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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. That is obviously why the tweet choose the items? I mean...

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I mean they also posted this right under it ddddd:

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  3. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Me working @ Best Buy right after college and still knowing that that TV is a better value if you go to the 6-series instead

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  4. Sam


    Viv out in the very first round is a moment most pleasing to me mmmmm yes
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  5. Girl what were those lipsyncs... no one brought it. What an underwhelming finale. Congrats to Jinkx though, she murdered this season so I'm not mad at all with her winning.
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  6. God knows I love Raja and I'm really happy for Jinkx but in my opinion, none of them won their final lipsync. Both Yvie and Monét ATE their competition. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that the older queens are having their moment and this will probably make sense with most people’s fantasy but as soon as RuPaul said "based on your lipsync and performance throughout the competition" (was this edited/added at the last minute? Was there a sound misadjustment for anyone else or only me?) I just knew the lipsync would count for nothing which is kinda lame because what's the point in the LaLaPaRuza at the end then? It becomes pretty pointless. But oh well, I know this is Rigga Morris’ Drag Race at the end of the day, Jinkx did really well during the competition. I just wanted to vent.
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  7. After years of older seasons being paid dust by newer fans its felt so heartening to see this final shakedown. This really has been a victory lap for Raja and a massive showcase of her talent that has only grown.
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  8. A weird ending - Jinx deserved the win based on the competition so far but handing her the wins in these lip syncs felt quite... jarring? Like, she got munched to pieces in both, even if the editing did it's best.

    Thrilled for Raja.
  9. Jinkx murdered the season, if they were going to rightly give her the crown for how brilliantly she did in every episode they should have just not had it as a lip sync finale, given it's one of the only things she doesn't excel at.
  10. Bob & Monet went live after the finale and confirmed:
    The decision was made at least 2 weeks ago, as Monet was told who won the day after the roast aired
    Jinkx stopped mid-lipsync to watch Monet during Swish Swish
    They edited out Monet pulling out Jinkx, Shea, and Trinity lipsticks during Swish Swish
    The crew actually came up to Monet post-filming to congratulate her

    Bob and Monet both said they will never return to drag race under any circumstance and I don’t blame them one bit.
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  11. The format weighting lip syncs so heavily at the home stretch every time is so weird when it simply isn't always possible to make a convincing edit to skew it the way production wants. A lot of the overall format feels stagnant in a way the riggery is just a bit too easy to spot by queens and audience alike.
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  13. Every song in Raja's group being from the 80's dddd. This show really couldn't be more rigged.

    I'm thrilled for my queen though, her final runway was GORGEOUS.
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  14. Monet's lip sync to Swish Swish might be... and I might be going a bit crazy but who cares... one of the best lip syncs I've ever seen on the show
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  15. The rigga morris of it all

    I always thought having both Trinity and Monet in the cast was to give one of them the solo win, so I thought it might be that Monet would clinch it but they obviously saw how well Jinkx was received and edited it to make it look like she did well in the lip syncs
  16. I’m sorry but Jinkx totally won the lip sync against Shea. She embodied the character of the song - it’s a bit boring when people think that every lip sync winner is the one that has the tightest choreography! It’s about the spirit and what you bring to the stage. Jinkx is the clear winner this season - and Monet a very close second so I think it worked out perfectly
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  17. I'm just so happy Jinkx won, what an absolute powerhouse.

    There is no way that the outcome of any season should still be based solely on something as minor and boring as lip syncing anyway.
  18. Sam


    The right people won the cash prizes but absolutely noone won any lip syncs lmao
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  19. The Lipsync for the Crown needs to die already. If you were always going to crown the winner based off track record why even do a lipsync tournnament at the end? I feel terrible for Monet.
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  20. Monet literally lost the lipsync to Trinity
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