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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. I enjoyed Thorgy more than Bob on RuCo’s empire..
  2. No, I can't watch that after what the producers did to Vivacious. Honestly, they did a lot - and maybe she didn't do enough - but my goodness she was memorable and fun. They made her come across like a fool.
  3. Why on earth is the Adam and Joe show on WOW Presents Plus?
  4. So I don't think it's anything specific as such. It (and frankly despite being pretty solid, the RuCo Empire parody ((and probably the Black Panther and Get Out parodies too but I ain't rewatching that)) does this too) forced the contestants to play into very Hispanic- and Black- coded stereotypes, respectively. And the directing very clearly encouraged this.
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  5. This happens every season it's like the only way the Black queens can do well in challenges like this is by playing up these stereotypes its so corny and ugly
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  6. I think I’ll always be mad that Eureka, TKB and Akeria won a challenge that was literally based on group dynamics, interaction and chemistry yet Ru went and gave a solo win to Ginger. How does one person win a challenge based entirely on how the group works together, especially when you’ve already pinpointed who the best group was and the “winner” wasn’t part of it?!

    I swear to god, those ghouls on the judging panel are the worst thing about the franchise these days. Ross and Michelle, not that it needs saying, can choke too.
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  7. Ross Matthews might be the least funny human who has ever lived.
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  8. It's a World of Wonder production
  9. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The producers could try whatever they wanted to make A'keria feel like she deserved to go home early or be in the bottom three times, but the look on her face during deliberations right up to her exit said everything. You can't shake a girl like her. It's more than just confidence or self-love - it's knowing that she's a star but not having to prove it to anyone, because she knows and that's enough. Honestly, the only other queen I can think of who possesses the same quality is Mariah.
  10. I’m finding it really bizarre that there has been no mention of Snatch Game yet. Maybe the game within a game is the Queens coming back and everyone doing Snatch Game?
  11. It's usually an even # of queens for Snatch Game in All Stars so maybe not this coming week, but the next.
  12. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Manhattan Cable with Laurie Pike. The baby World of Wonder/Channel 4 memories!
  13. Ru constantly introducing him as "hilarious" is peak shade at this point.
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  14. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    It wasn’t said last week and I thought “Finally!” But there it was again this week. *jan_loses.jpg*
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  15. I'll suggest A'Keria was going regardless. I expect her main function this season (similarly to Scarlett and Silky) was to tell the viewers how much Ra'Jah has changed since their season together. No matter how well A'Keria did, she's not part of the major storylines this time around. A shame because she deseves better.
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  16. A'keria and Scarlet were the runway queens of the season. Meanwhile Panbora is giving dusty county fair drag for every category.

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  17. BTG


    I was so excited for that runway but the queens just didn’t stretch beyond the 1800s Victorian dress of it all. To the point where I wondered if the original runway theme was Gothic, rather than Goth. Great gowns, beautiful gowns etc.

    Jan looked like a damn Pinterest board.

    Meanwhile Kylie Iconique Love ate the runway looking like an extra from The Crow. I lived.

  18. Yes!!! I tried to say this to my boyfriend, they were all Sims Gothic expansion pack which made Kylie's punk goth really hit?
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  19. Kylie gave me Club Blood partygoer vibes and I lived laughed loved. We truly don’t deserve her.
  20. I would've loved to see Jiggly and Henvy's looks on the runway

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