just feel like she may end up holding that plunger again.
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  15. I can’t deny Leslie Jordan was good, but Raja bodied both snatch games and I’m so here for her and Jinkx getting their victory lap of Drag Race all these years later.
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  16. I’m so glad that Raja did Madame because it made me look up Wayland Flowers, who I’d never heard of before. He was fucking hilarious and a real gay trailblazer. I love when this show educates me and references these important queer icons, it happens way too infrequently in the new seasons!
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  17. BTG


    Raja’s second runway is probably one of my favourite ever. She just effortlessly nailed the aesthetic she was going for without even having to explain it. She just embodied her look in comparison to how costume-y everything looks on The Viv.
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  18. Raja serving looks in and out of drag. My eye con!

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  19. I can’t wait for that unaware echelon of fans to get to episode 10 and go “Wait, why does Raja wear grey hair on every runway?! Did anybody notice this?”
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