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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Yeah, Alaska’s new album is great.
  2. If that’s what it takes to get Dida cast I’m ready to settle.
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  3. “Did you sew that?” will forever be iconic.

    Violet’s always had this dark energy about her, I feel. She’s always struck me as a deeply unlikeable person. But she also knows when to put it to one side- when she’s not with Gott. When the two come together, they are awful. Discovering that the two are horrid to people they see as below them is not surprising in the slightest.

    Good on Dida and Morgan for calling them out. Although I did smirk that Morgan did so, considering that she’s quite an abrasive person and I’ve heard snatches of tea that when she came to my city for a gig, she was vile to everyone.
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  4. Saw Trixie and Katya's show tonight, and it was awesome! So so so much fun! Absolutely love those two together.
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  5. These are surprisingly great. I'm assuming the interviews themselves are mostly improv given some of the reactions and Katya in particular matches the vibe perfectly.

    No idea who Jinkx's friend is but I also stan.

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  6. I would sell my soul to World of Wonder to see Alexis Michelle and Eve 6000 on the same season. Delusional icons.
  7. I don’t know if it’s partly down to me feeling so checked out of All Stars 7 at this point and their coverage coming immediately after it ended but the current season of Watchery is dry.

    Lemme go back and listen to their Season 13 coverage because them dragging Tina and Rosé’s looks on a weekly basis was truly the only highlight of that season.
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  8. BTG


    Can Peppermint come back and get her crown already?


    It took me a solid five minutes to recognise Laganja.
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  9. Can charges on behalf of Laganja? Someone...needs to be held accountable for this.
  10. Kylie looking every inch an icon is correct.
  11. The Monica Beverley Hillz erasure....
  12. She may not have been allowed to appear due to AS8
  13. WoW not allowing Bob and Monet to release their AS7 reunion is… criminal
  14. what’s Kiera Knightly got to do with it?
  15. Me watching any film that isn't a period drama:
  16. She was out getting some sun... sunlight on the skin.
  17. I cannot tell you how much I legitimately use this quote in my day to day life I really can’t
  18. I'm screaming
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  19. I highly recommend the episode of Hi Jinkx with Honey Mahogany, it's such a shame that such a smart, interesting and talented human being was reduced to 'she wears kaftans', but I'm glad to see other queens rallying around her political platform.
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